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SAT Challenging II Word List

109 Words

1 aerate expose to or supply with air science
2 affectation artificiality truth
3 akimbo hands on hips, elbows turned outwards the senses
4 apex highest point size, amount, location
5 aplomb calmness, poise politics and tradition
6 arable suitable for growing crops size, amount, location
7 arboreal relating to trees size, amount, location
8 beleaguer harrass, attack politics and tradition
9 bowdlerize censor politics and tradition
10 bromide cliché, a trite remark argument and language
11 bucolic relating to the countryside size, amount, location
12 captious faultfinding praise and criticism
13 chicanery trickery, deception truth
14 chimerical imaginative and improbable truth
15 coin create a new word argument and language
16 corrugated ridged, wrinkled the senses
17 cupidity greed, avarice money
18 dalliance frivolous use of time, playful flirtation emotions
19 delimit establish the boundaries of size, amount, location
20 despoiled destroy and steal, plunder money
21 dilettante amateur knowledge and skill
22 dirge mournful funeral song emotions
23 edify morally instructive knowledge and skill
24 effusive lacking reserve, pouring out energy
25 elan enthusiasm energy
26 emend improve by editing argument and language
27 euphemism a mild term used as a substitute for an offensive term argument and language
28 euphony agreeable sound the senses
29 evince show clearly argument and language
30 execrate hate, abhor emotions
31 exiguous scanty, meager size, amount, location
32 expeditious quick and efficient knowledge and skill
33 expunge erase, eliminate size, amount, location
34 expurgate censor, edit by removing offensive sections argument and language
35 extant still in existance size, amount, location
36 extirpation complete destruction war and peace
37 fallow uncultivated, unused science
38 fecund fertile science
39 fell (verb) strike down, kill war and peace
40 felonious criminal, wicked law and order
41 flay skin, criticize severely praise and criticism
42 flotsam wreckage, debris science
43 gestate develop science
44 glut surplus size, amount, location
45 greenhorn beginner knowledge and skill
46 gubernatorial relating to the position of governor politics and tradition
47 halcyon simply tranquil emotions
48 harbinger one that indicates or foreshadows what is to come time
49 husbandry the art or skill of farming size, amount, location
50 indigent impoverished, destitute money
51 inquisition harsh questioning law and order
52 insouciant carefree, nonchalant emotions
53 juggernaut massive force give up?
54 lambaste belittle praise and criticism
55 lassitude weariness energy
56 lionize treat someone as a celebrity praise and criticism
57 malfeasance crime by a public official law and order
58 martinet strict disciplinarian politics and tradition
59 missive written letter argument and language
60 myopic nearsighted science
61 obstreperous stubbornly defiant pride
62 occlusion obstruction, blockage give up?
63 odoriferous morally offensive, having an odor law and order
64 oppugn oppose, call into question argument and language
65 panacea remedy for all problems or ailments give up?
66 panache flamboyant style the senses
67 panegyrize praise praise and criticism
68 parochial narrow-minded, unsophisticated knowledge and skill
69 perfidious disloyal truth
70 portent omen, sign of a future event time
71 presage omen, sign of a future event time
72 proclivity natural inclination or tendency emotions
73 prognosticator someone who makes predictions based on data time
74 proletarian member of the working class money
75 prospectus formal summary of a proposed project argument and language
76 quagmire predicament, bog or swamp size, amount, location
77 quash reject, repress give up?
78 querulous whining, complaining emotions
79 raconteur story-teller argument and language
80 redouble escalate, intensify give up?
81 refractory stubborn, rebellious give up?
82 remunerate compensate or pay money
83 restitution compensation for loss or injury money
84 ribald offensive, raunchy politics and tradition
85 salvo sudden outburst give up?
86 shopworn worn out, trite energy
87 sinecure a paid job that requires very little work money
88 soporific sleep-inducing, sleepy energy
89 spate sudden flood size, amount, location
90 stockpile a supply stored for future use; reserves war and peace
91 subterfuge deceptive strategy give up?
92 supine lying on one's back, not resisting give up?
93 symbiosis interdependent relationship science
94 talisman good luck charm give up?
95 temerarious rash, presumptuously daring pride
96 tendentious biased, selfishly motivated argument and language
97 tenebrous bleak emotions
98 tepid lukewarm science
99 travail painful labor give up?
100 vagabond wanderer, tramp money
101 vagary erratic action or change size, amount, location
102 vainglorious haughty pride
103 vertiginous dizzy, revolving size, amount, location
104 viscid sticky, like glue science
105 vitiate corrupt, impair law and order
106 vociferous noisy the senses
107 volition choice, desire emotions
108 watershed crucial turning point law and order
109 zephyr gentle breeze science