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SAT Most Important Word List

500 Words

1 abate lessen size, amount, location
2 aberration deviation, not normal politics and tradition
3 abhor, abhorrence hatred friends and enemies
4 abstruse difficult to understand argument and language
5 accost confront politics and tradition
6 acrimony bitter animosity friends and enemies
7 acumen insightfulness knowledge and skill
8 adamant not yielding politics and tradition
9 adept skillful knowledge and skill
10 adroit skillful knowledge and skill
11 affected haughty pride
12 alacrity eagerness energy
13 allocate assign, portion size, amount, location
14 altruistic, altruism generous money
15 amenable yielding give up?
16 amiable friendly friends and enemies
17 amicable friendly friends and enemies
18 antediluvian very old time
19 anthropology study of human beings knowledge and skill
20 antipathy dislike friends and enemies
21 apathetic, apathy lacking interest politics and tradition
22 apt appropriate, inclined argument and language
23 arcane mysterious, known only by a few truth
24 ascendancy influence, domination politics and tradition
25 ascetic, asceticism one who practices self-denial as a spiritual discipline politics and tradition
26 aspire strive for give up?
27 assail belittle praise and criticism
28 assiduous diligent give up?
29 assuage relieve, appease give up?
30 atrophy waste away size, amount, location
31 attenuate weaken, reduce size, amount, location
32 august dignified politics and tradition
33 aura air, feeling emotions
34 auspicious favorable war and peace
35 autocrat, autocratic dictator, dictatorial politics and tradition
36 automaton a person who acts like a robot politics and tradition
37 avarice greed money
38 banal common politics and tradition
39 barrage bombardment, torrent war and peace
40 belie give a false impression truth
41 belligerent aggressive, warlike war and peace
42 benevolent generous money
43 bequeath hand down (through a will) money
44 berate scold harshly praise and criticism
45 bipartisanship supported by two opposing groups (political parties) politics and tradition
46 blighted destroyed war and peace
47 bog marsh, swamp science
48 bolster support war and peace
49 bombastic pompous emotions
50 boorish, boorishness crude knowledge and skill
51 buoyant cheerful, floating emotions
52 burgeon grow, flourish size, amount, location
53 buttress support war and peace
54 byzantine convoluted, complex the senses
55 cacophonous, cacophony discordant sound the senses
56 cajole coax argument and language
57 callous insensitive emotions
58 cantankerous(ness) irritable emotions
59 capricious fickle emotions
60 castigate belittle praise and criticism
61 caustic bitter emotions
62 censorious harshly critical praise and criticism
63 censure scold praise and criticism
64 cerebral intellectual knowledge and skill
65 chagrin mortification pride
66 charlatan swindler truth
67 chastise belittle praise and criticism
68 chide belittle praise and criticism
69 churlish vulgar, boorish knowledge and skill
70 circuitous indirect truth
71 circumscribe restrict size, amount, location
72 circumvent escape, avoid war and peace
73 clandestine secretive truth
74 coalesce blend, fuse science
75 compendious succinct argument and language
76 complacency, complacent self-satisfaction, smugness pride
77 compliant, compliance yielding give up?
78 conciliate, conciliatory compromising, apologizing pride
79 concur agree argument and language
80 conflagration large destructive fire war and peace
81 confluence a place where things merge or flow together science
82 congenial pleasant friends and enemies
83 conscientious careful knowledge and skill
84 consternation dismay praise and criticism
85 contempt(uous) disdainful praise and criticism
86 contemptible despicable praise and criticism
87 contentious belligerent, quarrelsome war and peace
88 convivial sociable, lively emotions
89 copious abundant size, amount, location
90 corroborate strengthen or support with additional evidence law and order
91 cosmopolitan sophisticated, urbane knowledge and skill
92 credulity, credulous the trait of trusting others too much knowledge and skill
93 culpable blameworthy praise and criticism
94 cursory hasty, superficial the senses
95 dauntless courageous give up?
96 dearth scarcity size, amount, location
97 debacle failure give up?
98 debilitate(d) weaken(ed) give up?
99 debunk prove wrong give up?
100 decimate destroy war and peace
101 decorum, decorous order, politeness law and order
102 deference, deferential respectful submission, yielding give up?
103 degradation humiliation pride
104 deleterious harmful war and peace
105 delineate list, explain argument and language
106 demonstrative openly emotional emotions
107 demure, demurral overly modest pride
108 demystify make clear and comprehensible truth
109 denigrate belittle praise and criticism
110 depose dethrone, remove from power politics and tradition
111 depravity moral corruption war and peace
112 deprecate disapprove, belittle praise and criticism
113 depreciation, depreciatory decrease in value money
114 deride make fun of praise and criticism
115 derivative not original politics and tradition
116 derogatory, derogate disparaging, belittling praise and criticism
117 desecration violate the sacredness of politics and tradition
118 despondent sad, depressed emotions
119 despot dictator politics and tradition
120 destitute poor money
121 deterrent hindrance, impediment give up?
122 devoid lacking size, amount, location
123 didactic (often excessively) morally instructive knowledge and skill
124 diffident, diffidence shy emotions
125 diffuse spread out size, amount, location
126 digress(ion) stray from the subject at hand argument and language
127 dilatory tending to waste time time
128 diminutive, diminution extremely small size, amount, location
129 dire urgent, dreadful war and peace
130 discern, discerning perceive, perceptive knowledge and skill
131 discomfited disappointed, defeated emotions
132 discount (verb) disregard praise and criticism
133 disheartening discouraging give up?
134 disillusionment disenchantment, disappointment emotions
135 disingenuous insincere truth
136 disparage belittle praise and criticism
137 dispassionate unemotional emotions
138 dispel to drive away or disprove give up?
139 disputatious quarrelsome friends and enemies
140 disquiet(ing) (causing) anxiety give up?
141 disseminate scatter widely science
142 distaste dislike, aversion friends and enemies
143 divergent different, conflicting war and peace
144 divisive creating conflict war and peace
145 divulge make known truth
146 doctrine religious, political, or philosophical principles or teachings politics and tradition
147 dogmatic tending to force one's own opinions on other people politics and tradition
148 dormant inactive energy
149 dupe deceive truth
150 duplicitous, duplicity deliberately deceptive truth
151 ebullient enthusiastic energy
152 eclectic from diverse sources politics and tradition
153 efface(ment) erase size, amount, location
154 effervesce bubble, fizz science
155 egalitarian belief in equality politics and tradition
156 elated, elation joyful emotions
157 elicit bring about science
158 elucidate clarify argument and language
159 elude evade war and peace
160 elusive difficulty to catch or define war and peace
161 embitter(ed) make worse war and peace
162 embroil(ed) involve in an argument or conflict argument and language
163 empathetic, empathy compassionate friends and enemies
164 empiric(al) based on observation and experiment (not theory) argument and language
165 encompass include, surround size, amount, location
166 encroaching intrusive size, amount, location
167 encumbrance burden war and peace
168 enigma(tic) mystery, mysterious truth
169 enumerate list argument and language
170 ephemeral short-lived time
171 epiphany sudden realization knowledge and skill
172 epitome, epitomize representative example argument and language
173 equanimity calmness energy
174 equitable even-handed law and order
175 equivocal ambiguous argument and language
176 erudite, erudition scholarly knowledge and skill
177 esoteric understood only by a few knowledge and skill
178 estrange, estrangement alienate, alienation friends and enemies
179 eulogy, eulogize praising speech praise and criticism
180 evoke bring about, stir up emotions
181 exacting demanding, severe requirements friends and enemies
182 excavate unearth, dig up size, amount, location
183 exemplar representative example argument and language
184 exhibitionist, exhibitionistic deliberately behaving a certain way to attract attention politics and tradition
185 exhort encourage argument and language
186 exorbitant too expensive money
187 expedient useful argument and language
188 exposÚ a report designed to reveal the truth to the public truth
189 extol praise praise and criticism
190 extricate disentangle size, amount, location
191 facile superficial, effortless give up?
192 faction group within a larger group politics and tradition
193 fallacious deceitful, incorrect truth
194 fallacy false belief truth
195 fanaticism excessive enthusiasm politics and tradition
196 fastidious careful knowledge and skill
197 fathom (verb) understand argument and language
198 felicitous well-suited, happy emotions
199 finesse tact, elegant skill knowledge and skill
200 flagrant evident, obvious argument and language
201 flippant, flippancy disrespectful pride
202 florid(ity) flushed, flowery argument and language
203 flummox confuse knowledge and skill
204 folly foolishness knowledge and skill
205 foolhardy recklessly daring knowledge and skill
206 forlorn sad emotions
207 fortitude courage emotions
208 fortuitous fortunate, lucky war and peace
209 fraudulent deceitful truth
210 frugal(ity) cheap(ness) money
211 furor commotion, anger emotions
212 furtive sneaky truth
213 futile, futility hopeless give up?
214 gait manner of walking the senses
215 gallant(ry) courageous give up?
216 gargantuan gigantic size, amount, location
217 garish tastelessly showy the senses
218 genial friendly friends and enemies
219 germinate (cause to) grow size, amount, location
220 glutton(ous) someone who eats and drinks too much the senses
221 grandiose pompous, pretentious knowledge and skill
222 hackneyed common politics and tradition
223 hamper (verb) hinder, restrict size, amount, location
224 hardy robust, sturdy energy
225 hasten speed up the progress of time
226 heresy, heretic belief contrary to the established opinion politics and tradition
227 histrionic excessively dramatic or emotional emotions
228 hubris arrogance pride
229 idiosyncracy, idiosyncratic unique personal trait, quirky politics and tradition
230 idyllic simply tranquil emotions
231 ignominy, ignominious dishonor, humiliation pride
232 illicit illegal law and order
233 impasse obstacle give up?
234 imperious arrogant pride
235 impetuous rash, passionate emotions
236 impudence, impudent disrespectful, insolent pride
237 inane senseless, stupid knowledge and skill
238 incongruity, incongruous inappropriateness, discrepancy argument and language
239 incredulous, incredulity skeptical truth
240 incriminate accuse someone of a crime law and order
241 incubate develop, grow size, amount, location
242 indeterminate left doubtful, inconclusive truth
243 indict(ment) formally accuse of a crime law and order
244 indigenous native to a region science
245 indignant angered (by injustice) law and order
246 indiscriminate unselective, random size, amount, location
247 indolent lazy energy
248 indomitable too strong to be defeated give up?
249 induce cause science
250 indulgent lenient law and order
251 ineffable impossible to express in words argument and language
252 ineptitude incompetence knowledge and skill
253 inert, inertia not moving or active science
254 ingenuous unsophisticated and trusting, na´ve knowledge and skill
255 inherent intrinsic, natural science
256 inhibit(ing) restrain(ing) size, amount, location
257 innate intrinsic, natural size, amount, location
258 innocuous harmless size, amount, location
259 innuendo implicit suggestion argument and language
260 inscrutable mysterious truth
261 insipid dull, boring energy
262 insolence, insolent disrespectful pride
263 instigate provoke, start energy
264 insular(ity) related to or similar to an island size, amount, location
265 intrepid courageous give up?
266 inundate flood size, amount, location
267 invoke call forth, appeal to energy
268 irate angry emotions
269 irony, ironic incongruity between what is expected and what actually results truth
270 irreverent, irreverence disrespectful pride
271 jaded tired, bored emotions
272 jocular cheerful emotions
273 jovial cheerful emotions
274 judicious fair law and order
275 lackadaisical lacking energy, lethargic energy
276 laconic concise argument and language
277 laggard lazy person energy
278 languid inactive, dreamy energy
279 latent, latency the state of being not yet evident or active size, amount, location
280 laud, laudatory praise praise and criticism
281 listless languid, sluggish energy
282 lithe graceful, supple knowledge and skill
283 lucid clear, easily understood argument and language
284 lucrative profitable money
285 lull short period of calm energy
286 lurid sensational, shocking the senses
287 luxuriant lush, elaborate money
288 magnanimity, magnanimous generosity, generous money
289 malleable capable of being shaped, pliable the senses
290 marred scarred war and peace
291 maudlin overly sentimental emotions
292 melancholy bleak emotions
293 mercenary motivated by money money
294 mercurial fickle emotions
295 miserly cheap, stingy money
296 mitigate, mitigator moderate, alleviate size, amount, location
297 modicum small amount size, amount, location
298 morose depressed emotions
299 motley diverse, heterogeneous size, amount, location
300 multifarious many types science
301 nebulous vague argument and language
302 nefarious evil war and peace
303 neophyte beginner knowledge and skill
304 notoriety, notorious infamous, ill fame pride
305 noxious poisonous praise and criticism
306 nuance subtle difference argument and language
307 obdurate stubborn pride
308 obstinate (obstinacy) stubborn(ness) pride
309 officious meddlesome, interfering friends and enemies
310 onerous difficult, trying give up?
311 opportunist, opportunistic a person who takes advantage of opportunities, often unethically pride
312 oracle prophet time
313 orthodox conservative, traditional politics and tradition
314 ostensible apparent, seeming truth
315 oversight mistake knowledge and skill
316 pacifist one who completely opposes violence politics and tradition
317 pacify soothe, calm energy
318 painstaking careful knowledge and skill
319 palliate, palliative relieve pain without curing war and peace
320 paradigm clear example argument and language
321 parch make dry size, amount, location
322 parody intentional mockery friends and enemies
323 partisan someone with biased beliefs politics and tradition
324 patronize financially support, be condescending towards money
325 paucity scarcity size, amount, location
326 pedant, pedantic, pedantry a person who makes a great show of his knowledge knowledge and skill
327 peevish unpleasant emotions
328 penchant preference emotions
329 penurious cheap, stingy money
330 peremptory bossy, decisive pride
331 perfunctory done routinely with little interest or care emotions
332 peripheral outermost, secondary size, amount, location
333 perquisite additional payment, bonus money
334 petulant irritable emotions
335 philanthropist, philanthropic someone who supports charity money
336 piety, pious religious devotion politics and tradition
337 placate calm someone down energy
338 placid calm energy
339 plasticity malleability, the ability to be shaped or molded size, amount, location
340 plausible, plausibility likely true truth
341 plethora, plethoric surplus size, amount, location
342 pliable, pliant easily shaped or influenced size, amount, location
343 polemical controversial politics and tradition
344 prattle babble argument and language
345 precarious dangerous, unstable war and peace
346 precipitate outcome science
347 preclude prevent size, amount, location
348 precocious early development in maturity and intelligence knowledge and skill
349 presumptuous too bold, arrogant pride
350 pretext misleading claim or appearance truth
351 prevaricator liar truth
352 procure get or provide money
353 prodigious huge size, amount, location
354 profound, profundity intense, significant emotions
355 profuse, profusion plentiful size, amount, location
356 prohibitive, prohibition restrictive size, amount, location
357 proliferate, proliferation grow, increase size, amount, location
358 prolific fertile, fruitful size, amount, location
359 pronouncement formal declaration argument and language
360 propensity inclination, tendency emotions
361 proponent supporter argument and language
362 prosaic lacking imagination, dull argument and language
363 prospective likely or expected to become time
364 provident prudent, frugal money
365 provincial narrow-minded, unsophisticated knowledge and skill
366 punctilious meticulous, attentive to detail knowledge and skill
367 pundit a knowledgeable commentator knowledge and skill
368 quell suppress, quench size, amount, location
369 quixotic foolish knowledge and skill
370 rampant unrestrained, growing size, amount, location
371 ramshackle poorly constructed the senses
372 rancor(ous) bitter resentment friends and enemies
373 rapport relationship friends and enemies
374 ratify approve, confirm law and order
375 raucous harsh, rowdy energy
376 ravenous insatiable, having a huge appetite size, amount, location
377 raze destroy, demolish war and peace
378 reap harvest, gather size, amount, location
379 rebuttal defense, counterargument argument and language
380 recalcitrant stubborn pride
381 recant reject argument and language
382 recessive tending to go backward size, amount, location
383 recluse, reclusive hermit friends and enemies
384 rectify, rectitude put right, correct truth
385 redolent reminiscent, having smell the senses
386 refutation, refute arguing that a claim is false truth
387 regressive tending to return or revert time
388 relegate demote size, amount, location
389 relinquish give back size, amount, location
390 renounce reject politics and tradition
391 repertory collection size, amount, location
392 reprehensible blameworthy praise and criticism
393 reprimand belittle praise and criticism
394 reproach scold praise and criticism
395 repudiate reject argument and language
396 repugnant offensive, disgusting emotions
397 rescind annull, retract argument and language
398 reticent, reticence emotionally reserved emotions
399 reverent respectful, pious politics and tradition
400 rhetoric(al), rhetorician (related to) elegant speech/writing, elegant speaker/writer argument and language
401 rouse, rousing provoke, excite energy
402 sage wise knowledge and skill
403 sanctimonious pretending to be religious, hypocritical truth
404 sanction (verb) formally approve law and order
405 sanctity holiness politics and tradition
406 sanguine cheerfully confident, optimistic emotions
407 satiate satisfy fully size, amount, location
408 satire, satirical, satirize sarcastic imitation friends and enemies
409 saturate flood, soak size, amount, location
410 scanty barely sufficient size, amount, location
411 scathing harshly critical praise and criticism
412 scintillating lively, effervescent energy
413 scope opportunity, range size, amount, location
414 scrupulous very careful and precise knowledge and skill
415 scrutinize, scrutiny examine carefully argument and language
416 self-righteous smug, holier-than-thou pride
417 self-serving selfish pride
418 serendipity luck war and peace
419 servile submissive, subservient give up?
420 shrewd astute, smart knowledge and skill
421 shroud hide, obscure the senses
422 simile comparison argument and language
423 slight (verb) insult, snub praise and criticism
424 slipshod careless, sloppy knowledge and skill
425 solace comfort, consolation emotions
426 solicitous(ness) expressing care or concern, often too much friends and enemies
427 somber bleak emotions
428 sophistry deceptive reasoning truth
429 spartan simple, self-disciplined war and peace
430 sporadic occurring at irregular intervals time
431 spurious false, inauthentic truth
432 spurn reject with contempt praise and criticism
433 squander waste money
434 stagnant, stagnation not moving energy
435 stark(ness) harsh, plain the senses
436 static (adjective) not moving energy
437 staunch strong and loyal politics and tradition
438 steadfast not yielding give up?
439 stock (adjective) standard, hackneyed politics and tradition
440 strident loud and harsh politics and tradition
441 stupefy, stupefaction bewilder knowledge and skill
442 subservient yielding give up?
443 substantiate confirm, establish as genuine truth
444 subversive one who intends to overthrow the government politics and tradition
445 succulent delicious the senses
446 supercilious arrogant pride
447 superfluous more than necessary size, amount, location
448 supplant to take the place of politics and tradition
449 surfeit surplus size, amount, location
450 susceptible easily influenced or affected knowledge and skill
451 sycophant suck up, flatterer politics and tradition
452 tangential digressive, irrelevant argument and language
453 teem, teeming abundant size, amount, location
454 temperamental moody emotions
455 temporize delay, evade time
456 tenacious, tenacity stubborn, determined give up?
457 tenuous insignificant, flimsy give up?
458 tirade critical speech praise and criticism
459 toady suck-up politics and tradition
460 torpor drowsiness, apathy energy
461 totalitarian undemocratic, rigid political control politics and tradition
462 tout praise praise and criticism
463 tractable easily managed or controlled knowledge and skill
464 transient lasting for only a short time time
465 treatise extensive written argument about some topic argument and language
466 trepidation apprehension emotions
467 tribulation suffering give up?
468 trifling frivolous, unimportant size, amount, location
469 trite common politics and tradition
470 truculent, truculence aggressive, bad-tempered emotions
471 ubiquitous ever-present, pervasive size, amount, location
472 unabashed not embarrassed pride
473 uncanny extraordinary, weird knowledge and skill
474 uncouth crude knowledge and skill
475 unfathomable incomprehensible, unbelievable knowledge and skill
476 ungainly clumsy knowledge and skill
477 unruly boisterous, unrestrained energy
478 unwitting unintentional friends and enemies
479 urbane elegant, sophisticated knowledge and skill
480 usurp seize power without authority politics and tradition
481 vacuous, vacuity empty size, amount, location
482 vanquish conquer, defeat war and peace
483 vapid dull, uninteresting energy
484 venal(ity) willing to accept bribes money
485 venerable commanding respect because of age, dignity knowledge and skill
486 verbose wordy, long-winded argument and language
487 vicarious felt indirectly by imagining someone else's experiences emotions
488 vigilant watchful, alert war and peace
489 vindicate, vindication clear of blame or suspicion law and order
490 vindictive seeking revenge war and peace
491 virtuoso, virtuosity one with exceptional musical skill knowledge and skill
492 virulent poisonous war and peace
493 viscous thick, sticky size, amount, location
494 vocation career money
495 vying striving give up?
496 waning lessening size, amount, location
497 wayward selfish, stubborn pride
498 wrath anger emotions
499 wry clever or grim sense of humor knowledge and skill
500 zealot fanatic politics and tradition