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SAT Challenging I Word List

291 Words

1 abstemious eating and drinking in moderation the senses
2 accede give in, agree war and peace
3 acquisitive eager to gain material possessions money
4 acrid pungent, bitter the senses
5 agnostic one who believes it's impossible to know whether or not god exists politics and tradition
6 allay relieve war and peace
7 allusion, allude indirect reference, refer indirectly argument and language
8 amorphous shapeless, unstructured the senses
9 anarchist rebel, one who opposes the idea of government politics and tradition
10 annotate make notes on, explain argument and language
11 antipodal opposite argument and language
12 apocryphal dubious, erroneous truth
13 apropos appropriate argument and language
14 arid dry science
15 aspersion disparaging remark, slander praise and criticism
16 aural relating to the ear, hearing the senses
17 avocation hobby money
18 bane curse give up?
19 beguile trick, bewitch emotions
20 belabor discuss repeatedly, attack physically or verbally argument and language
21 bent (noun) inclination emotions
22 bereavement grief, sorrow emotions
23 boon blessing give up?
24 bravado swagger, outward display of self-confidence pride
25 brusque blunt, curt argument and language
26 bungler someone clumsy knowledge and skill
27 calumniate belittle praise and criticism
28 capitulate surrender under agreed conditions war and peace
29 carping nagging, critical praise and criticism
30 catharsis purging or cleansing of the body or spirit war and peace
31 chary careful knowledge and skill
32 circumlocution indirect way of saying something argument and language
33 circumspect careful knowledge and skill
34 complaisant willing to please or oblige give up?
35 complicity participation in a crime law and order
36 comportment dignified manner or conduct knowledge and skill
37 conducive contributive, tending to bring about science
38 conflate combine, fuse science
39 consecrated, consecration sacred, holy politics and tradition
40 consonance harmony, agreement friends and enemies
41 conspicuous clearly visible, obvious truth
42 consummate bring to completion law and order
43 contiguous sharing a border size, amount, location
44 contingency possibility, future emergency law and order
45 contraband illegal trade, smuggling law and order
46 contrite penitent, apologetic emotions
47 corollary natural consequence science
48 corpulence obesity the senses
49 craven cowardly, fearful give up?
50 decry, decried condemn praise and criticism
51 demagogue a leader who manipulates emotions truth
52 denuded stripped, bare the senses
53 desiccate dry out science
54 diatribe critical speech praise and criticism
55 disarming winning favor, charming emotions
56 disenfranchise revoke the right to vote law and order
57 dissembler liar truth
58 dissolute lacking moral restraint law and order
59 distend, distension swell size, amount, location
60 draconian strict law and order
61 drought prolonged period of time with no rainfall science
62 effrontery excessively bold behavior, presumptuousness pride
63 elegy mournful poem or song war and peace
64 emaciated very thin size, amount, location
65 emancipate free from bondage or oppression law and order
66 endemic native to a region size, amount, location
67 enfranchise grant the right to vote law and order
68 engender produce science
69 epidemic spread of disease in an area size, amount, location
70 eschew avoid, shun praise and criticism
71 evanescent tending to vanish, not permanent time
72 eventuality possibility truth
73 excise remove size, amount, location
74 excoriate belittle praise and criticism
75 exculpate free from blame law and order
76 exonerate free from blame law and order
77 expedite speed up, accelerate time
78 extemporize impromptu, spoken or performed without preparation time
79 facetious humorous, playful friends and enemies
80 fallible capable of making mistakes, imperfect knowledge and skill
81 feign give a false appearance of truth
82 finagle achieve something by means of trickery truth
83 flag weaken or lessen size, amount, location
84 flank (verb) protect, support war and peace
85 foil (verb) baffle or frustrate give up?
86 forbearance patience knowledge and skill
87 galvanize stimulate, excite energy
88 garrulous excessively talkative, loquacious argument and language
89 gingerly carefully knowledge and skill
90 glib insincere truth
91 goad urge on, incite give up?
92 grandiloquent pompous, using pretentious language pride
93 gratify, gratification please, satisfy emotions
94 gratuitous without cause or cost money
95 gregarious friendly friends and enemies
96 guile deceit truth
97 guileless honest truth
98 haranguing ranting praise and criticism
99 harbor (verb) maintain, hold war and peace
100 hedonist someone driven by pleasure the senses
101 heedful careful knowledge and skill
102 hyperbole exaggeration argument and language
103 iconoclast(ic) someone who attacks traditional beliefs politics and tradition
104 idealogue one who theorizes and speculates truth
105 illusory deceptive truth
106 imbue permeate, soak the senses
107 impecunious poor money
108 impede, impediment hinder, restrict progress give up?
109 impertinent haughty pride
110 impetus stimulus give up?
111 implacable insatiable give up?
112 impregnable strong, invulnerable give up?
113 impugn attack as false or questionable truth
114 incarnate posessing a concrete form, be representative of argument and language
115 incense infuriate, make angry emotions
116 incontrovertible indisputable truth
117 incorrigible incapable of being corrected or reformed knowledge and skill
118 indefatigable energetic, tireless give up?
119 indisposed ill, unwilling give up?
120 induction formal entry, initiation politics and tradition
121 inexorable unstoppable, relentless give up?
122 infelicity, infelicitous unhappiness, unhappy emotions
123 insidious treacherous truth
124 insolvent bankrupt money
125 insuperable impossible to conquer give up?
126 insurgent rebel politics and tradition
127 insurrection rebellion against established authority politics and tradition
128 intonation tone argument and language
129 intractable stubborn, difficult to influence pride
130 intransigent, intransigence not yielding, uncompromising give up?
131 irascible easily angered emotions
132 ireful irate, angry emotions
133 irresolute undecided knowledge and skill
134 itinerant traveling size, amount, location
135 juxtaposition the act of positioning things close together size, amount, location
136 laborious involving hard work give up?
137 labyrinth complicated maze give up?
138 lampoon parody, satire friends and enemies
139 lethargic sluggish energy
140 levity playfulness, lightheartedness emotions
141 libelous slanderous, defamatory law and order
142 licentious lacking moral restraint law and order
143 litigious argumentative, disputatious argument and language
144 localize restrict to a particular place size, amount, location
145 loquacious talkative argument and language
146 lugubrious mournful, gloomy emotions
147 machination plotting, scheming knowledge and skill
148 magisterial commanding, authoritative pride
149 malady disease, ailment war and peace
150 malign belittle praise and criticism
151 manifesto public statement of opinion argument and language
152 maverick independent rebel politics and tradition
153 meander wander knowledge and skill
154 melodrama exaggerated emotions emotions
155 membranous thin and flexible, like a membrane the senses
156 metamorphose transform science
157 misanthrope one who hates or mistrusts other humans friends and enemies
158 miscreant villain, offender law and order
159 misnomer incorrect or unsuitable name argument and language
160 mollify appease, soothe war and peace
161 munificent generous money
162 myriad vast number, innumerable size, amount, location
163 nadir lowest point war and peace
164 narcissist conceited persion pride
165 nettle make worse war and peace
166 nonpartisan not biased argument and language
167 nullify render legally void law and order
168 obfuscate make obscure or unclear knowledge and skill
169 oblivion obscurity, forgetfulness knowledge and skill
170 obsequious suck-up friends and enemies
171 odious offensive, hateful friends and enemies
172 onus burden, responsibility give up?
173 openhanded generous money
174 opportune timely, advantageous give up?
175 osmosis gradual absorption science
176 ossify harden, become rigid science
177 ostentatious showy, pretentious pride
178 ostracize exile politics and tradition
179 pall grow tiresome give up?
180 pallid pale, wan the senses
181 paltry insignificant, meager size, amount, location
182 pandemic widespread disease size, amount, location
183 paragon perfect example argument and language
184 pariah social outcast politics and tradition
185 parsimonious, parsimony cheap, stingy money
186 particularity attentiveness to detail, individuality knowledge and skill
187 pathos poignancy, sympathy emotions
188 pecunious abundant, rich money
189 pedagogy related to teaching and education knowledge and skill
190 penury poverty money
191 perennial long-lasting, continual time
192 pernicious wicked, harmful war and peace
193 perspicacious wise, insightful knowledge and skill
194 pestilence fatal infectious disease war and peace
195 phlegmatic sluggish, unemotional emotions
196 pithy concise and full of meaning argument and language
197 platitude common saying argument and language
198 platitudinous common politics and tradition
199 plaudit enthusiastic praise praise and criticism
200 plebian common citizen politics and tradition
201 polarize create conflict war and peace
202 ponderous serious, heavy, clumsy war and peace
203 populace the general public politics and tradition
204 populous having a large population size, amount, location
205 predilection preference, partiality emotions
206 premonition a feeling of evil to come, foreboding time
207 prescient psychic time
208 presumption assumption argument and language
209 presumptive probable, likely truth
210 pretense, pretension doubtful claim truth
211 prodigal recklessly wasteful or extravagant money
212 profane irreverent, showing disrespect for religion politics and tradition
213 profligate recklessly wasteful or extravagant money
214 propitiate appease, make peace with war and peace
215 prostrate lying face downwards, exhausted energy
216 pugnacious aggressive, beliigerent war and peace
217 quandary a state of doubt or uncertainty give up?
218 quiescent quiet, inactive energy
219 rarefy make thin or less compact size, amount, location
220 rebuff reject war and peace
221 recourse the act of turning to someone/something for assistance friends and enemies
222 recrimination to accuse in return law and order
223 remission reduction, pardon law and order
224 renegade someone who deserts a cause politics and tradition
225 replete abundantly supplied size, amount, location
226 reprieve relief, pardon law and order
227 reprove criticize, admonish praise and criticism
228 respite short interval or rest or relief energy
229 resplendent splendid, dazzling emotions
230 resurgent rise again energy
231 rhapsodize narrate or say with great enthusiasm argument and language
232 saccharine overly sweet emotions
233 sacrilegious disrespecting something sacred politics and tradition
234 sacrosanct sacred politics and tradition
235 salutary favorable to heath, beneficial science
236 sardonic scornfully mocking praise and criticism
237 scour clean by scrubbing vigorously give up?
238 seclusion privacy, isolation size, amount, location
239 seditious provoking rebellion against established authority politics and tradition
240 sedulous diligent, assiduous give up?
241 sermonize preach, express moral judgment knowledge and skill
242 skinflinty cheap money
243 skirt (verb) evade give up?
244 sleight dexterity knowledge and skill
245 slovenly untidy, careless knowledge and skill
246 solemnize perform a formal ceremony, make serious or grave politics and tradition
247 sovereign self-governing, independent politics and tradition
248 spareness the state of being sparse or scanty size, amount, location
249 specious seemingly reasonable but incorrect argument and language
250 sportive playful energy
251 stalwart courageous give up?
252 stipulate specify as a condition of an agreement law and order
253 stoic someone indifferent to pain or pleasure emotions
254 stolid showing no emotion or interest emotions
255 stratified layered, hierarchical size, amount, location
256 stymie obstruct give up?
257 subjugate conquer war and peace
258 supposition hypothesis argument and language
259 surreptitious secretive truth
260 swoon faint emotions
261 synchrony coincidence in time time
262 synergy, synergistic cooperative action that produces an enhanced result friends and enemies
263 tacit implied, not spoken argument and language
264 taciturn silent, uncommunicative argument and language
265 tandem conjunction, cooperation friends and enemies
266 tantamount equivalent argument and language
267 tawdry cheap, gaudy money
268 tempestuous stormy emotions
269 tight-fisted cheap money
270 timorous apprehensive, timid emotions
271 titillating exciting energy
272 treacly overly sweet or sentimental emotions
273 tremulous timid, fearful emotions
274 trenchant scathing, clear, effective argument and language
275 trove a collection of valuable items money
276 unassuming modest, not arrogant pride
277 undefiled immaculate, pure the senses
278 unsightly ugly the senses
279 upbraid belittle praise and criticism
280 valorous courageous give up?
281 venerate to view with great respect knowledge and skill
282 verity truth truth
283 verve flamboyant style the senses
284 vignette sketch, description argument and language
285 vilify spread negative information about, defame praise and criticism
286 vitriolic bitter, destructive war and peace
287 vituperative bitterly abusive war and peace
288 voluble talking easily and at length argument and language
289 winnow sorting, filtering size, amount, location
290 witticism witty remark argument and language
291 zenith highest point size, amount, location