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SAT Basic II Word List

313 Words

1 accolade award pride
2 accommodate make better, yield friends and enemies
3 account report, narrative argument and language
4 advocate argue in favor of argument and language
5 aggregate total, whole size, amount, location
6 aloof detached pride
7 ameliorate make better war and peace
8 antidote remedy that counteracts poison science
9 apolitical having no interest in politics politics and tradition
10 apologist defender of a cause politics and tradition
11 apprentice trainee, novice knowledge and skill
12 artifact human-made object science
13 artisan craftsperson the senses
14 austere, austerity simple, self-disciplined knowledge and skill
15 avant-garde vanguard, daring politics and tradition
16 avenger someone who wants revenge give up?
17 avert turn away, ward off size, amount, location
18 avid eager energy
19 barter trade goods or services money
20 behemoth huge monster or animal size, amount, location
21 belated late time
22 benefactor someone who gives a gift money
23 beneficent generous friends and enemies
24 beneficiary someone who receives a gift money
25 bigotry intolerance, prejudice knowledge and skill
26 bleak gloomy emotions
27 boisterous violent, unrestrained energy
28 breadth wide range size, amount, location
29 caricature exaggerated portrait the senses
30 catalog (verb) list argument and language
31 catalyst something that triggers an event science
32 certitude confidence knowledge and skill
33 chauvinist someone with a prejudiced belief in his/her superiority politics and tradition
34 cite quote argument and language
35 clairvoyant psychic time
36 clarify clear of confusion argument and language
37 coerce, coercion force war and peace
38 cognitive, cognition relating to knowledge knowledge and skill
39 coherent logical, consistent argument and language
40 colloquial conversational, informal argument and language
41 commemorate honor the memory of war and peace
42 complement serving to complete the whole friends and enemies
43 composure calm state of mind, self-possession knowledge and skill
44 concede, concession give up, admit defeat give up?
45 concord, concordant harmony friends and enemies
46 connoisseur expert knowledge and skill
47 contemporary occuring at the same time time
48 contour outline the senses
49 conundrum riddle, dilemma knowledge and skill
50 converge to come together size, amount, location
51 cosmetic superficial the senses
52 counsel advice knowledge and skill
53 counterproductive tending to hinder rather than help knowledge and skill
54 covert secret truth
55 covet desire emotions
56 culminate reach the highest point knowledge and skill
57 cumulative growing as a result of small steps over a period of time time
58 daunting intimidating give up?
59 defer delay, put off give up?
60 definitive absolute, authoritative knowledge and skill
61 dejected downhearted emotions
62 dilapidated broken down the senses
63 diplomatic tactful politics and tradition
64 discriminating sophisticated taste knowledge and skill
65 disoriented confused knowledge and skill
66 disperse spread size, amount, location
67 dissent objection argument and language
68 distillation (the process of creating a) purified liquid science
69 docile yielding give up?
70 document (verb) record in detail argument and language
71 domestic relating to the home/nation politics and tradition
72 downplay minimize, deemphasize argument and language
73 dubious doubtful truth
74 elitism the belief that society should be governed by a small group of superior individuals politics and tradition
75 emphatic forceful, emphasized argument and language
76 enlighten give insight knowledge and skill
77 enmity hatred friends and enemies
78 entice attract, lure emotions
79 epic long narrative poem argument and language
80 erosion wearing away science
81 evasive avoiding the subject argument and language
82 exalt praise praise and criticism
83 exemplary excellent praise and criticism
84 exemplify illustrate by example argument and language
85 exhaustive thorough, comprehensive argument and language
86 exploit (noun) heroic deed war and peace
87 extraneous not essential law and order
88 exuberant, exuberance lively, enthusiastic energy
89 fanfare spectacular public display energy
90 fawn try to gain favor by flattering praise and criticism
91 feat act of courage war and peace
92 fervor passion emotions
93 fitful irregular, spasmodic time
94 flabbergasted dumbfounded, astonished knowledge and skill
95 forerunner what came before time
96 foreshadow suggest the future time
97 foresight ability to anticipate future needs time
98 forestall delay time
99 frivolous not serious or sensible money
100 garnish ornamentation the senses
101 glacial cold, unfriendly friends and enemies
102 gracious graceful, compassionate friends and enemies
103 grating irritating emotions
104 gravity seriousness emotions
105 gruff stern, harsh emotions
106 hail praise praise and criticism
107 haphazard random science
108 haughtiness condescendingly proud pride
109 heavy-handed clumsy knowledge and skill
110 heterogeneity diverse, not uniform science
111 hiatus interruption, break time
112 holistic emphasizing the whole size, amount, location
113 homogeneous, homogenization uniform in structure science
114 humanitarian generous money
115 humdrum dull, monotonous energy
116 hypocrite, hypocritical insincere, two-faced truth
117 hypothesis, hypothetical theory, guess argument and language
118 immutable not changeable science
119 impartial not biased argument and language
120 impassioned passionate emotions
121 impending imminent, about to occur time
122 implausible impossible truth
123 implement (verb) use, carry out law and order
124 impoverished poor money
125 impressionable easily influenced knowledge and skill
126 imprudent not practical, not careful knowledge and skill
127 incentive something that encourages action or effort give up?
128 incisive sharp, keen knowledge and skill
129 incite provoke, encourage energy
130 inclusive comprehensive size, amount, location
131 incoherent lacking order argument and language
132 inconsequential not important size, amount, location
133 inconspicuous not noticeable the senses
134 indiscernible undetectable the senses
135 indisputable unquestionable argument and language
136 infatuation foolish love, obsession emotions
137 infuriate make angry emotions
138 innumerable too numerous to be counted size, amount, location
139 insufferable intolerable emotions
140 insulation isolation, maintenance of heat science
141 insurmountable impossible to overcome give up?
142 integrity completeness, dignity pride
143 intemperate immoderate size, amount, location
144 intermittent stopping and starting at intervals time
145 intrusive interfering, intruding friends and enemies
146 intuition, intuitive instinct, gut feeling emotions
147 invert reverse size, amount, location
148 invigorate inspire, give energy energy
149 irrepressible incontrollable give up?
150 irreproachable faultless, perfect knowledge and skill
151 iterate say or do again argument and language
152 knack clever method, specific talent knowledge and skill
153 lackluster dull emotions
154 lofty majestic knowledge and skill
155 malicious, malice spiteful, bitter friends and enemies
156 materialism, materialist excessive interest in money or possessions money
157 meager scarce, poor size, amount, location
158 meddle interfere friends and enemies
159 mediator, mediate negotiator who tries to find a compromise argument and language
160 metaphor comparison argument and language
161 methodical well-organized, systematic knowledge and skill
162 meticulous careful knowledge and skill
163 miffed offended, upset emotions
164 minute (adj.) tiny size, amount, location
165 mirth gaiety, merriment emotions
166 mock(ery) mock friends and enemies
167 momentous very significant friends and enemies
168 monotonous dull, repetitive energy
169 morbidity excessively gloomy emotions
170 mosaic art consisting of many different colored pieces of stone/glass the senses
171 multitudinous abundant size, amount, location
172 muted subdued the senses
173 na´ve, na´vetÚ gullible, innocent knowledge and skill
174 negate make ineffective or invalid argument and language
175 negligence, negligent careless(ness) knowledge and skill
176 negligible insignificant size, amount, location
177 notion thought, idea argument and language
178 novelty innovation, trinket time
179 obligatory compulsory law and order
180 obliging agreeable friends and enemies
181 obliterate destroy completely war and peace
182 oblivious unaware knowledge and skill
183 obsolete outdated time
184 oppressive burdensome, cruel war and peace
185 orator skilled speaker argument and language
186 ornament, ornamentation decoration the senses
187 ornery unpleasant emotions
188 outlandish bizarre politics and tradition
189 overt observable, not hidden truth
190 par standard, average politics and tradition
191 paradox a contradiction that is true truth
192 paranoia irrational fear emotions
193 perpetuate maintain, preserve size, amount, location
194 perplex(ed), perplexity confused, confusion knowledge and skill
195 pertain relate, be suitable argument and language
196 pertinent relevant argument and language
197 perverse wayward, depraved law and order
198 phenomenon, phenomena unusual fact or person, marvel knowledge and skill
199 pilfer steal money
200 pitiless having no pity, merciless size, amount, location
201 plenteous productive size, amount, location
202 plentiful existing in great quantity size, amount, location
203 poignant emotionally touching emotions
204 preachy excessively moralizing, didactic knowledge and skill
205 precedent prior in time or significance time
206 precursor forerunner, predecessor time
207 predator one that preys on another science
208 predecessor one that comes before another time
209 predominant main, principal knowledge and skill
210 preoccupied absorbed in thought knowledge and skill
211 prescribe recommend, issue as a command knowledge and skill
212 pretentious snobbish, showy knowledge and skill
213 prodigy genius knowledge and skill
214 prophetic predicting what will happen time
215 proprietor owner of a business money
216 protagonist main character argument and language
217 prototype model science
218 provocative controversial argument and language
219 proximity nearness in space or time size, amount, location
220 qualified competent, limited knowledge and skill
221 quizzical puzzled knowledge and skill
222 radical extreme politics and tradition
223 rash careless knowledge and skill
224 reaffirm restate argument and language
225 recount narrate argument and language
226 refinement polish, purification knowledge and skill
227 regenerate renew time
228 rehash rework, reuse politics and tradition
229 remiss neglectful, negligent knowledge and skill
230 remnant something left over, remainder size, amount, location
231 remote distant, far size, amount, location
232 renaissance rebirth, revival time
233 rendition performance, interpretation knowledge and skill
234 renovate make new again time
235 renowned famous knowledge and skill
236 repressed suppressing emotions emotions
237 repulse disgust praise and criticism
238 reserved quiet emotions
239 resignation, resigned give in, acquiescent give up?
240 resilient irrepressible, quick to recover give up?
241 resolute, resolve (noun) firm belief argument and language
242 restrained, restraint unemotional, controlled emotions
243 retract take back give up?
244 retroactive applying to a period prior to enactment time
245 righteous morally good law and order
246 rigor strictness give up?
247 romanticization the act of being overly sentimental or idealistic emotions
248 safeguard protect war and peace
249 saga long story argument and language
250 salvageable able to be rescued war and peace
251 sarcastic, sarcasm mocking friends and enemies
252 savory appetizing the senses
253 scarcity, scarce insufficient amount size, amount, location
254 scoff mock friends and enemies
255 sedentary not moving or active energy
256 sensational amazing, shocking, scandalous emotions
257 serene calm energy
258 sinister evil emotions
259 skeptic(ism) doubter truth
260 sluggish lacking energy energy
261 snub deliberately insult praise and criticism
262 speculative inquisitive, hypothetical argument and language
263 squelch crush, trample war and peace
264 strain stress war and peace
265 subdued quiet, restrained energy
266 submissive yielding give up?
267 subordinate lower rank, inferior politics and tradition
268 subplot secondary plot argument and language
269 subsequent following, coming after time
270 sullen sulky, brooding emotions
271 supplement addendum, addition argument and language
272 suppress restrain, subdue energy
273 surly bad-tempered and rude emotions
274 surpass excel, beat knowledge and skill
275 swagger walk or behave arrogantly pride
276 swindler cheat, con artist truth
277 synopsis summary argument and language
278 synthetic artificial truth
279 tactful considerate, discreet friends and enemies
280 tactile tangible, related to the sense of touch the senses
281 taut pulled tight, not slack the senses
282 temper (verb), tempered moderate size, amount, location
283 temperate moderate size, amount, location
284 tentative unconfirmed, hesitant truth
285 terrestrial related to the earth science
286 testy irritated, peevish emotions
287 theology religion politics and tradition
288 theorize hypothesize, speculate argument and language
289 threadbare worn out energy
290 toil labor give up?
291 toxic poisonous science
292 transcend surpass size, amount, location
293 transitory temporary time
294 truncate shorten by cutting off size, amount, location
295 turbulence state of confusion or agitation energy
296 turmoil state of extreme confusion or agitation war and peace
297 tyrant, tyrannical dictator politics and tradition
298 undaunted courageous give up?
299 undermine weaken give up?
300 underpinning support, base war and peace
301 underscore emphasize argument and language
302 unhindered not obstructed give up?
303 universality comprehensiveness, generalization politics and tradition
304 unwarranted not justified law and order
305 vacillate sway from side to side, oscillate science
306 valiant courageous give up?
307 vexing annoying emotions
308 volatile not constant science
309 voluminous large, ample size, amount, location
310 voracious insatiable, having a huge appetite the senses
311 wistful yearning, melancholy emotions
312 withstand oppose, resist give up?
313 worldly worldly, materialistic money