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SAT Basic I Word List

287 Words

1 abridge shorten size, amount, location
2 abstract theoretical, not practical argument and language
3 accessible easy to approach or reach give up?
4 acclaim praise praise and criticism
5 accord agreement friends and enemies
6 acknowledge recognize truth
7 acquiesce give in give up?
8 admonish warn praise and criticism
9 adulation praise praise and criticism
10 adversary opponent, foe friends and enemies
11 adversity misfortune, hardship war and peace
12 aesthetic relating to visual beauty the senses
13 affable, affability friendly, friendliness friends and enemies
14 affirmation positive assertion argument and language
15 affliction pain, suffering war and peace
16 affluent wealthy money
17 agreeable pleasant friends and enemies
18 ailment illness war and peace
19 alienate to cause to be unfriendly or withdrawn friends and enemies
20 allegiance loyalty friends and enemies
21 alleviate relieve war and peace
22 ally friend, supporter friends and enemies
23 amalgam mixture science
24 ambiguous unclear truth
25 ambivalent, ambivalence mixed feelings emotions
26 anachronism, anachronistic an error in chronology (time) time
27 analogous similar argument and language
28 anecdote short story argument and language
29 anguish agony war and peace
30 animated lively energy
31 animosity hostility friends and enemies
32 anomaly, anomalous not normal politics and tradition
33 antagonism, antagonistic, antagonize adversarial, opposing friends and enemies
34 antecedent what came before time
35 antiquated old time
36 antisocial antagonistic, not friendly friends and enemies
37 antithesis opposite argument and language
38 apparatus device, equipment science
39 appease, appeasement bring about peace friends and enemies
40 applaud praise praise and criticism
41 apprehension, apprehensive uneasy anticipation emotions
42 arbitrary random science
43 archaic old-fashioned time
44 ardent passionate emotions
45 arduous demanding great effort give up?
46 aristocrat, aristocratic member of the nobility politics and tradition
47 arrogance, arrogant haughty pride
48 articulate, articulation well-spoken argument and language
49 assert declare argument and language
50 astute shrewd, smart knowledge and skill
51 atrocity appalling situation war and peace
52 atypical not normal politics and tradition
53 audacious daring give up?
54 augment enlarge, increase size, amount, location
55 authoritarian commanding politics and tradition
56 autonomous, autonomy independent politics and tradition
57 aversion dislike, disinclination friends and enemies
58 awe wonder, admiration emotions
59 baffling perplexing, confusing knowledge and skill
60 belittle disparage, talk down praise and criticism
61 bewilderment confusion, disorientation knowledge and skill
62 bias prejudice, preconception argument and language
63 blatant obvious, conspicuous argument and language
64 bounteous abundant, rich money
65 bountiful plentiful, ample size, amount, location
66 braggart boaster, show off pride
67 brevity conciseness argument and language
68 bystander spectator, onlooker war and peace
69 calculated deliberate knowledge and skill
70 candid, candor honest truth
71 capacity ability knowledge and skill
72 captivating enchanting, fascinating emotions
73 catastrophic disasterous war and peace
74 charismatic charming friends and enemies
75 charitable generous money
76 chronological in temporal order, sequential time
77 cliché overused expression, platitude argument and language
78 collaborate work together friends and enemies
79 colleague co-worker friends and enemies
80 combustible flammable science
81 commend, commendable praise praise and criticism
82 compassionate sympathetic, empathetic friends and enemies
83 compatible harmonious friends and enemies
84 compelling convincing, interesting argument and language
85 compile collect science
86 complementary forming a complete whole friends and enemies
87 complimentary expressing praise praise and criticism
88 comply act in accordance with rules law and order
89 comprehensive thorough argument and language
90 concise succinct, brief and to the point argument and language
91 condescend, condescending belittle, belittling praise and criticism
92 condone excuse, overlook praise and criticism
93 conformist someone who uncritically follows rules politics and tradition
94 confound(ed) confuse(d) knowledge and skill
95 confrontational causing conflict friends and enemies
96 conjecture hypothesis argument and language
97 consensus agreement argument and language
98 constraint restraint, limit size, amount, location
99 contend compete, assert argument and language
100 contract enter into an agreement, reduce in size size, amount, location
101 contradict assert the opposite of argument and language
102 conviction belief argument and language
103 convoluted complicated, twisted knowledge and skill
104 cordial polite friends and enemies
105 corrode rust, decay science
106 corrupt immoral, depraved law and order
107 courteous polite friends and enemies
108 crafty devious, deceptive truth
109 criterion standard, measure law and order
110 cryptic mysterious truth
111 curt rudely brief or abrupt friends and enemies
112 curtail shorten size, amount, location
113 cynical pessimistic emotions
114 decisive conclusive, resolute knowledge and skill
115 decode decipher give up?
116 deficit lack, shortage size, amount, location
117 deft skillful knowledge and skill
118 dehydrate remove water science
119 demise downfall give up?
120 denounce criticize praise and criticism
121 deplore express sorrow war and peace
122 detached separated size, amount, location
123 deter prevent, discourage give up?
124 detrimental damaging, harmful war and peace
125 devious sly, dishonest truth
126 devise create knowledge and skill
127 diligence, diligent hardworking give up?
128 disclaimer renunciation, rejection politics and tradition
129 disclose make information known truth
130 discord(ant) conflciting, inharmonious friends and enemies
131 discourse discussion argument and language
132 discredit damage in reputation praise and criticism
133 discreet tactful, diplomatic politics and tradition
134 discrepancy divergence, disagreement politics and tradition
135 disdain(ful) contempt(uous) praise and criticism
136 dismiss(ive) reject(ing) praise and criticism
137 disparity inequality, incongruity politics and tradition
138 distort, distortion misrepresent, alter truth
139 dominant most prominent politics and tradition
140 dynamic full of energy energy
141 eccentric unconventional politics and tradition
142 egotism, egotist, egotistical self-centered pride
143 eloquence, eloquent fluent and persuasive speech/writing argument and language
144 embellish decorate, ornament the senses
145 emulate imitate friends and enemies
146 endorse approve, support praise and criticism
147 engaging charming, agreeable friends and enemies
148 enhance heighten, improve size, amount, location
149 entrepreneur businessman money
150 eradicate destroy war and peace
151 erratic irregular, unpredictable science
152 erroneous incorrect praise and criticism
153 exacerbate make worse war and peace
154 exasperate annoy friends and enemies
155 excerpt a passage taken from a book, speech, etc. argument and language
156 exclusive not shared, elite politics and tradition
157 execute produce politics and tradition
158 exhilaration, exhilarating lively energy
159 explicate explain argument and language
160 explicit fully expressed, leaving nothing implied argument and language
161 exploit (verb) take advantage of friends and enemies
162 extravagant excessive size, amount, location
163 facilitate allow, help war and peace
164 falter stumble war and peace
165 feasible possible truth
166 fend off prevent, deflect give up?
167 fiasco failure war and peace
168 flatter praise praise and criticism
169 flaunt show off pride
170 fleeting short-lived time
171 flimsy insubstantial knowledge and skill
172 foster (verb) nurture size, amount, location
173 generic general politics and tradition
174 gullible naïve, credulous truth
175 hazard, hazardous dangerous war and peace
176 hereditary passed down from one generation to the next, connection through genes politics and tradition
177 hierarchy class-based system politics and tradition
178 hospitable generous friends and enemies
179 impair damage war and peace
180 impeccable perfect knowledge and skill
181 impenetrable impossible to enter or understand truth
182 imperceptible undetectable truth
183 improvise perform without preparation politics and tradition
184 inadvertent not on purpose friends and enemies
185 inaudible impossible to hear truth
186 incidental secondary, accompanying science
187 incompetent not qualified, inadequate knowledge and skill
188 incorporate include size, amount, location
189 indifferent lacking interest argument and language
190 inevitable, inevitability sure to happen truth
191 inflexible not yielding give up?
192 innovation, innovative something new time
193 inspiring uplifting, encouraging friends and enemies
194 intervene interrupt, come between friends and enemies
195 intimidate make timid, cause fear give up?
196 introverted withdrawn, introspective friends and enemies
197 lament, lamentable express grief war and peace
198 lavish extravagant money
199 lax not strict law and order
200 linger delay, prolong departure time
201 mediocre inferior, second-rate knowledge and skill
202 memoir autobiography argument and language
203 merit excellence knowledge and skill
204 muddled confused, jumbled knowledge and skill
205 mundane boring, ordinary politics and tradition
206 narrative story argument and language
207 nemesis cause of misery or harm friends and enemies
208 nonchalant, nonchalance lack of concern emotions
209 nostalgia sentimental desire to relive the past time
210 novice beginner knowledge and skill
211 nurture cultivate, nourish size, amount, location
212 objective not biased argument and language
213 obscure not well-known, hard to understand truth
214 ominous menacing, threatening war and peace
215 opacity, opaque not transparent, hard to understand truth
216 optimist, optimistic one who usually expects a positive outcome emotions
217 opulence, opulent wealthy money
218 ornate elaborate the senses
219 pandemonium chaos war and peace
220 parallel analogous, similar argument and language
221 passive not confrontational friends and enemies
222 pervasive widespread size, amount, location
223 pessimist, pessimism one who usually expects a negative outcome emotions
224 picturesque attractive, vivid, expressive the senses
225 pigment substance that gives color the senses
226 pitfall hidden danger war and peace
227 plea earnest request give up?
228 pompous, pomposity arrogant pride
229 pragmatic, pragmatism, pragmatist practical knowledge and skill
230 prevalent widespread size, amount, location
231 principle basic truth, rule truth
232 probable, probability likely argument and language
233 prominent famous, noticeable knowledge and skill
234 prosperous, prosperity abundant, rich money
235 proud haughty pride
236 provisional temporary time
237 prudent careful knowledge and skill
238 puny small, weak size, amount, location
239 ramble talk endlessly, take a long walk argument and language
240 rambunctious boisterous, disorderly energy
241 rant loud and angry speech/writing praise and criticism
242 rebate refund, discount money
243 reconcile make peace, harmonize friends and enemies
244 redundant, redundancy repetition argument and language
245 rejuvenate make young again energy
246 relentless not yielding give up?
247 relevant significant, related to the topic at hand argument and language
248 reluctant unwilling, uneager give up?
249 remedy cure, salve energy
250 remorse regret war and peace
251 repel reject, cause someone to feel disgust friends and enemies
252 robust strong, healthy energy
253 rudimentary basic, incomplete knowledge and skill
254 rustic relating to the countryside size, amount, location
255 scold criticize praise and criticism
256 scorn contempt praise and criticism
257 simultaneous at the same time time
258 smug excessive self-satisfaction or complacency pride
259 sparse scarce, poor money
260 spontaneity, spontaneous spur of the moment emotions
261 stimulating exciting, interesting praise and criticism
262 subjective biased, dependent on one's personal opinion argument and language
263 subside diminish size, amount, location
264 subtle not obvious truth
265 succinct concise argument and language
266 superficial shallow the senses
267 sustain(ed) maintain, deal with give up?
268 taunt tease, insult friends and enemies
269 tedious boring, tiresome praise and criticism
270 terse concise argument and language
271 thesis statement of loglcal argument argument and language
272 thrifty cheap money
273 thrive prosper, grow vigorously size, amount, location
274 thwart obstruct give up?
275 timid shy emotions
276 topple fall, tumble give up?
277 tranquil(ity) calm, peaceful energy
278 unkempt untidy, unpolished the senses
279 unorthodox not traditional politics and tradition
280 unprecedented without any previous example time
281 viable possible argument and language
282 vigor strength knowledge and skill
283 vulnerable susceptible, exposed give up?
284 wary cautious give up?
285 weary tired, fatigued give up?
286 whim impulse, spur-of-the-moment desire emotions
287 whimsical playful, fanciful emotions