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6000 Words

1 abash to make ashamed verb
2 abate to put an end to verb
3 abbess a female superior or governess of a nunnery noun
4 abbey a monastery or society of people noun
5 abbot the superior or head of an abbey or monastery noun
6 abbreviate to make shorter verb
7 abdicate to surrender, renounce or relinquish verb
8 abdomen the belly/stomach noun
9 abduct to take away secretly by force verb
10 abed in bed verb
11 aberrant straying from the right or normal way verb
12 abet to assist or encourage by aid, especially in crime verb
13 abeyance temporary inactivity noun
14 abhor to loath verb
15 abide to wait for verb
16 abject to cast off or down, to abase verb
17 abjure to renounce upon oath verb
18 abnegate to deny (oneself something) verb
19 abnormal not conforming to rule or system adjective
20 abominable very hateful, detestable adjective
21 abomination anything greatly disliked or abhorred noun
22 aboriginal original or indigenous to a place adjective
23 abort to miscarry, to bring forth something prematurely verb
24 abortive unsuccessful adjective
25 abound to be plentiful, to be very prevalent, to overflow verb
26 aboveboard in open sight, without concealment, or deception adjective
27 abrade to rub or wear away verb
28 abrasive rough enough to wear away the outer surface adjective
29 abridge to shorten in duration verb
30 abrogate to abolish by authoritative action verb
31 abscess to form such a collection of pus verb
32 abscission the act of cutting off noun
33 abscond to depart secretly verb
34 absence a state of being absent noun
35 absolute free from imperfection, complete adjective
36 absolve to set free from an obligation verb
37 abstain refrain from (something) verb
38 abstemious restraint especially in the consumption of food or alcohol adjective
39 abstinence voluntary forbearance esp. from indulgence of an appetite noun
40 abstract to separate, to remove, to take away verb
41 abstruse difficult to comprehend adjective
42 abundant fully sufficient, in great quantity adjective
43 abusive treating badly or injuriously adjective
44 abut to touch by means of a mutual border, to meet verb
45 abysmal extremely hopeless, bad, or severe adjective
46 abyss an immeasurably deep gulf or great space noun
47 accede (obsolete) to approach, to arrive, to come forward verb
48 accentuate to pronounce with an accent or vocal stress verb
49 access to gain or obtain access to verb
50 accession to make a record of (additions to a collection) verb
51 accessory aiding in a secondary way, being additional, adjective
52 acclaim applaud verb
53 acclimate to habituate to a climate not native verb
54 acclivity a slope or inclination of the earth, as the side of a hill noun
55 accolade to embrace or kiss in salutation verb
56 accommodate to adapt, as, to accommodate ourselves to circumstances verb
57 accompaniment that which gives support or adds to the background noun
58 accompany to perform an accompanying part or parts in a composition verb
59 accomplice partner in activity, usually crime noun
60 accomplish to finish successfully verb
61 accord to make to agree or correspond, to suit one thing to another verb
62 accordion to fold up, in the manner of an accordion verb
63 accost to approach and speak to boldly or aggressively verb
64 account to compute, to count verb
65 accouter to furnish with dress or equipments verb
66 accouterments dress, trappings, equipment noun
67 accredit to put or bring into credit, to invest with credit verb
68 accretion growth by slow buildup noun
69 accrue to happen or result as a natural growth, addition verb
70 acculturation adopting cultural elements of another culture noun
71 accumulate to heap up in a mass, to collect verb
72 accurse to devote to destruction verb
73 accusation the act of with a crime or with a lighter offense noun
74 accuse to find fault with, to blame verb
75 accustom to make familiar by use, to cause to accept verb
76 acerbic acid in temper, mood or tone adjective
77 acetate any salt or ester of acetic acid noun
78 acetic of, pertaining to, or producing vinegar adjective
79 achillean invincible adjective
80 achromatic without colour adjective
81 acidulous slightly sour, sub-acid adjective
82 acknowledge to admit the knowledge of, to recognize as a fact or truth verb
83 acknowledgment the act of acknowledging, admission noun
84 acme the top or highest point, pinnacle, culmination noun
85 acoustic designed to carry sound or to aid in hearing adjective
86 acquaint to make familiar verb
87 acquiesce to rest satisfied verb
88 acquire to get verb
89 acquisitive acquired adjective
90 acquit to declare or find not guilty, innocent verb
91 acreage size, as measured in acres noun
92 acrid sharp and harsh, or bitter and not to the taste, pungent adjective
93 acrimonious of or pertaining to words, arguments, quarrels adjective
94 acrimony bitterness or sharpness of manner, speech, temper noun
95 acrophobia fear of heights noun
96 actionable affording grounds for legal action adjective
97 actuality the state of existing, existence noun
98 actuarial of or pertaining to actuaries adjective
99 actuary registrar, clerk noun
100 acuity sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc noun
101 acumen quickness of perception or discernment, penetration of mind noun
102 acute sharp adjective
103 ad hoc specifically for adjective
104 ad infinitum to infinity adjective
105 adage an old saying, which has obtained credit by long use noun
106 adamant resistant to reason, determined, inflexible adjective
107 adapt to make suitable, to make to correspond, to fit or suit verb
108 addendum an addition or change noun
109 addle to make or become confused verb
110 adduce to cite (as proof) verb
111 adept well skilled, completely versed, thoroughly proficient adjective
112 adhere to stick fast or cleave, to become joined or united verb
113 adhesion the ability of a substance to stick to an unlike substance noun
114 adieu a farewell, a goodbye, especially a fond farewell noun
115 adjacent close, or contiguous, neighboring, bordering on adjective
116 adjourn to postpone verb
117 adjudge to declare to be verb
118 adjudicate to settle a legal case or other dispute verb
119 adjunct attached to another in a dependent or subordinate position noun
120 adjuration a grave warning noun
121 adjutant a military officer adjective
122 administrator one who administers affairs, one who directs or manages noun
123 admissible accepted or allowed, acceptable adjective
124 admittance the act of admitting noun
125 admonish to warn of a fault, to reprove gently, but seriously verb
126 ado to do, in doing, as, there is nothing ado noun
127 adoration an act of religious worship noun
128 adorn to decorate verb
129 adroit dexterous adjective
130 adulation flattery, fulsome praise noun
131 adulterate to make impure by adding improper, or inferior ingredients verb
132 adumbrate to foreshadow vaguely verb
133 advent coming, arrival noun
134 adventitious from an external source, not innate or inherent adjective
135 adversary an enemy noun
136 adverse unfavorable, antagonistic in purpose or effect, hostile adjective
137 adversity hardship (usually uncountable) noun
138 advert to turn attention verb
139 advisory able to give advice adjective
140 advocacy active support noun
141 advocate to speak in favor of verb
142 aegis  the shield or breastplate of zeus or athena, protection noun
143 aerial of, in, or from the air, atmospheric adjective
144 aeronaut one who glides through the air in an airship or balloon noun
145 aerostat an aircraft that derives its lift from buoyancy noun
146 aesthete a person who has refined sensitivity towards art or nature noun
147 aesthetic having a sense of beauty adjective
148 affable pleasant, easy to approach adjective
149 affect to influence or alter verb
150 affiliate to adopt, to receive into a family as a son, to ally verb
151 affiliation the relationship resulting from association noun
152 affinity a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea noun
153 affirmation a declaration that something is true, an oath noun
154 affirmative pertaining to truth, asserting that something is true adjective
155 affix to attach verb
156 afflict to distress with mental/bodily pain verb
157 affluent having lots of wealth, property or other material goods adjective
158 affront to insult intentionally, especially openly verb
159 aficionado a fan or devotee noun
160 afire on fire adjective
161 afoot on foot adjective
162 aforesaid a previously stated statement adjective
163 afresh anew adjective
164 afrikaans an official language of south africa, developed out of dutch noun
165 agglomerate to wind or collect into a ball, to gather into a mass verb
166 aggrandize to widen in scope verb
167 aggravate to make worse, or more severe verb
168 aggregate to bring together, to collect into a mass or sum verb
169 aggress to set upon, to attack verb
170 aggrieve to give pain or sorrow to, to afflict, to oppress verb
171 aghast terrified, struck with amazement adjective
172 agile active, quick and coordinated adjective
173 agitate to move with a violent, irregular action verb
174 agnostic the doubt of a higher power/being adjective
175 agog in eager desire, eager, astir adjective
176 agrarian of, or relating to, the ownership and cultivation of land adjective
177 agriculture the art or science of cultivating the ground noun
178 aide-de-camp a military officer who assists a higher ranking officer noun
179 ailment a disease, sickness noun
180 akin related by blood, similar adjective
181 alabaster a finely granular variety of gypsum noun
182 alacrity cheerful readiness noun
183 albeit although, even if adjective
184 albino a person, plant or animal with a deficiency in pigmentation adjective
185 alchemy the search for a universal panacea (became chemistry) noun
186 alcoholism a chronic disorder characterized by dependence on alcohol noun
187 alcove a small recessed area set off from a larger room noun
188 alder belonging to the birch tree family noun
189 alderman a member of several municipal legislative bodies noun
190 alias a false name used to conceal one's identity noun
191 alibi an excuse, especially to avoid blame noun
192 alien a person who has been estranged or excluded noun
193 alienate to make indifferent or hostile verb
194 aliment that which nourishes, food noun
195 alimony a court-enforced allowance made to a former spouse noun
196 alkali one of a class of caustic bases noun
197 allay to make quiet or put at rest, to pacify or appease verb
198 allege to assert without proof verb
199 allegiance loyalty to a person, group, or cause noun
200 allegory a symbolic narrative noun
201 alleviate to make easier to endure, lessen verb
202 alliance the state of being allied, the act of allying or uniting noun
203 allocate to assign or plot verb
204 allot to distribute by lot verb
205 alloy to mix verb
206 allude to refer casually or indirectly verb
207 allure to invite by something flattering or acceptable, to entice verb
208 allusion an indirect reference, a hint, a reference to something noun
209 alluvion overflow, flood noun
210 ally to unite, or form a connection between verb
211 almanac a book or table listing nautical, astronomical, etc. Events noun
212 aloft in or into the air adverb
213 aloof reserved and remote, physically or emotionally distant adjective
214 altar a table or similar flat-topped structure for religious rites noun
215 alter to change the form or structure of verb
216 alteration the act of making different noun
217 altercate to argue, quarrel or wrangle with someone verb
218 alternate to perform by turns or in succession, interchange regularly verb
219 alternative relating to a choice between two or more possibilities adjective
220 altitude the height measured from sea level up to any given point noun
221 alto a musical section higher than tenor and lower than soprano noun
222 altruism regard for others, both natural and moral, kindness noun
223 amalgam a combination of different things noun
224 amalgamate blend, merge verb
225 amass to collect into a mass or heap verb
226 amateur non-professional adjective
227 amatory of or relating to love adjective
228 ambiance mood, quality, atmosphere noun
229 ambidextrous having equal ability in both hands adjective
230 ambiguous to be vague, non-specific adjective
231 ambitious possessing, or controlled by ambition adjective
232 ambivalent experiencing contradictory feelings, beliefs, or motivations adjective
233 amble slow walk, stroll noun
234 ambrosial succulently sweet or fragrant adjective
235 ambulance emergency vehicle that transports sick or injured people noun
236 ambulate to relocate one's self under the power of one's own legs verb
237 ambush to act of lying in concealment as to attack by surprise verb
238 ameliorate to make or become better, to improve verb
239 amenable open to influence or advice, agreeable adjective
240 amend to make better, to change verb
241 amenity pleasantness noun
242 americanism a trait particuliar to the us or its citizens noun
243 amiable friendly, sociable adjective
244 amicable peaceable, characterized by showing goodwill adjective
245 amiss wrong, faulty, out of order, improper adjective
246 amity the cooperative and supportive relationship between people noun
247 amnesty to grant a pardon (to a group) verb
248 amoral being neither moral nor immoral adjective
249 amorous inclined to love, having a propensity to love adjective
250 amorphous lacking definite form adjective
251 amour a love affair noun
252 ampere the base si unit of electrical current noun
253 ampersand the symbol "&" noun
254 amphibious able to live in water and on land adjective
255 amphitheater a semi-circular acoustic backdrop for an outdoor venue noun
256 ample large, great in size, extent, capacity, or bulk, spacious adjective
257 amplitude the measure of something's size, largeness, magnitude noun
258 amply abundantly adverb
259 amputate to surgically remove a part of the body, especially a limb verb
260 amusement entertainment noun
261 anachronism a chronological mistake, the erroneous dating of an event noun
262 anagram a word/phrase formed from another rearranging its letters noun
263 analgesic of or relating to analgesia, anodyne adjective
264 analogous corresponding to something else, bearing some resemblance adjective
265 analogy similarity between like features of two things noun
266 analyst someone who analyzes noun
267 analyze to subject to analysis verb
268 anarchy a state of society without government or law noun
269 anathema a person or thing detested or loathed noun
270 anatomy the art of studying the different parts of an organized body noun
271 ancestry condition as to ancestors, ancestral lineage noun
272 ancillary subordinate, secondary, auxiliary, accessory adjective
273 anecdote a short account of a history, usually amusing noun
274 anemia a medical condition of too little hemoglobin noun
275 anemometer a device to measure wind speed noun
276 anesthesia a method of preventing sensation, used to eliminate pain noun
277 anew over again adverb
278 angelic belonging to, resembling, or proceeding from, angels adjective
279 anglo-saxon native or inhabitant of england prior to the norman conquest adjective
280 anglophobia fear or dislike of england noun
281 anguish to suffer pain verb
282 angular relating to an angle or angles, having an angle or angles adjective
283 anhydrous free from water adjective
284 animadversion a criticism, a critical remark noun
285 animalcule an older term for a microscopic animal or protozoan noun
286 animate to impart motion or the appearance of motion to verb
287 animosity strong hostility noun
288 animus the basic impulses and instincts which govern one's actions noun
289 annal occurring once a year noun
290 annex to add something to another, to incorporate into verb
291 annihilate to reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate verb
292 annotate to add annotation verb
293 annuity a specified income payable at stated intervals for period noun
294 annul to formally revoke the validity of verb
295 annunciation the act of announcing something noun
296 anode electrode of an electrochemical cell where oxidation occurs noun
297 anoint to rub or sprinkle on verb
298 anomalous deviating from what is standard, expected or normal adjective
299 anomaly a deviation from a rule or from what is regarded as normal noun
300 anonymity the quality or state of being anonymous, anonymousness noun
301 antagonism a strong natural dislike or hatred, antipathy noun
302 ante risks, stakes verb
303 antecede to go before, to precede verb
304 antechamber a small room used as an entryway area to a larger room noun
305 antedate to occur before an event or time, to predate verb
306 antediluvian old, ancient adjective
307 antemeridian of or relating to morning, that happens in the morning adjective
308 antemundane being or occurring prior to the creation of the world adjective
309 antenatal occurring or existing before birth adjective
310 anterior before in place adjective
311 anteroom a waiting room, a small room before a larger one noun
312 anthology a book or collection of writings noun
313 anthracite a slow-burning coal noun
314 anthropocentric giving preference to humans above all other considerations adjective
315 anthropoid having characteristics of a human being adjective
316 anthropology the holistic scientific and social study of humanity noun
317 anthropomorphous resembling a human being adjective
318 antic a ludicrous or extravagant gesture verb
319 antichrist one who works against the teachings of christ noun
320 antidepressant a substance that is used in the treatment of mood disorders noun
321 antidote a remedy to counteract the effects of poison noun
322 antigen a toxin that induces an immune response in the body noun
323 antilogy a contradiction in related terms or ideas noun
324 antipathy a deep seated feeling of dislike noun
325 antiphon a devotional piece of music sung responsively noun
326 antiphony alternate, responsive singing by a two part choir noun
327 antipodes any two places that are on opposite sides of the earth noun
328 antiquary a person who is knowledgeable of, or who collects antiques noun
329 antiquate to cause to become old or obsolete verb
330 antique of, or belonging to the past, not modern adjective
331 antiseptic of, or relating to antisepsis, or the use of antiseptics adjective
332 antislavery opposed to the practice of slavery adjective
333 antispasmodic referring to something that suppresses spasms, like a drug adjective
334 antistrophe the second section of an ancient Greek choral ode noun
335 antithesis a proposition diametrically opposite of another proposition noun
336 antitoxin a substance, formed in the body, that counters a toxin noun
337 antonym a word which has the opposite meaning of another noun
338 anxious greatly concerned, respecting something future or unknown adjective
339 apartheid any system that separates people according to race noun
340 apathy complete lack of emotion or motivation about something noun
341 aperture an opening or gap in something noun
342 apex the highest point of something noun
343 aphorism a saying embodying a general truth noun
344 apiary a place where bees and their hives are kept noun
345 aplomb self-confidence, poise, composure noun
346 apocryphal of doubtful authenticity adjective
347 apogee the point in orbit around Earth when the object is farthest noun
348 apolitical having no interest or involvement in politics adjective
349 apostasy the renunciation of a belief or set of beliefs noun
350 apostate a person who forsakes his religion, cause, party noun
351 apostle a missionary, or leader of a religious mission noun
352 apothecary a person who makes and provides/sells drugs and/or medicines noun
353 apothegm a short, witty, instructive saying, an aphorism or maxim noun
354 apotheosis the fact or action of becoming or making into a god noun
355 appalling causing dismay or horror adjective
356 apparent capable of being seen, or easily seen adjective
357 apparition a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, like a ghost noun
358 appease pacify or placate verb
359 appellate describing something that is appealed to adjective
360 append to add as supplement or in addition verb
361 appertain to relate to verb
362 applicable suitable for application, relevant, appropriate adjective
363 application the act of putting to a special use or purpose noun
364 apportion to divide and distribute portions of a whole verb
365 apposite appropriate, relevant, well-suited, fit adjective
366 appraise to assess the value or quality of verb
367 apprehend to take or seize, to take hold of verb
368 apprehensive anticipating something with anxiety or fear adjective
369 apprentice a person who's learning a trade from a skilled employer noun
370 apprise to notify, or to make aware, to inform verb
371 approbation approval noun
372 appropriate suitable or fitting for a particular purpose adjective
373 appurtenance an appendage added to something else noun
374 apropos of an appropriate or pertinent nature adjective
375 aptitude natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill noun
376 aquatic relating to water adjective
377 aqueduct a small canal containing fluid noun
378 aqueous consisting mostly of water adjective
379 arable suitable for cultivation, such as by ploughing adjective
380 arbiter a person empowered to make decisions noun
381 arbitrary random, not based on reason or system adjective
382 arbitrate to judge, to umpire verb
383 arbitrator a person delegated the authority to settle a dispute noun
384 arbor a shady sitting place, usually in a park or garden noun
385 arboreal of or relating to trees adjective
386 arboriculture the cultivation of trees and shrubs noun
387 arcade a row of arches noun
388 arcane known or understood by very few adjective
389 archaeology the scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples noun
390 archaic of or characterized by antiquity adjective
391 archangel a powerful angel that leads many other angels noun
392 archbishop a senior bishop who is in charge of an archdiocese noun
393 archdeacon (anglican,eastern orthodox) a senior administrative official noun
394 archetype the original model from which all similar things are copied noun
395 archipelago a cluster of island noun
396 archive any extensive record or collection of data noun
397 ardent intensely devoted, fervent, passionate adjective
398 ardor passion noun
399 arduous difficult and tiring adjective
400 aria a musical piece written for a solo voice with accompaniment noun
401 arid extremely dry adjective
402 aristocrat one of a ruling class, a noble noun
403 armada a fleet of warships noun
404 armful the amount an arm or arms can hold noun
405 armistice a formal agreement to end fighting noun
406 armory a place where arms (weapons) are kept noun
407 aroma smell (usually in relation to food) noun
408 arouse to evoke or awaken a feeling, emotion or response verb
409 arraign to officially charge someone in a court of law verb
410 arrange to set up, to organize, especially in a positive manner verb
411 arrangement the act of arranging noun
412 arrant complete, total adjective
413 arrear work to be done, obligation noun
414 arrogant haughty, conceited adjective
415 arrogate assume, take or claim (something) without justification verb
416 arroyo a small watercourse, usually dry except for heavy rains noun
417 arsenal a collection or supply of weapons or munitions noun
418 artesian pertaining to a well in which water rises from pressure adjective
419 artful performed with, or characterized by, art or skill adjective
420 arthurian of or relating to the legend of king arthur adjective
421 articulate express (an idea of feeling) fluently and coherently verb
422 artifact an object made or shaped by humans noun
423 artifice a crafty but underhanded deception noun
424 artisan a worker in a skilled trade noun
425 artless having or displaying no guile, cunning, or deceit adjective
426 ascendant rising, moving upward adjective
427 ascent the act of ascending a motion upwards noun
428 ascertain to find out definitely, to discover or establish verb
429 ascetic a person who practices severe self-discipline noun
430 ascribe to attribute a cause or characteristic to something verb
431 aseptic free of disease-causing microbes adjective
432 asexual having no distinct sex, having no interest in sex adjective
433 ashen of the pale gray color of ash adjective
434 asinine foolish, unintelligent or silly adjective
435 askance turned to the side, especially of the eyes adjective
436 askew turned or twisted to one side adjective
437 asperity harshness of tone or manner noun
438 aspersion an attack on somebody's reputation or good name noun
439 aspiration ambition, goal noun
440 aspire to hope or dream, especially towards a profession verb
441 assail to make a concerted of violent attach on verb
442 assailant someone who attacks or assails another violently noun
443 assassin to assassinate verb
444 assay to examine or analyze verb
445 assent to agree to, give approval to verb
446 assert to state a fact or belief confidently and forcefully verb
447 assess to determine, estimate or judge the value of, to evaluate verb
448 assessor one who assesses a property for tax evaluation noun
449 asset something or someone of any value noun
450 asseverate to declare earnestly, seriously, or positively, to affirm verb
451 assiduous diligent, industrious adjective
452 assignee one to whom a thing is assigned noun
453 assimilate to take in and incorporate as one's own verb
454 assonance the repetition of similar or identical vowel sounds noun
455 assonant having successive similar vowel sounds adjective
456 assonate to correspond in (particularly vowel) sounds verb
457 assuage make an unpleasant feeling less intense verb
458 assurance a declaration tending to inspire full confidence noun
459 astound to overwhelm with amazement verb
460 astral relating to or resembling the stars, starry adjective
461 astringent sharp, caustic, severe adjective
462 astute shrewd, sharp adjective
463 asunder apart, divided adjective
464 asylum a place of safety noun
465 atheist of or relating to atheists or atheism, atheistic adjective
466 athirst thirsty adjective
467 athwart across, crosswise adv
468 atomizer an instrument for reducing a liquid to spray or vapor noun
469 atone to make reparation, compensation, or amends, for an offence verb
470 atrocious frightful, evil, cruel or monstrous adjective
471 atrocity an extremely wicked or cruel act noun
472 atrophy to wither or waste away verb
473 attache an official associated with an embassy noun
474 attain to accomplish, to achieve verb
475 attainment the act of arriving at or reaching noun
476 attenuate to reduce in size, force, value, amount, or degree verb
477 attest to affirm to be correct, true, or genuine verb
478 attribute to ascribe (something) to a given cause, reason etc verb
479 attrition wearing or grinding down by friction noun
480 atypical not conforming to the normal type adjective
481 auburn of a reddish-brown colour adjective
482 audacious showing willingness to take bold risks, recklessly daring adjective
483 audible capable of being heard adjective
484 audit an official verification of records, especially financial noun
485 audition a trial to test a performer's suitability for something noun
486 auditor a person appointed to examine accounting records noun
487 auditory of, or relating to hearing adjective
488 augment to make bigger verb
489 augur to foretell events, to exhibit signs of future events verb
490 augury a divination based on the behaviour of animals noun
491 august inspiring reverence or admiration, majestic adjective
492 augustinian pertaining to st. augustine of hippo noun
493 aura distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with something noun
494 aural of or pertaining to the ear adjective
495 aureole any encircling ring of light, halo noun
496 auricle the outer ear or pinna noun
497 auriferous containing or producing gold, gold-bearing adjective
498 aurora an atmospheric phenomenon creating bands of light in the sky noun
499 auroral pertaining to the dawn adjective
500 auspice patronage or protection noun
501 austere severe or strict in manner, attitude, or appearance adjective
502 autarchy a condition of absolute power noun
503 authentic of the same origin as claimed, genuine adjective
504 authoritarian of, or relating to, absolute obedience to an authority adjective
505 autobiography a self-written biography, the story of one's own life noun
506 autocracy a form of government in which one individual holds all power noun
507 autocrat an absolute ruler with infinite power noun
508 automaton a robot designed to follow a sequence of instructions noun
509 autopsy a post-mortem examination to discover the cause of death noun
510 autumnal of or relating to autumn adjective
511 auxiliary helping, giving assistance or support adjective
512 avalanche a large mass of snow sliding suddenly downward noun
513 avant-garde innovative, pioneering, especially when obviously so adjective
514 avarice greediness over wealth, covetousness noun
515 avatar an incarnation or manifestation of a person or idea noun
516 avenge to vindicate by inflicting pain or evil on a wrongdoer verb
517 aver to state or assert to be the case verb
518 averse to turn away verb
519 avert to turn aside or away verb
520 aviary an enclosure for keeping birds confined noun
521 avid having or showing keen interest adjective
522 avidity greediness, strong appetite noun
523 avocation a calling away, a diversion noun
524 avow assert or confess openly verb
525 avuncular in the manner of an uncle, pertaining to an uncle adjective
526 awaken to cause to become awake verb
527 awe to inspire fear and reverence verb
528 awry crooked, distorted, out of place adjective
529 axiom a self-evident truth requiring no proof noun
530 aye an affirmative vote, one who votes in the affirmative noun
531 azan (Islam) the call to prayer proclaimed five times a day noun
532 azure a light, purplish shade of blue adjective
533 bacchanalian riotously drunken adjective
534 baconian of or pertaining to the philosopher Francis Bacon adjective
535 bacterium a single celled organism with no nucleus noun
536 badger to pester, to annoy persistently verb
537 badinage playful raillery, banter noun
538 baffle totally bewilder, confuse or perplex verb
539 bailiff a legal officer, similar to a sheriff or deputy noun
540 baize a woollen fabric resembling felt noun
541 bale a large, wrapped bundle of something (ie, cotton, hay) noun
542 baleful threatening harm, menacing adjective
543 balk to pass over or by verb
544 ballast any heavy material used to stabilize a ship noun
545 balsam a sweet-smelling oil or resin derived from various plants noun
546 banal so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring adjective
547 bandy to give and receive reciprocally, to exchange verb
548 bane a cause of great distress or annoyance noun
549 banter the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks noun
550 bar except fro, apart from preposition
551 barb a sharp projection near the end of an arrow or similar item noun
552 barcarole a venetian folk song traditionally sung by gondoliers noun
553 bard a poet, often one who plays an instrument noun
554 baritone the male voice between tenor and bass noun
555 barograph a recording aneroid barometer noun
556 barometer an instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure noun
557 barrage to bombard someone with something verb
558 barren empty, vacant adjective
559 barrister a lawyer who pleads in court noun
560 barterer one who trades goods for other goods without involving money noun
561 bashful shy, inclined to avoid notice adjective
562 bask to revel in, to lie exposed to warmth and light verb
563 bass of sound which is low in pitch or frequency adjective
564 baste to sew with long, loose stitches verb
565 bastion a projecting part of a rampart or other fortification noun
566 bathos depth, bottom noun
567 baton a short stick or staff used to conduct noun
568 battalion a large body of troop ready for battle noun
569 batten to become better, improve in condition verb
570 battery a fortified emplacement for heavy guns noun
571 bauble a cheap showy ornament piece of jewellery, a gewgaw noun
572 bawdy soiled, dirty adjective
573 bawl to shout or utter in a loud and intense manner verb
574 beam to emit beams of light, shine, radiate, verb
575 beatific blessed, blissful, heavenly adjective
576 beatify to make blissful verb
577 beatitude supreme, utmost bliss and happiness noun
578 beau a frequent or attentive male companion noun
579 becalm to make calm or still, make quiet, calm verb
580 beck a stream or small river noun
581 bedaub to smear upon, to soil verb
582 bedeck to deck, ornament, or adorn, to grace verb
583 bedlam a place or situation of chaotic uproar noun
584 bedraggle to make something wet and limp verb
585 befog to envelop in fog verb
586 befriend to make a friend of verb
587 befuddle to perplex or confuse (someone) verb
588 beget to cause, to produce verb
589 begrudge to be reluctant verb
590 beguile to deceive or delude craftily verb
591 behemoth a huge or monstrous creature noun
592 behest to promise, vow verb
593 belabor to work at something more than necessary verb
594 belay to surround, environ, enclose verb
595 beleaguer to lay siege to verb
596 belie to lie around, encompass verb
597 belle an attractive woman noun
598 bellicose demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight adjective
599 belligerent hostile, aggressive adjective
600 bellwether the leading sheep of a flock, usually wearing a bell noun
601 bemoan to complain about, to dismay or worry about something verb
602 bemuse to confuse or bewilder verb
603 benediction the utterance or bestowing of a blessing noun
604 benefactor somebody who gives one a gift noun
605 benefice to bestow a benefice upon verb
606 beneficial helpful or good to something or someone adjective
607 beneficiary one who benefits or receives an advantage noun
608 benefit to be or to provide a benefit to verb
609 benevolent having a disposition to do good adjective
610 benign gentle, kindly adjective
611 benison a blessing, benediction noun
612 bent curved, crooked adjective
613 bequeath to pass or to leave something over to someone else verb
614 berate scold, chide verb
615 bereave to deprive by or as if by violence, rob, strip verb
616 bereft deprived adjective
617 beret a type of round, brimless cap with a soft top and a headband noun
618 berserk furiously violent or out of control adjective
619 berth to bring (a ship or vehicle) into its berth verb
620 beseech to beg or implore verb
621 beset to surround or hem in verb
622 besmear to smear over, sully verb
623 besmirch to make dirty, to soil verb
624 bestial beast-like adjective
625 bestow to lay up in store, deposit for safe keeping, stow, place verb
626 bestrew to strew or scatter about, throw or drop here and there verb
627 bestride to be astride something verb
628 bete noire something especially disliked or dreaded noun
629 bethink to think about, to recollect verb
630 betide to happen to verb
631 betimes before the usual or expected time adv
632 betroth to promise to give in marriage verb
633 bevel to give a canted edge to a surface verb
634 bewilder to cause someone to become perplexed and confused verb
635 bibliography a section of a written work with citations to all references noun
636 bibliomania the obsession of owning valuable books noun
637 bibliophile one who loves books noun
638 bibulous very absorbent adjective
639 bicameral pertaining to, two separate legislative chambers or houses adjective
640 bicker to quarrel in a tiresome, insulting manner verb
641 bide (chiefly dialectal) to bear, to endure, to tolerate verb
642 biennial happening every two years adjective
643 bier a litter to transport the corpse of a dead person noun
644 bifurcate to divide or fork into two channels or branches verb
645 bigamy the state of having two spouses simultaneously noun
646 bight a corner, bend, or angle noun
647 bigot a person utterly intolerant of any differing opinion noun
648 bilateral having two sides adjective
649 bilge the widest circumference or belly of a cask noun
650 bilingual fluent in two languages adjective
651 bilious peevish, irritable adjective
652 bilk to obtain money fraudulently verb
653 billow present participle of billow verb
654 biography a written account of another person's life noun
655 biped an animal, or being that goes about on two feet or legs noun
656 birthright something owed since birth, due to inheritance noun
657 bitterness the quality of having a bitter taste noun
658 bivouac to set up camp verb
659 bizarre strangely unconventional in style or appearance adjective
660 blanch to grow or become white verb
661 bland mild, soft, gentle adjective
662 blandish to persuade someone by using flattery, to cajole verb
663 blare to make a loud sound verb
664 blasé uninterested because of frequent exposure or indulgence adjective
665 blaspheme to speak against god or religious doctrine verb
666 blatant obvious adjective
667 blaze a bright flame or fire noun
668 blazon to describe a coat of arms verb
669 bleak bare, desolate adjective
670 blemish spoil the appearance of verb
671 blight to suffer blight verb
672 blithe showing a casual indifference which is callous or improper adjective
673 blithesome happy or spriteful, carefree adjective
674 bloated swollen, puffed up adjective
675 blockade an obstruction of passage or progress noun
676 bluff to mislead by a display of self-confidence or strength verb
677 blunder to make a stupid mistake verb
678 blunderbuss an action regarded as lacking in subtlety noun
679 blurt to speak quickly or without thought verb
680 boatswain an officer on a vessel, in charge of rigging, cables, etc noun
681 bode to indicate by signs, as future events verb
682 bodice the part of a woman's dress covering between neck and waist noun
683 bodily of, relating to, or concerning the body adjective
684 bogus counterfeit or fake, not genuine adjective
685 boisterous noisy, energetic, rowdy adjective
686 bole the trunk or stem of a tree noun
687 bolero a lively spanish dance noun
688 boll the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant noun
689 bolster to support or strengthen verb
690 bomb to attack using one or more bombs, to bombard verb
691 bombard to attack something with bombs or other missiles verb
692 bombardier a bomber crew member who sights and releases bombs noun
693 bombast high-sounding language with little meaning noun
694 bombastic ostentatiously lofty in style adjective
695 bon mot a witty remark or comment, clever saying, witticism adjective
696 bona fide genuine, real adjective
697 bondage the state of being enslaved or the practice of slavery noun
698 booming having a great period of prosperity adjective
699 boon a thing that is helpful or beneficial noun
700 boor a rude, unmannerly person noun
701 borough a fortified town, a town or city noun
702 bosom in a very close relationship adjective
703 botanize to study plants or plant life verb
704 botany the scientific study of plants, a branch of biology noun
705 bountiful having a quantity or amount that is generous or plentiful adjective
706 bourgeois a member of the middle class noun
707 bovine of, relating to, or affecting cattle adjective
708 bowdlerize to remove those parts of a text considered offensive, vulgar verb
709 bowler one who engages in the sport of bowling noun
710 boycott to abstain, either as an individual or group verb
711 brackish salty or slightly salty, as a mixture of fresh and sea water adjective
712 brae the sloping bank of a river-valley, any slope or hillside noun
713 braggart someone who boasts noun
714 brandish to move or swing a weapon back and forth verb
715 brash impetuous or rash adjective
716 bravado a swaggering show of defiance or courage noun
717 brawn strong, well-developed muscles noun
718 bray of a donkey, to make it cry verb
719 braze the joining together of two metal pieces without melting verb
720 brazen bold and without shame adjective
721 brazier a barbecue noun
722 breach an act of breaking a law, agreement or code of conduct noun
723 breadth the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is noun
724 breaker something that breaks noun
725 breech the lower, rear trunk of the body noun
726 brethren fellow members noun
727 brevity concise and exact use of words in writing or speech
728 bric-a-brac small ornaments, other miscellaneous items of little value noun
729 bridle part of the harness of a horse, consisting of bit and reins noun
730 brigade to form troops into a brigade verb
731 brigadier an army rank, an officer commanding a brigade noun
732 brigand an outlaw or bandit noun
733 brimstone about or pertaining to hell adjective
734 brindled of a brownish, tawny or gray colour, with streaks or spots adjective
735 brine to preserve food in a salt solution verb
736 bristle to be on one's guard or raise one's defenses verb
737 britannia the ancient Roman name for Great Britain noun
738 briticism an idiom used in britain but not in other eng-speaking areas noun
739 brittle liable to break or snap easily under stress or pressure adjective
740 broach to mention or suggest for the first time verb
741 broadcast to transmit a message or signal via electronic means verb
742 brogan a heavy working shoe, a brogue noun
743 brogue to speak with an accent verb
744 brokerage a company whose business is to act as a broker noun
745 bromide a binary compound of bromine and some other element noun
746 bromine a non-metallic chemical element, one of the halogens noun
747 bronchitis an inflammation of the bronchi of the lungs noun
748 bronchus the primary branches of the trachea, leading into the lungs noun
749 brooch women’s jewellery having a pin to be fixed to garments noun
750 brotherhood the state of being brothers or a brother noun
751 brouhaha a stir, a fuss or uproar noun
752 browbeat to bully in an intimidating, bossy, or supercilious way verb
753 browse to casually look through in order to find items of interest verb
754 bruit to spread, promulgate or disseminate a rumour, news etc verb
755 brunt the chief consequences or negative results of something noun
756 brusque rudely abrupt, unfriendly adjective
757 bucolic a pastoral poem noun
758 buffet a blow, typically with the hand or fist noun
759 buffoon to behave like a buffoon verb
760 bulbous having the shape of or resembling a bulb, bloated adjective
761 bullion a bulk quantity of precious metal, usually gold or silver noun
762 bullock a castrated bull noun
763 bulrush any of several wetland herbs noun
764 bulwark to fortify something with a wall or rampart verb
765 bumptious obtrusively pushy, self-assertive to a pretentious extreme adjective
766 bungalow a small house or cottage usually having a single story noun
767 bungle to botch up, bumble or incompetently perform a task verb
768 buoyant having buoyancy, able to float adjective
769 bureau office noun
770 bureaucracy structure and regulations in place to control activity noun
771 burgeon begin to grow or increase rapidly verb
772 burgess an inhabitant of a borough with full rights, a citizen noun
773 burgher a citizen, especially one belonging to middle class noun
774 burlesque to make a burlesque parody of verb
775 burly large, well-built, and muscular adjective
776 burnish to make smooth or shiny by rubbing, to polish, to shine verb
777 bursar the treasurer of a university, college or school noun
778 bustle to move busily and energetically with fussiness verb
779 butte an isolated hill with steep sides and a flat top noun
780 buttress to provide a structure with projecting supports verb
781 buxom having a voluptuous figure, especially having large breasts adjective
782 bylaw a rule governing a corporation or society's internal affairs noun
783 byline a line in a newspaper naming the writer of an article noun
784 cabal a secret political clique or faction noun
785 cabalism the principles or doctrines of the cabala noun
786 cabinet a cupboard for storing or displaying articles noun
787 cacophony a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds noun
788 cadaver a dead body, especially of a human to be dissected noun
789 cadence a modulation or inflection of the voice noun
790 cadenza an elaborate solo passage in a piece of music noun
791 cadet a student in training at a military school noun
792 cadge ask for or obtain something to which one is not entitled verb
793 caitiff especially despicable, cowardly adjective
794 cajole persuade someone to do something by flattery or coaxing verb
795 calamity an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress noun
796 calculable able to be calculated adjective
797 calculus a particular method of calculation noun
798 calescence growing warm, increasing in heat noun
799 calibrate to check or adjust by comparison with a standard verb
800 calibre degree of capacity or competence, ability noun
801 callosity hardheartedness adjective
802 callous showing a cruel and insensitive disregard for others adjective
803 callow immature or inexperienced adjective
804 calorific pertaining to conversion into heat adjective
805 calumniate to make false and defamatory statements verb
806 calumny a misrepresentation intended to discredit another noun
807 calvary a sculpture of the crucifixion on a piece of raised ground noun
808 calvinism the doctrines and teachings of john calvin noun
809 calvish like a calf, stupid adjective
810 camaraderie mutual trust and friendship among people noun
811 cameo a brief appearance of a prominent actor in a video verb
812 campaign work in an organized and active way toward a particular goal verb
813 canaanite a member of a people that inhabited ancient palestine noun
814 canard a false or misleading report, especially if deliberately so noun
815 canary to dance nimbly (as in the canary dance) verb
816 candid free from prejudice, impartial adjective
817 candor whiteness, brilliance noun
818 canine of, or pertaining to, a dog or dogs adjective
819 canny careful, prudent, cautious adjective
820 canon a generally accepted principle noun
821 cant to speak with the jargon of a class or subgroup verb
822 cantankerous ill-tempered, cranky, surly, crabby adjective
823 cantata a vocal composition accompanied by instruments noun
824 canter to move at such pace verb
825 canto one of the chief divisions of a long poem, a book noun
826 cantonment temporary military living quarters noun
827 canvas to cover an area or object verb
828 capacious having a lot of space inside, roomy adjective
829 capillary of or pertaining to hair adjective
830 capitulate to draw up in chapters, to enumerate verb
831 caprice a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior noun
832 capricious given to sudden, unaccountable changes of mood or behavior adjective
833 captious apt to notice and make much of trivial defaults adjective
834 captivate attract and hold interest and attention of, charm verb
835 carcass body of a dead animal noun
836 cardiac pertaining to the heart adjective
837 cardinal of fundamental importance, crucial, pivotal adjective
838 careen turn (a ship) of its side for cleaning or repair verb
839 caret a mark made in writing to show something is to be inserted noun
840 caricature to represent someone in an exaggerated or distorted manner verb
841 carnage death and destruction noun
842 carnal relating to the physical and especially sexual appetites adjective
843 carnivorous feeding on other animals, meat-eaters adjective
844 carouse to engage in a noisy or drunken social gathering verb
845 carp to complain about a fault, to harp on verb
846 carrion dead flesh, carcasses noun
847 carte blanche complete freedom to act as one wishes or thinks best noun
848 cartilage a type of dense, non-vascular connective tissue noun
849 cartographer the study and practice of making maps noun
850 cartridge a container holding a quantity of ink or other substance noun
851 caste any hereditary social class of south asian societies noun
852 castigate to punish, reprimand someone severely verb
853 casualty something that happens by chance noun
854 casuistry oversubtle reasoning in questions of morality noun
855 cat-o-nine-tails a whip, usually having nine knotted cords, used for flogging noun
856 cataclysm a sudden, violent event noun
857 catalogue a list or record, systematically arranged verb
858 catalyst a person or thing that precipitates an event noun
859 catapult a device that launches an object some distance noun
860 cataract a waterspout noun
861 catastrophe a disaster noun
862 categorical absolute, having no exception adjective
863 caterwaul to have a noisy argument verb
864 catharsis the process of releasing strong or repressed emotions noun
865 cathode the electrode by which current leaves an electrolytic cell noun
866 catholic all embracing, general adjective
867 catholicism the faith, practice and order of the roman catholic church noun
868 caucus to hold or form such a group or meeting verb
869 causal of, relating to, or being a cause of something, causing adjective
870 caustic capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action adjective
871 cauterize to burn, sear, or freeze tissue for curative purposes verb
872 cavalcade a company of riders noun
873 caveat to qualify a particular statement with a proviso or caveat verb
874 cavil to make petty or unnecessary objections verb
875 cavort to prance, said of mounts verb
876 cede to give up, give way, give away verb
877 celibate abstaining from marriage and sexual relations adjective
878 censor to review in order to remove objectionable content verb
879 censorious addicted to censure and scolding adjective
880 censurable deserving of censure, blameworthy adjective
881 censure to criticize harshly verb
882 census survey verb
883 centenary of, pertaining to, or completing a period of 100 years adjective
884 centilitre one 100th of a liter noun
885 centimetre one 100th of a meter noun
886 centurion an officer of the ancient roman army noun
887 cereal any plant of the grass family with an edible grain noun
888 cerebral intellectual rather than emotional or physical adjective
889 ceremonial of, relating to, or used in a ceremony, ritual or formal adjective
890 certitude sureness, certainty noun
891 cessation a ceasing or discontinuance of action noun
892 cession that which is ceded noun
893 chafe to wear or abrade by rubbing verb
894 chaff to use light, idle language by way of fun or ridicule verb
895 chagrin to bother or vex, to mortify verb
896 chameleon describing something that changes color adjective
897 chancery the office or department of a chancellor, chancellery noun
898 chaos complete disorder and confusion noun
899 characteristic being a distinguishing feature of a person or thing adjective
900 charisma personal charm or magnetism noun
901 charlatan a person falsely claiming to have special knowledge or skill noun
902 chary cautious, wary adjective
903 chasm a deep, steep-sided rift, gap or fissure, a gorge or abyss noun
904 chassis frame, landing gear noun
905 chaste abstaining from sexual intercourse, celibate adjective
906 chastise to punish or scold someone verb
907 chastity the state of abstaining from sexual intercourse noun
908 chateau castle noun
909 chattel a movable article of personal property adjective
910 chauvinist a person who believes one gender is superior to the other adjective
911 cherish to treat with tenderness and affection verb
912 cherubic of, or relating to a cherub, angelic adjective
913 chicanery deception by use of trickery, quibbling, or subterfuge noun
914 chide to scold or rebuke verb
915 chiffon a sheer silk or rayon fabric noun
916 chimera any creature with parts from different animals noun
917 chivalry knights, nobles and horsemen collectively noun
918 cholera any of several acute infectious diseases noun
919 choral of, relating to, written for, or performed by a choir adjective
920 choreography the art of creating, and arranging dance movements noun
921 christen to perform the religious act of the baptism, to baptise verb
922 christendom christians, collectively noun
923 chromatic relating to or characterised by hue adjective
924 chronic that continues over an extended period of time adjective
925 chronicle a chronological record of important historical events verb
926 chronology the sequential order in which events occured noun
927 chronometer a device for measuring time, such as a watch or clock noun
928 churlish boorish, vulgar adjective
929 chutzpah nearly arrogant courage, supreme self-confidence noun
930 circuitous roundabout, longer than the most direct way adjective
931 circulate to move in circles or through a circuit verb
932 circumference the outer boundary of a circular area noun
933 circumlocution a roundabout or indirect way of speaking noun
934 circumnavigate to travel completely around somewhere or something verb
935 circumscribe to restrict (something) within limits verb
936 circumspect wary and unwilling to take risks adjective
937 circumvent to overcome a difficulty, typically in a clever way verb
938 citadel a strong fortress that sits high above a city noun
939 cite to quote verb
940 citizenry a whole body of citizens noun
941 claimant a person who makes a claim noun
942 clairvoyant having the power to see beyond the natural range of vision adjective
943 clamber to climb something with some difficulty verb
944 clamor a loud and confused noise noun
945 clan a group of people all descended from a common ancestor noun
946 clandestine kept secret or done secretly adjective
947 clangour a loud, resonant sound, clang verb
948 claque a group of people hired to attend a performance to applaud noun
949 clarify to make clear or intelligible verb
950 clarion loud and clear adjective
951 classify to identify by or divide into classes, to categorize verb
952 cleave to split or sever something verb
953 cleft a space or opening made by cleavage, a split noun
954 clemency the gentle or kind exercise of power noun
955 clement lenient or merciful, charitable adjective
956 clergy body of persons who are ordained for religious service noun
957 cliche a trite, stereotyped expression noun
958 clientele the body or class of people who frequent an establishment noun
959 clique a small, exclusive group of individuals, cabal noun
960 close-hauled a bringing to an end, conclusion noun
961 clothier a person who makes or sells cloth or clothing noun
962 cloy to fill up or choke up, to stop up verb
963 clumsy awkward, lacking coordination, not graceful, not dextrous adjective
964 coagulate to become congealed verb
965 coalesce to grow together or into one body verb
966 coalition a temporary group, usually formed for a particular advantage noun
967 cobbler a person who repairs shoes noun
968 coddle to treat in an indulgent or overprotective way verb
969 codicil a document that amends a previously executed will noun
970 coerce to persuade verb
971 cogent to the point, relevant adjective
972 cogitate to meditate, to ponder, to think deeply verb
973 cognate related by birth, of the same parentage adjective
974 cognizant having awareness of (something) adjective
975 cohere to stick together verb
976 cohesive having unity adjective
977 coiffure to style or arrange hair verb
978 coincide to occupy exactly the same space verb
979 coincidence an occurence, by chance, of more than one event at one time noun
980 collaborate to work together with others to achieve a common goal verb
981 collage a work of art, made from assembling different items into one noun
982 collapse to fall down suddenly, to cave in verb
983 collate to gather pages in their proper sequence verb
984 collateral parallel, along the same vein, side by side adjective
985 colleague a person with whom one works with noun
986 collective gathered into a mass, sum, or body adjective
987 collector a person who collects, or who manages a collection noun
988 collegian a student (or a former student) of a college noun
989 collide to impact directly, especially if violent verb
990 collier a ship for carrying coal noun
991 collision an instance of violent contact between objects noun
992 colloquial ordinary or familiar language rather than formal language adjective
993 colloquy a conversation or dialogue noun
994 collusion a secret agreement, especially for treacherous purposes noun
995 colossus a statue of gigantic size, wonders of the ancient world noun
996 combatant an armed fighter noun
997 combustion the process of burning something noun
998 comely (woman) pleasant to look at, agreeable adjective
999 comestible suitable to be eaten, edible adjective
1000 comical funny, amusing adjective
1001 commandeer to seize for military use verb
1002 commemorate to honour the memory of someone or something with a ceremony verb
1003 commend to praise formally or officially verb
1004 commensurate corresponding in size or degree adjective
1005 commentary a series of comments or annotations on another work noun
1006 commingle to blend, to mix verb
1007 commiserate to feel or express compassion or sympathy for verb
1008 commissarial a shop supplying food and equipment, as for a military camp noun
1009 commission to send or officially charge someone to do something verb
1010 commitment a pledge or promise noun
1011 committal of or relating to a committee adjective
1012 commodious spacious and convenient, roomy and comfortable adjective
1013 commodity a useful or valuable thing noun
1014 commotion a state of turbulent motion noun
1015 commute to travel from one's home to one's workplace verb
1016 comparable able to be compared adjective
1017 comparative perceptible by comparison, relative adjective
1018 comparison the act of comparing, to liken noun
1019 compassion feeling the suffering of others with the wish to relieve it noun
1020 compatible able to co-exist or occur together without conflict adjective
1021 compel (literally) to drive together, round up verb
1022 compendium a collection of concise but detailed info about one subject noun
1023 compensate to pay someone in exchange for work done, etc. verb
1024 competence the quality or state of being competent, able noun
1025 competent having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill adjective
1026 competitor a person or organization against whom one is competing noun
1027 complacent smug or uncritical satisfaction with one's achievements adjective
1028 complaisant willing to please others, obliging adjective
1029 complement to complete, to bring to perfection, to make whole verb
1030 complex to form a complex with another substance verb
1031 compliance the action or fact of meeting rules or standards noun
1032 compliant inclined to agree with others, especially submissively adjective
1033 complicate to make complex verb
1034 complication an involved or confused state noun
1035 complicit involved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing noun
1036 complicity the state of being involved as a partner or accomplice noun
1037 compliment a polite expression of praise or admiration noun
1038 component making up a larger whole, as a component word adjective
1039 comport to tolerate, bear verb
1040 composed calm, tranquil, serene verb
1041 composure calmness of mind or matter, self-possession noun
1042 compound to come together verb
1043 comprehensible able to be understood adjective
1044 comprehension thorough understanding noun
1045 comprehensive complete, including all or nearly all elements or aspects adjective
1046 compress to press or squeeze together verb
1047 compressible able to be compressed adjective
1048 comprise to consist of, being made up of verb
1049 compromise to bind by mutual agreement verb
1050 compulsion the action or state of being forced to do something noun
1051 compulsory required, obligatory, mandatory adjective
1052 compunction a pricking of conscience or a feeling of regret noun
1053 computation the use of computers, esp. as a subject of research or study noun
1054 compute to reckon or calculate verb
1055 concatenate to join or link together, as though in a chain verb
1056 concatenation a series or order of connected things noun
1057 concede to yield or suffer, to surrender, to grant (a point) verb
1058 conceit overly high self-esteem, vain pride, hubris noun
1059 conceive to develop an idea verb
1060 concerted planned or devised together adjective
1061 concerto a piece of music for solo instruments and orchestra noun
1062 concession a thing that is granted, esp. in response to demands noun
1063 conciliate make calm and content, placate verb
1064 conciliatory intended or likely to placate or pacify adjective
1065 concise brief but comprehensive adjective
1066 conclusive serving to prove a case, convincing adjective
1067 concoct to create or devise verb
1068 concomitant accompanying, concurrent adjective
1069 concord agreement or harmony between people or groups noun
1070 concordance agreement, accordance, consonance noun
1071 concur to unite or agree, to have a common opinion verb
1072 concurrence agreement, concurring noun
1073 concurrent happening at the same time, simultaneous adjective
1074 concussion a violent collision or shock noun
1075 condemn to sentence (someone) to a particular punishment verb
1076 condensation the result of being made compact or dense noun
1077 condense to decrease size or volume by concentration verb
1078 condescend to stoop or deign to do something verb
1079 condescending showing patronizing descent from dignity orsuperiority verb
1080 condescension behaviour that is patronizing or condescending noun
1081 conditional subject to one or more requirements being met adjective
1082 condolence an expression of sympathy, esp. on the occasion of death noun
1083 condonance the overlooking or implied forgiving of an offense verb
1084 condone accept and allow (morally wrong or offensive behavior) verb
1085 conduce to contribute or lead to a specific result verb
1086 conducive tending to contribute to, encourage adjective
1087 conductible able to conduct adjective
1088 conduit a tube for protecting electric wiring noun
1089 confection a dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients noun
1090 confectionery foodstuffs that taste very sweet, candies noun
1091 confederacy an alliance noun
1092 confederate joined by an agreement or treaty verb
1093 confer to discuss, exchange opinions verb
1094 conferee a person who participates in a conference noun
1095 confessor a person who confesses noun
1096 confidant a person in whom one can confide or share one's secrets noun
1097 confide to trust, have faith (in) verb
1098 confidence self-assurance noun
1099 confident being very sure of or positive about something adjective
1100 confinement the act of confining or the state of being confined noun
1101 confiscate to take or seize (someone's property) with authority verb
1102 conflagration a large fire extending to many objects noun
1103 conflate to bring things together and fuse them into a single entity verb
1104 confluence an act or process of merging noun
1105 confluent (of wind) which converges, esp. When seen on a weather chart adjective
1106 conform to act in accordance with expectations verb
1107 conformable corresponding in shape, similar adjective
1108 conformance the act of conforming, conformity noun
1109 conformation manner of formation, structure noun
1110 conformist a person who conforms to the standards of a group adjective
1111 conformity similarity in form or character, agreement noun
1112 confound to cause surprise or confusion in (someone) verb
1113 confront to stand or meet facing, to oppose, to challenge verb
1114 congeal to change from a liquid to solid state perhaps by cold verb
1115 congenial having the same or very similar nature or personality adjective
1116 congenital present since birth adjective
1117 congest to overfill or overcrowd verb
1118 congregate to collect into an assembly, to gather together verb
1119 congregation a gathering of faithful in a place of worship noun
1120 congruent agreeing, accordant, congruous adjective
1121 congruity the quality of agreeing, the quality of being suitable noun
1122 coniferous bearing cones, as the pine and cypress adjective
1123 conjecture speculation, to express an idea without proof verb
1124 conjoin to join, to combine verb
1125 conjugal of, or relating to marriage, or the relationship of spouses adjective
1126 conjugate to list the inflected forms of a verb for each person verb
1127 conjugation the inflection of verbs noun
1128 conjunction the formation of a link or connection between things noun
1129 connive to cooperate with others secretly in order to commit a crime verb
1130 connoisseur an expert judge in matters of taste noun
1131 connote to signify beyond its literal or principal meaning verb
1132 connubial of or relating to the state of being married adjective
1133 conquer to defeat in combat, to subjugate verb
1134 consanguineous related by birth, having the same ancestry adjective
1135 conscience the moral sense of right and wrong noun
1136 conscientious thorough, careful, or vigilant adjective
1137 conscript to enrol compulsorily, to draft verb
1138 consecrate to make or declare (something) sacred verb
1139 consecutive following, in succession, without interruption adjective
1140 consensus general agreement, general opinion noun
1141 conservatism a political philosophy that advocates traditional values noun
1142 conservative tending to resist change adjective
1143 conservatory a college for the study of classical music or other arts adjective
1144 consign to transfer to the custody of for sale, transport, etc. verb
1145 consignee the person to whom a shipment is to be delivered noun
1146 consignor the person who sends the shipment noun
1147 consistency degree of density, viscosity, firmness, etc. noun
1148 consolation the act of comforting someone noun
1149 console to comfort (someone) in a time of grief, disappointment, etc verb
1150 consolidate to combine into a single unit, to group together or join verb
1151 consonance agreement or compatibility between opinion or actions
1152 consonant characterized by harmony or agreement adjective
1153 consort a wife, husband, or companion verb
1154 conspicuous obvious or easy to notice, attracting notice or attention adjective
1155 conspirator a person who plans to do something unlawful or harmful noun
1156 conspire to plot something unlawful or harmful verb
1157 constable a police officer ranking below sergeant (british) noun
1158 constellation an arbitrary formation of stars perceived as a figure noun
1159 consternation feelings of anxiety or dismay noun
1160 constituency a district represented by one or more elected officials noun
1161 constituent part of a whole adjective
1162 constrain to force physically, to compel verb
1163 constrict to narrow, especially by applying pressure verb
1164 construe to interpret or explain the meaning of something verb
1165 consul official in a country who protects their nation's interests noun
1166 consulate the residency of a consul noun
1167 consummate to bring to a state of perfectio, fulfill verb
1168 consumption the act of consuming something noun
1169 consumptive tending to consume, destructive, wasteful adjective
1170 contagion a disease spread with or without contact noun
1171 contagious of a disease, easily transmitted to others adjective
1172 contaminate to introduce impurities or foreign matter verb
1173 contemplate to ponder or consider verb
1174 contemporaneous existing or occurring in the same period of time adjective
1175 contemporary from the same time period, coexistent in time adjective
1176 contempt feeling that a person or a thing is beneath consideration noun
1177 contemptible deserving of or held in contempt,  despicable adjective
1178 contemptuous scornful, disdainful adjective
1179 contend to strive in opposition, to contest, to dispute verb
1180 contender someone who competes with one or more other people noun
1181 contentious causing or likely to cause an argument, controversial adjective
1182 contentment a state of happiness and satisfaction noun
1183 context the circumstances that form the setting of an idea noun
1184 contiguity contact or proximity noun
1185 contiguous connected, touching, abutting adjective
1186 continence the exercise of self constraint in sexual matters noun
1187 contingency dependence on chance or the fulfillment of a condition noun
1188 contingent possible or liable, but not certain to occur, incidental adjective
1189 continuance the state of remaining in existence or operation noun
1190 continuator a person or thing that continues noun
1191 continuity lack of interruption or disconnection noun
1192 contort to twist in a violent manner verb
1193 contraband prohibited from being traded adjective
1194 contradiction a person, thing, or idea in which has inconsistent elements noun
1195 contradictory mutually opposed or inconsistent adjective
1196 contraposition placement opposite or against noun
1197 contravene to act contrary to an order, or fail to conform verb
1198 contretemps an unforeseen, inopportune, or embarrassing event, a hitch noun
1199 contribution something given or offered that adds to a larger whole noun
1200 contributor a benefactor, someone who donates to charity or some cause noun
1201 contrite feeling or expressing remorse or penitence adjective
1202 contrition the state of feeling remorseful and penitent noun
1203 contrivance a thing that is obviously planned, forced, or artificial noun
1204 contrive to form by an exercise of ingenuity, to devise, invent verb
1205 contumacious stubbornly or willfully disobedient to authority adjective
1206 contumacy disobedience, resistance to authority noun
1207 contumelious (of behavior) scornful and insulting, insolent adjective
1208 contumely insolent or insulting language or treatment noun
1209 contuse to injure without breaking the skin, to bruise verb
1210 contusion bruise noun
1211 conundrum a confusing and difficult problem or question noun
1212 convalesce to recover health and strength gradually after sickness verb
1213 convalescence a gradual healing after illness or injury noun
1214 convalescent recovering one's health and strength after illness adjective
1215 convene to come together, to meet, to unite verb
1216 convenience the quality of being suitable, useful or convenient noun
1217 convention a meeting or gathering noun
1218 conventional based on or in accordance with what is generally done adjective
1219 converge of two or more entities, to approach each other verb
1220 convergence the coming together from different directions to meet noun
1221 convergent coming closer together, to focus adjective
1222 conversant closely familiar, current, having frequent interaction adjective
1223 conversion the act of having converted something or someone noun
1224 convertible able to be converted adjective
1225 convex curved or bowed outward like the outside of a circle adjective
1226 convey to make an idea or feeling know or understandable verb
1227 conveyance the act or process of transporting something noun
1228 conviction a belief, a judgement that someone is guilty of a crime noun
1229 convivial of or relating to a feast or entertainment adjective
1230 convoluted extremely complex and difficult to follow (argument, often) adjective
1231 convolution something that is folded or rolled up noun
1232 convolve to roll or coil together, entwine verb
1233 convoy to escort a group of vehicles, and provide protection verb
1234 convulse to violently shake or agitate verb
1235 convulsion an intense, paroxysmal, involuntary muscular contraction noun
1236 copious abundant in supply or quantity adjective
1237 coquette a woman who flirts or plays with men's affections noun
1238 cordial warm and friendly, courteous adjective
1239 cornerstone an important quality or feature on which a thing depends noun
1240 cornice an ornamental molding around the top of the wall of a room noun
1241 cornucopia a goat's horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, grain, etc. noun
1242 corollary something given beyond what is actually due noun
1243 coronation the ceremony of crowning a sovereign or sovereign's consort noun
1244 coronet a circular decoration for the head noun
1245 corporal of the human body, physical adjective
1246 corporate of, or relating to a corporation adjective
1247 corporeal tangible, material adjective
1248 corps a battlefield formation composed of two or more divisions noun
1249 corpulence the state or characteristic of being large, plump noun
1250 corpulent large in body, fat, overweight adjective
1251 corpuscle a minute particle, an atom, a molecule noun
1252 correlate to relate things having corresponding characteristics verb
1253 correlation a reciprocal, parallel or complementary relationship noun
1254 correlative mutually related, corresponding adjective
1255 corrigible able to be corrected or set right adjective
1256 corroborate to confirm or give support to (a statement, etc.) verb
1257 corroboration the act of strengthening or confirming, addition of strength noun
1258 corrode to eat away by degrees, to wear away or diminish gradually verb
1259 corrosion the process of eating away by degrees noun
1260 corrosive having the power of gradually wearing, or destroying matter adjective
1261 corrugate to draw or bend into folds or alternate furrows and ridges verb
1262 corruptible showing a willingness to act dishonestly adjective
1263 corruption the act of corrupting or of impairing integrity noun
1264 cosmetic external or superficial, pertaining only to the surface adjective
1265 cosmic of or from or pertaining to the cosmos or universe adjective
1266 cosmogony a branch of science dealing with the origin of the universe noun
1267 cosmography the creation of maps of the universe noun
1268 cosmology the study of the physical universe, its structure, etc. noun
1269 cosmopolitan familiar with and at ease in many different countries adjective
1270 cosmopolitanism the idea that all people belong to a single moral community noun
1271 cosmos the universe seen as a well-ordered whole noun
1272 cosset to care for and protect in an overindulgent way verb
1273 coterie a circle of people who associate with one another noun
1274 countenance a person's face or facial expression noun
1275 counter-claim a claim  made to offset another claim noun
1276 counteract to act in opposition to, to hinder, defeat, or frustrate verb
1277 counterbalance a weight that balances another weight noun
1278 countercharge a charge by an accused person against their accuser noun
1279 counterfeit to falsely produce what appears to be official or valid verb
1280 countermand to rescind by giving an order contrary to a previous one verb
1281 counterpart either of two parts that fit together or are complements noun
1282 countervail to have the same value as verb
1283 counting-house the facility in which a business carries out its operations noun
1284 coup a highly successful, unexpected act noun
1285 courageous of a person, displaying or possessing bravery adjective
1286 course to run or flow, especially of liquids verb
1287 courser a person who hunts with dogs using sight rather than scent noun
1288 courtesy given or done as a polite gesture adjective
1289 covenant an agreement between two or more persons, like a pact noun
1290 covert not openly acknowledged or displayed adjective
1291 covet to yearn to possess or have (something) verb
1292 covey a small group of people or things noun
1293 cower to crouch or cringe in fear verb
1294 coxswain a person in charge of a ship's boat and its crew noun
1295 coy artfully or affectedly shy or reserved adjective
1296 cozen to cheat, deceive or trick verb
1297 crag a rocky outcrop noun
1298 cranium the skull of a vertebrate noun
1299 crass lacking in sensitivity or due consideration adjective
1300 crave to feel a powerful desire for (something) verb
1301 craven cowardly adjective
1302 creak to make a prolonged sharp grating or squeaking sound verb
1303 creamery a place where dairy products are prepared or sold noun
1304 credence acceptance of something as true noun
1305 credible believable or plausible adjective
1306 creditable credible or believable adjective
1307 credulity willingness to believe or trust too readily noun
1308 credulous having or showing too great a readiness to believe things adjective
1309 creed any system, doctrine or formula of religious belief noun
1310 crematory pertaining to the act of cremating bodies adjective
1311 crepuscular of or resembling twilight, dim adjective
1312 crescendo a gradual increase in loudness noun
1313 crestfallen sad because of a recent disappointment adjective
1314 crevasse a crack or fissure in a glacier or snow field, a chasm noun
1315 crevice a narrow crack or fissure, in a rock or wall noun
1316 cringe to bow or crouch in servility verb
1317 criterion a standard of judgement or criticism noun
1318 critical inclined to find fault or to judge with severity adjective
1319 critique to give detailed analysis and assessment of something verb
1320 crockery eating and serving tableware, usually made of ceramic noun
1321 crucible a cup-shaped piece of laboratory equipment noun
1322 crusade to make a grand concerted effort toward some cause verb
1323 crustacean any chiefly aquatic arthropod, such as lobster and shrimp noun
1324 crustaceous of the nature of or pertaining to a crust or shell adjective
1325 cryptic having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure adjective
1326 cryptogram a message or writing in code or cipher noun
1327 crystallize to make something form into crystals verb
1328 cubicle a small separate part or one of the compartments of a room noun
1329 cudgel a short, thick stick used as a weapon, like a club noun
1330 cul-de-sac a blind alley or dead end street noun
1331 culinary relating to cookery or the activity of cooking adjective
1332 cull to pick or take someone or something (from a larger group) verb
1333 culminate to reach a climax or point of the highest development verb
1334 culmination the highest or climactic point of something noun
1335 culpable deserving blame adjective
1336 culprit the person or thing at fault for a problem or crime noun
1337 cultivate to prepare and use (land) for crops or gardening verb
1338 culvert a channel under a road or railway for the draining of water noun
1339 cumbersome burdensome or hindering, as a weight or drag adjective
1340 cumulative increasing in quantity or force by successive additions adjective
1341 cunning having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit adjective
1342 cupidity greed for money or possessions noun
1343 curable able of being cured adjective
1344 curator a keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection noun
1345 curio a strange and interesting object which invokes curiosity noun
1346 curmudgeon a bad-tempered or surly person noun
1347 cursive (handwriting) in flowing strokes with the letters connected adjective
1348 cursory hasty and therefore not thorough or detailed adjective
1349 curt brief or terse, especially to the point of being rude adjective
1350 curtail to cut short verb
1351 curtsy a respectful bow made by women and girls noun
1352 cycloid resembling a circle, cyclical adjective
1353 cygnet a young swan noun
1354 cynic churlish or satirical adjective
1355 cynical believing that people are motivated by self-interest adjective
1356 cynicism a distrustful attitude noun
1357 cynosure that which serves to guide or direct noun
1358 dabble to work at anything in an irregular or superficial manner verb
1359 dank unpleasantly moist or humid adjective
1360 dapper neat, trim adjective
1361 dare to have the courage to do something verb
1362 darkle uncannily or threateningly dark or obscure adjective
1363 darwinism theory: species come from parent forms via natural selection
1364 dastard meanly shrinking from danger, cowardly adjective
1365 datum a single piece of information noun
1366 daunt to make (someone) feel intimidated or apprehensive verb
1367 daunting causing fear or discouragement adjective
1368 dauntless invulnerable to fear or intimidation adjective
1369 de facto in fact, whether by right or not adverb
1370 deacon a member of the clerical order below that of a priest noun
1371 dead-heat run of finish a race exactly even verb
1372 deadlock a situation in which no progress can be made noun
1373 dearth a scarcity or lack of something noun
1374 debacle a sudden and ignominious failure, a fiasco noun
1375 debase to reduce in quality or value verb
1376 debatable open to discussion or argument adjective
1377 debauch to morally corrupt someone, to seduce verb
1378 debilitate to make someone weak and infirm verb
1379 debility a state of physical or mental weakness noun
1380 debonair gracious, courteous adjective
1381 debris rubble, wreckage, scattered remains of something destroyed noun
1382 debunk to discredit, or expose the exaggerated claims of something verb
1383 debut to formally introduce, as to the public verb
1384 decadence a state of moral or artistic decline or deterioration noun
1385 decagon a polygon with ten sides and ten angles noun
1386 decagram an si unit of mass equal to 101 grams noun
1387 decalitre ten litres noun
1388 decalogue ten commandments noun
1389 decameron a collection of 100 tales (1353) by boccaccio
1390 decameter ten meters noun
1391 decamp to break up camp and move on verb
1392 decapitate to remove the head of verb
1393 decapod having ten legs adjective
1394 decasyllable a verse having ten syllables noun
1395 decathlon an athletic event consisting of 10 prescribed events noun
1396 deceit an act or practice intended to deceive, a trick noun
1397 deceitful deliberately misleading or cheating adjective
1398 deceive to trick or mislead verb
1399 decelerate to reduce speed, to slow down verb
1400 decency conformity to accepted standards of respectability noun
1401 deciduous falling off or shed at a particular season, point of growth adjective
1402 decimal pertaining to or proceeding by tenths or the power of ten adjective
1403 decimate to kill, destroy, or remove large percentages of verb
1404 decipher to succeed in understanding or interpreting verb
1405 decisive settling an issue, producing a definite result adjective
1406 declamation rhetorical delivery, loud speaking in public noun
1407 declamatory bombastic, ostentatiously lofty in style adjective
1408 declarative a statement in the form of a formal announcement adjective
1409 declension the inflection of a part of speech, such as case and number noun
1410 decorate to furnish with ornaments verb
1411 decorous in keeping with good taste and propriety adjective
1412 decorum appropriate social behavior, propriety noun
1413 decoy a person who entices or lures another person or thing noun
1414 decrepit weakened or worn out from age or wear adjective
1415 decry to publicly denounce, to condemn verb
1416 dedication the quality of being committed to a task or purpose noun
1417 deduce to reach a conclusion from something known or assumed verb
1418 deface to damage something in a visible or conspicuous manner verb
1419 defalcate to misappropriate funds, to embezzle verb
1420 defamation act of injuring another's reputation by slander or libel noun
1421 defamatory damaging to someone's reputation, especially if untrue adjective
1422 defame to try to diminish the reputation of verb
1423 defendant a person or group against whom a charge is brought in court noun
1424 defensible capable of being defended against armed attack adjective
1425 defensive used or intended to defend or protect adjective
1426 defer to delay, or put off to a future time verb
1427 deference humble submission and respect noun
1428 deferential respectful, reverential adjective
1429 defiance open resistance, bold disobedience noun
1430 defiant showing open resistance, provocative adjective
1431 deficiency inadequacy or incompleteness noun
1432 deficient lacking something essential, often construed with in adjective
1433 defile to make impure, to make dirty verb
1434 definite having distinct limits adjective
1435 definitive explicitly defined adjective
1436 deflect to make (something) deviate from its original path verb
1437 defoliate to remove foliage from one or more plants verb
1438 deforest to destroy or to fell all the trees of a forest verb
1439 deform to remove the form of verb
1440 deformity a misshapen part, esp. of the body noun
1441 defraud to obtain money or property by fraud, to swindle verb
1442 defray to spend (money) verb
1443 deft quick and neat in action, skillful adjective
1444 defunct no longer existing or functioning adjective
1445 defuse to reduce the danger or tension in (a difficult situation) verb
1446 degeneracy the state of being physically or morally deteriorated noun
1447 degenerate having fallen below a desirable level, especially morally adjective
1448 degradation a lowering from one's standing in office or society noun
1449 degrade to lower in value or social position verb
1450 dehydrate to lose or remove water, to dry verb
1451 deify to make a god of (something or someone) verb
1452 deign to condescend, to accept as appropriate to one's dignity verb
1453 deist someone who believes in the existence of a supreme being adjective
1454 deity a god or goddess, divine status noun
1455 deject make sad or dispirited verb
1456 dejection a state of melancholy or depression, low spirits, the blues noun
1457 delectable pleasing to the taste, delicious adjective
1458 delectation great pleasure, delight noun
1459 delegate to entrust (a task or responsibility) verb
1460 deleterious causing harm or damage adjective
1461 deliberate to consider carefully verb
1462 delicacy the quality of being delicate noun
1463 delineate to describe or portray (something) precisely verb
1464 delineation a precise description noun
1465 deliquesce to melt and disappear verb
1466 delirious in a state of wild excitement or ecstasy adjective
1467 delirium an acutely disturbed state of mind that occurs in fever noun
1468 delude to deceive someone into believing something which is false verb
1469 deluge to flood with water verb
1470 delusion a false belief that is resistant to confrontation with fact noun
1471 demagnetize to remove the magnetic propreties of something verb
1472 demagogue a leader who espouses the cause of the common people noun
1473 demarcation the act of marking off a boundary or setting a limit noun
1474 demean to debase, to do something that is beneath one's dignity verb
1475 demeanor a person's conduct or behaviour noun
1476 demented insane or mentally ill adjective
1477 demerit a quality of being inadequate, a fault, a disadvantage noun
1478 demise a person's death noun
1479 demobilize to release someone from military duty verb
1480 demolish to destroy, to full or knock down (a building) verb
1481 demonstrable clearly apparent or capable of being logically proved adjective
1482 demonstrate clearly show the truth of (something) through proof verb
1483 demonstrative that serves to demonstrate, show or prove adjective
1484 demonstrator a person who takes part in a public protest meeting or march noun
1485 demote to lower the rank or status of something verb
1486 demulcent soothing or softening adjective
1487 demur to raise doubts or objections or show reluctance verb
1488 demure reserved, modest, and shy adjective
1489 demurrage the delaying in port of a ship beyond the time allowed noun
1490 dendroid (of an organism or structure) tree-shaped, branching adjective
1491 dendrology the study of trees and other woody plants noun
1492 denigrate to criticize unfairly, to disparage verb
1493 denizen to grant rights of citizenship to, to naturalize verb
1494 denominate to call, to name verb
1495 denomination the act of naming or designating noun
1496 denominator the expression written below the line in a fraction noun
1497 denote to indicate, to mark verb
1498 denouement the final part of a play, movie, or narrative noun
1499 denounce to publicly declare to be wrong or evil verb
1500 dentifrice toothpaste or any other substance for cleaning the teeth noun
1501 denude to divest of all covering, to make bare or naked, to strip verb
1502 denunciation proclamation, announcement, a publishing noun
1503 deplete to decrease seriously or exhaust the supply of (something) verb
1504 deplorable deserving strong condemnation, shockingly bad adjective
1505 deplore to bewail, to weep bitterly over, to feel sorrow for verb
1506 deploy to arrange (usually a military unit or units) for use verb
1507 deponent (Greek Grammar) having passive form but an active meaning adjective
1508 depopulate to reduce the population of a region verb
1509 deport to expel someone from a country verb
1510 deportment a person's behavior or manners noun
1511 deposition the process of giving sworn evidence noun
1512 depositor a person who makes a deposit, especially of money in a bank noun
1513 depository a place where something is deposited for safekeeping noun
1514 deprave to make morally bad or evil verb
1515 depravity moral corruption noun
1516 deprecate to belittle or express disapproval of verb
1517 depreciate to reduce in value over time verb
1518 depreciation reduction in value over time noun
1519 depredation the act of preying upon or plundering noun
1520 depress to press down on verb
1521 depth the vertical distance below a surface noun
1522 deracinate to pull up by the roots, to uproot, to extirpate verb
1523 derelict abandoned, forsaken, dilapidated, neglected adjective
1524 dereliction willful neglect of one's duty noun
1525 deride to harshly mock, ridicule verb
1526 derisible subject to or deserving of contemptuous ridicule adjective
1527 derision mockery, taunt noun
1528 derivation the source from which something is derived, origin noun
1529 derivative imitative of the work of someone else adjective
1530 derive to deduce (a conclusion) by reasoning verb
1531 dermatology the medical study of skin noun
1532 derogatory showing a degrading or disrespectful attitude adjective
1533 derrick a crane with a movable pivoted arm for moving heavy objects noun
1534 derring-do valiant deeds in desperate times noun
1535 descendant descending from a biological ancestor adjective
1536 descent an action of moving downward, dropping, falling noun
1537 descry to see by looking carefully verb
1538 desecrate to profane or violate the sacredness/sanctity of something verb
1539 desecration an act of disrespect towards something considered sacred noun
1540 desert to leave, to abandon, to forsake verb
1541 desiccant causing dryness adjective
1542 desiccate lacking interest, passion, or energy verb
1543 designate to mark out and make known, indicate verb
1544 desist to cease to proceed or act, to stop verb
1545 desistance the act or state of desisting, cessation noun
1546 desolate barren or laid waste adjective
1547 despair to give up as beyond hope or expectation, to despair of verb
1548 desperado a bold outlaw, especially one from the southern wild west noun
1549 desperate being filled with, or in a state of despair, hopeless adjective
1550 despicable fit or deserving to be despised, contemptible adjective
1551 despite in spite of preposition
1552 despond to give up the will, courage, or spirit verb
1553 despondent in low spirits from loss of hope or courage adjective
1554 despot a ruler with absolute power who exercise it cruelly noun
1555 despotic characteristic of an absolute ruler or absolute rule adjective
1556 despotism an absolute or autocratic government noun
1557 destitute without the basic necessities of life adjective
1558 destitution the action of deserting or abandoning noun
1559 desuetude disuse, obsolescence noun
1560 desultory lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm adjective
1561 deter to prevent something from happening verb
1562 deteriorate to make worse, to make inferior in quality or value verb
1563 determinate having exact and discernible limits or form adjective
1564 determination firmness of purpose, resoluteness noun
1565 deterrent a thing that is intended to discourage someone from some act noun
1566 detest to dislike intensely verb
1567 detonate to explode or cause to explode verb
1568 detract to take away, to withdraw or remove verb
1569 detraction the act of taking away noun
1570 detriment the state if being harmed or damaged noun
1571 detrimental tending to cause harm adjective
1572 detritus waste or debris of any kind noun
1573 detrude to push downwards with force verb
1574 detumescence the process of subsiding from a state of tension noun
1575 devastate to destroy or ruin (something) verb
1576 develop to grow or cause to grow and become more mature verb
1577 deviance the state of departing from usual or accepted standards noun
1578 deviate to go off course from, to change course, to change plans verb
1579 devilry wicked activity noun
1580 deviltry extreme cruelty noun
1581 devious showing skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals adjective
1582 devise to use one's intellect to plan or design (something) verb
1583 devitalize to deprive of vitality, make lifeless, weaken verb
1584 devoid empty, having none of, completely without adjective
1585 devour to eat (food or prey) hungrily or quickly verb
1586 devout devoted to religion or to religious feelings and duties adjective
1587 dexterity skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands noun
1588 dexterous skillful with one's hands adjective
1589 diabolic showing wickedness typical of a devil adjective
1590 diacritical capable of distinguishing or of making a distinction adjective
1591 diagnose to determine the root cause of (a disease) verb
1592 diagnosis the identification of the nature and cause of an illness noun
1593 dialect a socially or geographically distinct variant of a language noun
1594 dialectical the art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions noun
1595 dialectician a person skilled in philosophical debate noun
1596 dialogue a conversation between two or more persons noun
1597 diaphanous light, delicate, and translucent adjective
1598 diatomic consisting of two atoms adjective
1599 diatribe a forceful and bitter verbal attack noun
1600 dichotomy a cutting in two, a division noun
1601 dictate to order, command, control verb
1602 diction the style of enunciation in speaking or singing noun
1603 dictum an authoritative statement, a dogmatic saying noun
1604 didactic intended to teach, particularly having a moral lesson adjective
1605 diddle to cheat, swindle, hoax verb
1606 difference the state or relation of being different, dissimilarity noun
1607 differentia trait that discerns a species from another of same genus noun
1608 differential of, or relating to a difference adjective
1609 differentiate to show, or be the distinction between two things verb
1610 diffidence lack of self-confidence noun
1611 diffident lacking confidence in oneself adjective
1612 diffuse to pour out and spread, as liquid verb
1613 diffusible able to intermingle by diffusion adjective
1614 diffusion the spreading of something more widely noun
1615 dignitary an important or influential person, or one of high rank noun
1616 digraph a directed graph noun
1617 digress to deviate from the main subject in writing or speaking verb
1618 digression a departure from the subject, course, or idea at hand noun
1619 dilapidated fallen into partial ruin or decay, as from age or neglect verb
1620 dilate to enlarge, to make bigger verb
1621 dilatory slow to act, sluggish adjective
1622 dilemma a situation requiring a choice between undesirable options noun
1623 dilettante a person with an amateur interest in the arts, a dabbler noun
1624 diligence determination or perseverance when doing something noun
1625 diligent performing with intense concentration, focus adjective
1626 dilute to make thinner by adding a liquid or solvent verb
1627 diminution a lessening, decrease or reduction noun
1628 diminutive small, little, tiny adjective
1629 dimly dull and subdued, indistinct adjective
1630 din a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise noun
1631 diorama a model representing a scene with 3d figures noun
1632 diphthong a one-syllable sound made up of two vowels noun
1633 diplomacy the art and practice of conducting international relations noun
1634 diplomat a person appointed to conduct international relations noun
1635 diplomatic of the relationships between the governments of countries adjective
1636 diplomatist a person tactful in negotiation noun
1637 dirge a funeral song or tune, expressing mourning for the dead noun
1638 disabuse to persuade someone that an idea or belief is mistaken verb
1639 disadvise to advise against, to dissuade from verb
1640 disaffection a state of dissatisfaction with or alienation from something noun
1641 disagree to not agree (harmonize) verb
1642 disallow to refuse to allow verb
1643 disapprobation an act or expression of condemnation or disapproval noun
1644 disapprove to condemn, consider wrong or inappropriate verb
1645 disarm to take away the weapons of, to render defenceless verb
1646 disarrange to undo the arrangement of, to disorder, to derange verb
1647 disarray to throw into disorder, to break the array of verb
1648 disavow to disown, to repudiate, to refuse to acknowledge verb
1649 disavowal a denial of relationship or responsibility towards something noun
1650 disband cause (an organized group) to break up verb
1651 disbeliever one who disbelieves, one who does not believe noun
1652 disburden to remove the load from a pack animal, unload a vehicle, etc verb
1653 disburse to pay out, expend, usually from a public fund or treasury verb
1654 discard to throw away, to reject verb
1655 discern to perceive or recognize (something) verb
1656 discernible possible to perceive or recognize (something) adjective
1657 discerning showing good or outstanding judgment and understanding adjective
1658 disciple a person who is a pupil of the doctrines of another noun
1659 disciplinary corrective, administering or used for discipline adjective
1660 discipline to train someone by instruction and practice verb
1661 disclaim to renounce all claim to, to deny responsibility for verb
1662 disclose to open up, unfasten verb
1663 discolor to change or lose color verb
1664 discombobulate to disconcert or confuse (someone) verb
1665 discomfit to defeat completely, to rout verb
1666 discomfort to cause annoyance or distress verb
1667 disconcert to disturb the composure of, to unsettle verb
1668 disconnect to sever or interrupt a connection verb
1669 disconsolate cheerless, dreary adjective
1670 discontinuance the occurrence of something being terminated, a cessation noun
1671 discord disagreement between people noun
1672 discordancy the state of being at variance or in disagreement noun
1673 discordant not in harmony or accord adjective
1674 discountenance to have an unfavorable opinion of, to disapprove verb
1675 discourse to engage in discussion or conversation, to converse verb
1676 discourteous showing rudeness and a lack of consideration for others adjective
1677 discover to remove the cover from, to uncover verb
1678 discredit to harm the good reputation of a person, to defame verb
1679 discreet respectful of privacy or secrecy, quiet, diplomatic adjective
1680 discrepancy an inconsistency between two or more facts noun
1681 discrepant showing difference, inconsistent, dissimilar adjective
1682 discrete separate, distinct, individual, non-continuous adjective
1683 discretion the quality of being discreet or circumspect noun
1684 discriminate to recognize a distinction, to differentiate verb
1685 discursive digressing from subject to subject adjective
1686 discursiveness passing aimlessly from one subject to another, digressive noun
1687 discussion the action or process of talking about something noun
1688 disdain to regard (someone or something) with strong contempt verb
1689 disencumber to remove a burden verb
1690 disenfranchise to deprive someone of a right of citizenship verb
1691 disengage to release or loosen from something that binds, unfasten verb
1692 disentangle to free something from entanglement, to extricate or unknot verb
1693 disfavor unfavorable regard, displeasure, disesteem, dislike noun
1694 disfigure change the appearance of something/someone to the negative verb
1695 disgruntle to put into a bad mood or into bad humour verb
1696 dishabille extreme casual or disorderly dress noun
1697 dishearten to cause someone to lose confidence verb
1698 disheveled untidy, disordered (of clothes, appearance) adjective
1699 dishonest not honest adjective
1700 disillusion to free or deprive someone of idealism, belief, etc verb
1701 disinclination reluctance, unwillingness to do something noun
1702 disinfect to sterilize by the use of cleaning agent such as bleach verb
1703 disinfectant a chemical agent used to destroy harmful organisms noun
1704 disinformation publicly announced false information about a country noun
1705 disingenuous not candid or sincere adjective
1706 disinherit to exclude from inheritance, to disown verb
1707 disinter to dig up (something buries) verb
1708 disinterested having no stake or interest in the outcome, free of bias adjective
1709 disjunctive not connected, separated adjective
1710 dislocate to put something out of its usual place verb
1711 dislodge to remove or force out from a position previously occupied verb
1712 dismal disappointingly inadequate adjective
1713 dismissal the act of sending someone away noun
1714 dismount to get off (something) verb
1715 disobedience refusal to obey noun
1716 disobedient not obedient adjective
1717 disown to refuse to own or to refuse to acknowledge one’s own verb
1718 disparage to regard or represent as being of little worth verb
1719 disparate essentially different in kind, not allowing comparison adjective
1720 disparity the state of being unequal, difference noun
1721 dispassionate not showing, and not affected by emotion, bias, or prejudice adjective
1722 dispatch to send a shipment with promptness verb
1723 dispel to drive away by scattering, or to cause to vanish verb
1724 dispensation the act of dispensing or dealing out, distribution noun
1725 disperse to scatter in different directions verb
1726 displace to move something/someone, especially forcibly from a home verb
1727 disposition to remove or place in a different position verb
1728 dispossess to deprive someone of the possession of land verb
1729 disputation debate or argument, formal academic debate noun
1730 disputatious (of a person) fond of having heated arguments adjective
1731 disqualify to deprive of qualification or fitness verb
1732 disquiet make (someone) worried or anxious verb
1733 disquietude a state of uneasiness or anxiety noun
1734 disregard to ignore verb
1735 disreputable not respectable, lacking repute, discreditable adjective
1736 disrepute a loss or lack of credit or repute noun
1737 disrobe to undress someone or something verb
1738 disrupt to throw into confusion or disorder verb
1739 dissatisfy to fail to satisfy verb
1740 dissect to cut apart (something) to study its anatomy verb
1741 dissection the act of dissecting, or something dissected noun
1742 dissemble to disguise or conceal something, to feign verb
1743 disseminate to scatter or spread widely, broadcast verb
1744 dissension an act of expressing dissent, especially spoken noun
1745 dissent to differ in opinion verb
1746 dissentient in opposition to a majority or official opinion adjective
1747 dissentious not in agreement or harmony adjective
1748 dissertation a written essay, or thesis, especially for a doctoral degree noun
1749 disservice an ill turn or injury noun
1750 dissever to separate, split apart verb
1751 dissidence protest against official policy noun
1752 dissident a person who opposes official policy noun
1753 dissimilar not similar, unlike, different adjective
1754 dissimulate to disguise or conceal under a false appearance verb
1755 dissipate to drive away, disperse verb
1756 dissipation squandering of money, energy, or resources noun
1757 dissolute lax in morals, licentious adjective
1758 dissolution the termination of an organized body or legislative assembly noun
1759 dissolve to make a solution of, by mixing with a liquid verb
1760 dissonance inharmonious or harsh sound, cacophany noun
1761 dissonant unsuitable in combination adjective
1762 dissuade to convince not to try or do verb
1763 dissuasion the act or an instance of persuading against noun
1764 distemper to disturb and disorder, hence to make sick verb
1765 distend to extend or expand, as from internal pressure, to swell verb
1766 distensible capable of swelling or stretching adjective
1767 distention the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions noun
1768 distill to make something (esp. a liquid) in this way verb
1769 distillate something formed by distilling noun
1770 distillation the act of pouring out or falling in drops noun
1771 distiller a person who owns, works in or operates a distillery noun
1772 distinction a difference or contrast between similar things or people noun
1773 distinguish to see someone or something as different from others verb
1774 distort to bring something out of shape verb
1775 distrain to squeeze, press, to constrain, oppress verb
1776 distrainor one who distrains, the party distraining goods or chattels noun
1777 distraught deeply upset and agitated adjective
1778 distrust to put no trust in, to have no confidence in verb
1779 disunion separation of a union noun
1780 disyllable a word comprising two syllables noun
1781 dither to be uncertain or unable to make a decision about something verb
1782 diurnal happening during daylight, or active during that time adjective
1783 diva any female celebrity, usually a well known singer or actress noun
1784 divagation straying off from a course or way noun
1785 divergence a difference or conflict in opinions, interests, wishes, etc noun
1786 divergent tending to be different or develop in different directions adjective
1787 diverse showing a great deal of variety adjective
1788 diversion an instance of turning something aside from its course noun
1789 diversity the quality of being different noun
1790 divert to turn aside from a course verb
1791 divertible capable of being diverted adjective
1792 divest to undress, disrobe verb
1793 divination the practice of foretelling the future by supernatural means noun
1794 divine to foretell (something), especially by the use of divination verb
1795 divinity the property of being divine, of being like a god or god noun
1796 divisible capable of being divided without a remainder adjective
1797 divisive having a quality that divides or separates adjective
1798 divisor a number or expression that another is to be divided by noun
1799 divulge to tell (a secret) so that it may become generally known verb
1800 divulgence the act of making known (private or sensitive information) noun
1801 docile yielding to control or supervision, direction, or management adjective
1802 docket a calendar or list of cases for trial noun
1803 doctrine a belief or tenet, especially about theological matters noun
1804 doe the female of the deer, antelope, and certain other animals noun
1805 doff to remove a hat as a greeting or mark of respect verb
1806 dogged persistent in effort, stubbornly tenacious adjective
1807 doggerel verse or words that are badly written or expressed noun
1808 dogma an official system of tenets, laid down by an authority noun
1809 dogmatic opinionated, pragmatic adjective
1810 dogmatize to treat something as dogma verb
1811 doleful mournful, bringing feelings of sadness adjective
1812 dolesome doleful, dismal, gloomy adjective
1813 dolor sorrow, grief, misery or anguish noun
1814 dolorous feeling or expressing great sorrow or distress adjective
1815 dolt a stupid person noun
1816 domain a geographic area owned by a single person or organization noun
1817 domestic of or relating to the home adjective
1818 domesticity affection for the home and its material comforts noun
1819 domicile a home or residence noun
1820 dominance power and influence over others noun
1821 dominant most important, powerful, or influential adjective
1822 dominate to govern, rule or control by superior authority or power verb
1823 domination the exercise of control or influence over something noun
1824 domineer to rule over or control arbitrarily or arrogantly verb
1825 don to put on (clothes) verb
1826 donator one who donates noun
1827 donee someone who receives a gift from a donor noun
1828 donor one who donates, typically, money noun
1829 dormant inactive, idle adjective
1830 dotard a person with impaired intellect, especially an old person noun
1831 doublet a close-fitting jacket, men's wear in the renaissance noun
1832 dour stern, harsh and forbidding adjective
1833 dowdy plain and unfashionable in style or dress adjective
1834 dowry the money,or goods a wife brings to her husband at marriage noun
1835 drachma the currency of greece until 2001, with the symbol ? noun
1836 dragnet a net dragged across the bottom of a body of water noun
1837 dragoon to force someone into doing something, to coerce verb
1838 drainage a removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area noun
1839 dramatist playwright noun
1840 dramatize to adapt a literary work so that it can be performed verb
1841 drastic extreme, severe adjective
1842 drawl to speak in a slow, lazy way with prolonged vowel sounds verb
1843 drivel childish, silly or meaningless talk noun
1844 droll amusing in an odd way adjective
1845 drone to produce a low-pitched hum or buzz verb
1846 dross something regarded as worthless, rubbish noun
1847 drought a period of dry weather, especially injurous to crops noun
1848 drowsy inclined to drowse, heavy with sleepiness, lethargic, dozy adjective
1849 drub to hit or beat (someone) repeatedly, thrash verb
1850 drudgery tedious, menial and exhausting work noun
1851 dubious hesitating or doubting adjective
1852 duckling a young duck noun
1853 ductile capable of being made into thin wire without breaking adjective
1854 duet a performance by two people, esp. musicians noun
1855 dulcet sweet and soothing adjective
1856 dun to ask or beset a debtor for payment verb
1857 dupe to swindle, deceive, or trick verb
1858 duplex something having two parts verb
1859 duplicity deceitfulness, double dealing noun
1860 durance confinement or restraint by force, imprisonment noun
1861 duration an amount of time or a particular time interval noun
1862 duress coercion, compulsion by threat or force noun
1863 duteous willingly obedient out of a sense of duty and respect adjective
1864 dutiable on which duty must be paid when imported or sold adjective
1865 dutiful accepting of one's obligations and willing to do them well adjective
1866 dwindle to decrease, shrink, diminish, reduce in size verb
1867 dynamic characterized by constant change, activity, or progress adjective
1868 dyne a unit of force in the cgs system. symbol: dyn noun
1869 earnest ardent in the pursuit of an object, eager to obtain or do adjective
1870 earthenware pottery of baked or hardened clay noun
1871 eatable able to be eaten, edible adjective
1872 ebullient cheerful and full of energy adjective
1873 eccentric unconventional and slightly strange adjective
1874 eccentricity oddity, peculiarity noun
1875 echelon a level or rank in an organization noun
1876 eclat brilliance of success or effort, splendor noun
1877 eclectic made up of things selected from various sources adjective
1878 eclipse the complete or partial interception of light from a star noun
1879 economize to avoid waste or extravagance verb
1880 ecstasy intense pleasure noun
1881 ecstatic feeling or characterized by extreme happiness adjective
1882 ecumenical interdenominational, sometimes by extension, interreligious adjective
1883 edible that can be eaten without harm, non-toxic to humans adjective
1884 edict a proclamation of law or other authoritative command noun
1885 edifice a building, esp. a large and imposing one noun
1886 edify to instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually verb
1887 editorial of, or relating to the preparing of material for publication adjective
1888 educe to draw out or bring out, elicit or evoke verb
1889 efface to erase (a mark) from the surface verb
1890 effective successful in producing a desired or intended result adjective
1891 effectual producing the intended result, entirely adequate adjective
1892 effeminacy the quality of showing feminine traits (in a man) noun
1893 effeminate (of a man) showing traits regarded as typical of a woman verb
1894 effervesce to emit small bubbles of dissolved gas, to froth or fizz verb
1895 effervescent giving off bubbles, fizzy adjective
1896 effete of substances, quantities etc: exhausted, spent, worn-out adjective
1897 efficacious effective adjective
1898 efficacy the ability to produce a desired or intended result noun
1899 efficiency the extent to which time is well used for the intended task noun
1900 efficient making good use of time or energy adjective
1901 effigy a dummy or crude representation of something that is hated noun
1902 efflorescence the state or a period of flowering noun
1903 efflorescent bursting into flower adjective
1904 effluvium a gaseous or vaporous emission, especially a foul odour noun
1905 effrontery insolent or impertinent behavior noun
1906 effulgence a state of being bright and radiant, splendor, brilliance noun
1907 effulgent shining, resplendent, with radiant splendor adjective
1908 effuse to give (a liquid, light, smell, or quality) verb
1909 effusion an outpouring of liquid noun
1910 effusive expressing feelings in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner adjective
1911 egalitarian characterized by equality for all people adjective
1912 egocentric regarding the self as the center of all things adjective
1913 egoism the tendency to think of self and self-interest noun
1914 egoist a conceited and self-centered person noun
1915 egotism a tendency to talk excessively about oneself noun
1916 egotist a person who talks excessively about himself noun
1917 egregious outstandingly bad, shocking
1918 egress to exit or leave, to go or come out verb
1919 elaborate to give further detail or explanation (about) verb
1920 élan spirit, zeal, ardor noun
1921 elapse to pass or move by verb
1922 elasticity flexibility, resilience, adaptability noun
1923 elated very happy or proud, jubilant, in high spirits adjective
1924 electrolysis the passage of an electriccurrent through an electrolyte noun
1925 electrotype to make such a plate verb
1926 eleemosynary relating to charity, alms, or almsgiving adjective
1927 elegy a mournful or plaintive poem, a funeral song noun
1928 elicit to evoke, obtain, or provoke as a response or answer verb
1929 eligible having the right to do or obtain something adjective
1930 eliminate to completely destroy (a thing) so that it no longer exists verb
1931 elite of high birth or social position, aristocratic or patrician adjective
1932 elixir a liquid which converts lead to gold noun
1933 elliptical in a shape reminding of an ellipse, oval adjective
1934 elocution the skill of a clear and expressive speech noun
1935 eloquence the quality of artistry and persuasiveness in language noun
1936 eloquent fluently persuasive and articulate adjective
1937 elucidate to make clear, to clarify, to shed light upon verb
1938 elude to evade, or escape from someone or something through skill verb
1939 elusion the act, or abstract properties, of eluding noun
1940 elusive evading capture, comprehension or remembrance adjective
1941 emaciate to make extremely thin or wasted verb
1942 emanate to come from a source, stem out of verb
1943 emancipate to set free from the power of another, to liberate, as: verb
1944 embargo any restriction placed on commerce by a government noun
1945 embark to get on a boat or ship or (outside the usa) an aeroplane verb
1946 embarrass to cause confusion and shame to, disconcert, abash verb
1947 embellish to make something more entertaining by adding extra details verb
1948 embezzle to steal or misappropriate money one has been trusted with verb
1949 emblazon to adorn with prominent markings verb
1950 emblem a representative symbol, such as a trademark or logo noun
1951 embodiment a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling noun
1952 embody to represent in a physical form, to incarnate or personify verb
1953 embolden to render (someone) more bold or courageous verb
1954 embolism an obstruction or occlusion of an artery noun
1955 embroil to draw into a situation, to cause to be involved verb
1956 emend make corrections and improvements to a text verb
1957 emerge to come into view verb
1958 emergence the act of coming forth from envelopment or concealment noun
1959 emergent in the process adjective
1960 emeritus having retired but retaining his title as an honor adjective
1961 emigrant someone who leaves a country to settle in a new country noun
1962 emigrate to leave the country in which one lives and settle elsewhere verb
1963 eminence someone of high rank, reputation or social station noun
1964 eminent (a person) famous and respected within a particular sphere adjective
1965 emissary a person sent on a special mission noun
1966 emit to send out or give off verb
1967 emollient having the quality of softening or soothing the skin adjective
1968 emolument payment for an office or employment, compensation for a job noun
1969 emote to display emotions openly, especially while acting verb
1970 empathy the ability to understand and share the feelings of others noun
1971 emphasis special weight given to something considered important noun
1972 emphasize to stress, give emphasis or extra weight to (something) verb
1973 emphatic expressing something forcibly and clearly adjective
1974 empirical pertaining to or based on experience adjective
1975 emporium a market place or trading centre, particularly in antiquity noun
1976 empower to give permission or power to do something verb
1977 emulate to match or surpass (a person or achievement) by imitation verb
1978 enact to make (a bill) into law verb
1979 enamor to attract, to capture verb
1980 encamp to build and/or inhabit a camp or temporary shelter verb
1981 encapsulate to cover something as if in a capsule verb
1982 encipher convert (a message or piece of text) into a coded form; encrypt verb
1983 enclave a country, or part thereof, that is surrounded by another noun
1984 encomium a piece of writing that praises someone or something highly noun
1985 encompass to form a circle around, to encircle verb
1986 encore to call for an extra performance or repetition verb
1987 encourage to mentally support, to motivate, give courage verb
1988 encroach to advance gradually and in a way that causes damage verb
1989 encumber to load down something with a burden verb
1990 encumbrance something that encumbers, a burden that must be carried noun
1991 encyclical intended for general circulation adjective
1992 encyclopedia a book or set of books containing articles on various topics noun
1993 endanger to expose to danger, to risk causing harm to verb
1994 endear to make dear or precious verb
1995 endearing tending to make dear or beloved verb
1996 endeavor to attempt through application of effort verb
1997 endemic natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place adjective
1998 endorse to support or give one's approval to, especially officially verb
1999 endow to furnish, as with some talent, faculty, or quality verb
2000 endue to invest or endow with some gift, quality, or faculty verb
2001 endurance the measure of a person's stamina or persistence noun
2002 endure to hold out against, sustain without impairment or yielding verb
2003 enduring lasting, permanent, present participle of endure verb
2004 energetic possessing, exerting, or displaying energy adjective
2005 enervate to deprive of force or strength, weaken verb
2006 enfeeble to make feeble, to weaken verb
2007 enfranchise to admit to citizenship, especially to grant voting rights verb
2008 engage to occupy the attention or efforts verb
2009 engender to produce, cause, or give rise to verb
2010 engrave to carve text or symbols into (something) verb
2011 engross to occupy completely, as the mind or attention verb
2012 engulf to overwhelm verb
2013 enhance to raise to a higher degree, intensify, magnify verb
2014 enigma a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation noun
2015 enigmatic perplexing, mysterious, resembling an enigma adjective
2016 enjoin to lay upon, as an order or command, to order, to charge verb
2017 enkindle to kindle, to arouse or evoke verb
2018 enlighten to supply with light, to illuminate verb
2019 enlist to join a cause or organization, especially military verb
2020 enmity a feeling or condition of hostility, hatred, animosity noun
2021 ennoble to bestow with nobility, honour or grace verb
2022 ennui a listlessness or melancholia caused by boredom, depression noun
2023 enormity greatness of size, scope, extent, or influence, immensity noun
2024 enormous deviating from the norm, unusual, extraordinary adjective
2025 enormousness great size or magnitude noun
2026 enrage to fill with rage, to provoke to frenzy or madness verb
2027 enrapture to fill with great delight or joy, to fascinate verb
2028 ensconce to place in a secure environment verb
2029 enshrine to enclose (a sacred relic etc ) in a shrine or chest verb
2030 enshroud to cover with (or as if with) a shroud verb
2031 ensnare to entrap, to catch in a snare or trap verb
2032 entail to imply or require verb
2033 entangle to twist in such a manner as not to be easily separated verb
2034 enthrall to captivate or charm verb
2035 enthrone to invest with sovereign or episcopal authority verb
2036 enthuse to cause (someone) to feel enthusiasm or to be enthusiastic verb
2037 enthusiastic with zealous fervor, excited, motivated adjective
2038 entice to lure, to attract by arousing desire or hope verb
2039 entirety wholeness, fullness, the whole noun
2040 entomology the branch of zoology dealing with insects noun
2041 entrail the internal parts of the trunk of a body, the intestines noun
2042 entreat to treat, or conduct toward, to deal with, to use verb
2043 entreaty the act of entreating or beseeching, urgent prayer noun
2044 entrée a dish served as the main course of a meal noun
2045 entrench to place in a position of strength, establish firmly verb
2046 entwine to twist or twine around something (or one another) verb
2047 enumerate to mention separately as if in counting, name one by one
2048 enunciate to make a definite or systematic statement of verb
2049 enunciation the act of announcing, proclaiming, or making known noun
2050 envenom to make poisonous verb
2051 envoy a representative, a diplomatic agent noun
2052 enzyme a protein that catalyses a biological chemical reaction noun
2053 ephemeral lasting a very short time, short-lived, transitory adjective
2054 epic heroic, majestic, impressively great
2055 epicure a person who cultivates a refined taste, connoisseur noun
2056 epicurean pursuing pleasure, esp. in reference to food or comfort adjective
2057 epicycle circle whose centre is on the circumference of a larger one noun
2058 epicycloid plane curve made by tracing the path of a point of a circle noun
2059 epidemic like or having to do with an epidemic, widespread adjective
2060 epidermis the outer, protective layer of the skin of vertebrates noun
2061 epigram any witty, ingenious, or pointed saying tersely expressed
2062 epilogue a concluding part added to a literary work, as a novel noun
2063 epiphany a manifestation of a divine or superhuman being noun
2064 epistemology the branch of philosophy dealing with the study of knowledge noun
2065 epistle a letter, or a literary composition in the form of a letter noun
2066 epistolary of or relating to letters, or the writing of letters adjective
2067 epitaph an inscription on a gravestone in memory of the deceased noun
2068 epithet any phrase applied to a person/thing to describe a quality noun
2069 epitome a person or thing that is typical of a whole class noun
2070 epitomize to serve as a typical example of, typify verb
2071 epizootic like or having to do with an epidemic among animals adjective
2072 epoch a period of history, esp. considered remarkable/noteworthy noun
2073 epode a lyric poem in which a short verse follws a long one noun
2074 equable unvarying, calm and steady, constant and uniform adjective
2075 equalize to make equal verb
2076 equanimity mental or emotional stability or composure, calmness noun
2077 equestrian of horseback riding or horseback riders adjective
2078 equilibrium the condition in which competing influences are balanced noun
2079 equine of or relating to a horse or horses adjective
2080 equipoise an equal distribution of weight, even balance, equilibrium noun
2081 equitable characterized by equity or fairness, fair, reasonable adjective
2082 equity the quality of being fair or impartial, fairness noun
2083 equivalent similar or identical in value, meaning or effect adjective
2084 equivocal of doubtful nature or character, questionable, dubious adjective
2085 equivocate to use unclear expressions, usually in order to mislead verb
2086 eradicate to remove or destroy utterly verb
2087 erasure the action of erasing, deletion, obliteration noun
2088 erode to wear away by abrasion, corrosion or chemical reaction verb
2089 err to make a mistake verb
2090 errant straying from the proper course or standard adjective
2091 erratic unsteady, prone to unexpected changes, not consistent adjective
2092 erroneous containing error, mistaken, incorrect, wrong adjective
2093 ersatz made in imitation, artificial adjective
2094 erudite characterized by great knowledge, learned or scholarly adjective
2095 erudition knowledge acquired by study, research, etc.,  learning noun
2096 escalate to increase (something) in extent or intensity, intensify verb
2097 eschew to abstain or keep away from, shun, avoid verb
2098 esoteric understood by or meant for only a select few adjective
2099 espionage the act or practice of spying noun
2100 espouse to make one's own, adopt or embrace, as a cause verb
2101 esprit spirit, enthusiasm noun
2102 espy to catch sight or, to perceive with the eyes, to discover verb
2103 esquire to attend, wait on, escort verb
2104 essence the inherent nature of a thing or idea noun
2105 esteem to regard someone with respect verb
2106 estimable worthy of esteem, admirable adjective
2107 estrange to cause to feel less close or friendly, alienate verb
2108 estuary coastal water body where ocean tides and river water merge noun
2109 ethereal light, airy, or tenuous, delicate adjective
2110 ethos characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community noun
2111 etymology the derivation of a word, word origin noun
2112 eugenic of bringing about improvement in produced offspring adjective
2113 eulogize to praise or pay homage to, especially in a formal eulogy verb
2114 eulogy an oration to honor a deceased person, usually at a funeral noun
2115 euphemism  an indirect expression substituted for an offensive one noun
2116 euphonious pleasant-sounding, agreeable to the ear adjective
2117 euphony a pleasing pronunciation of letters and syllables noun
2118 euphoria a feeling of happiness, confidence, or well-being noun
2119 euphoric feeling of great well-being or intense feeling of happiness adjective
2120 eureka an exclamation of triumph at a discovery adjective
2121 euthanasia the practice of painlessly killing for humane reasons noun
2122 evacuate to leave or withdraw from verb
2123 evade to get away from by artifice, to avoid by dexterity verb
2124 evanesce to disappear into a mist or dissipate in vapor verb
2125 evanescence to disappear gradually, vanish, fade away verb
2126 evanescent vanishing, fading away, fleeting adjective
2127 evangelical pertaining to the gospel(s) of the christian new testament adjective
2128 evangelist an itinerant or special preacher, especially a revivalist noun
2129 evasion the act of eluding or avoiding, particularly some pressure noun
2130 evasive tending to avoid making revelations about oneself adjective
2131 eventual happening at some indefinite future time adjective
2132 evert to turn inside out verb
2133 evict to expel (one or more people) from their property verb
2134 evidential of or providing evidence adjective
2135 evince to show or demonstrate clearly, to manifest verb
2136 evocation an act or instance of evoking,  a calling forth noun
2137 evoke to cause a thing to manifest in someone's mind verb
2138 evolution any process of formation or growth, development noun
2139 evolve to develop gradually verb
2140 ewe a female sheep, especially when fully mature noun
2141 ex officio by right of position or office noun
2142 exacerbate to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of  verb
2143 exact strictly accurate or correct adjective
2144 exacting rigid or severe in demands or requirements verb
2145 exaggerate to overstate, to describe more than is fact verb
2146 exalt to raise in rank, honor, power, character, quality verb
2147 exasperate to irritate or provoke to a high degree, annoy extremely verb
2148 exasperation to irritate or provoke to a high degree, annoy extremely noun
2149 excavate to make a hole in (something), to hollow verb
2150 exceed to be larger, greater than (something) verb
2151 excel to be better or do better than someone or something verb
2152 excellence the state of possessing good qualities in an eminent degree noun
2153 exceptionable liable to exception  or objection, objectionable adjective
2154 excess more than is normal, necessary or specified adjective
2155 excitable easily excited adjective
2156 excitation the act of exciting or putting in motion noun
2157 exclamation a loud calling or crying out, indicative of emotion noun
2158 exclusion the act of shutting out noun
2159 excoriate to denounce or berate severely verb
2160 excoriation the act of excoriating or flaying noun
2161 excrescence something, usually abnormal, growing out of something else noun
2162 excretion the process of removing material that has no further utility noun
2163 excruciate to inflict intense pain on (someone), to torture verb
2164 exculpate to clear from a charge of guilt or fault,vindicate verb
2165 excursion a brief recreational trip, a journey out of the usual way noun
2166 excusable possible to excuse adjective
2167 execrable utterly detestable, abominable, abhorrent adjective
2168 execration a curse dictated by violent feelings of hatred noun
2169 executor a person who performs some duty, job, etc noun
2170 exegesis critical explanation or interpretation of a text noun
2171 exemplar something fit to be imitated, ideal or model noun
2172 exemplary worthy of imitation, commendable adjective
2173 exemplify to show or illustrate by example verb
2174 exempt to grant (someone) freedom or immunity from verb
2175 exert to put in vigorous action verb
2176 exhale to expel air from the lungs verb
2177 exhaustive including every possible element adjective
2178 exhilarate to enliven, invigorate, stimulate verb
2179 exhort to urge, advise, or caution earnestly, admonish urgently verb
2180 exhume to dig out of the ground, to take out of a place of burial verb
2181 exigency exigent  state or character, urgency noun
2182 exigent urgent, needing immediate action adjective
2183 existence the state of being, existing, or occurring, beinghood noun
2184 existential of, or relating to existence adjective
2185 exodus a sudden departure of a large number of people noun
2186 exonerate to relieve (someone or something) of a load, to unburden verb
2187 exorbitance exceeding the bounds of custom, propriety, or reason noun
2188 exorbitant exceeding proper limits, extravagant adjective
2189 exorcise to drive out an evil spirit from a person, place or thing verb
2190 exorcism the ceremony or the formula used in exorcising noun
2191 exotic foreign, with the connotation of excitingly foreign adjective
2192 expand to change from a smaller size to a larger one verb
2193 expanse a wide stretch, usually of sea, sky, or land noun
2194 expansion the act or process of expanding noun
2195 expatiate to range at large, or without restraint verb
2196 expatriate to banish (a person) from his or her native country
2197 expectancy anticipation, the state of expecting something noun
2198 expectorate to cough up fluid from the lungs verb
2199 expediency suitability for particular circumstance or situation noun
2200 expedient simple, easy, or quick, convenient adjective
2201 expedite to accelerate the progress of verb
2202 expeditious fast, prompt, speedy adjective
2203 expend to consume or exhaust some resource verb
2204 expiate to atone or make reparation for verb
2205 explicate to explain meticulously or in great detail, to analyze verb
2206 explicit very specific, clear, or detailed adjective
2207 exploit to use for one’s own advantage verb
2208 exponent one who expounds, represents or advocates noun
2209 exposition the act of expounding, setting forth, or explaining noun
2210 expository serving to explain, explicate, or elucidate adjective
2211 expostulate to protest or remonstrate verb
2212 exposure the condition of being exposed, uncovered, or unprotected noun
2213 expound to set forth or state in detail verb
2214 expressive effectively conveying thought or feeling adjective
2215 expulsion the act of driving out or expelling noun
2216 expunge to strike or blot out, erase
2217 expurgate to edit out incorrect, or otherwise undesirable information verb
2218 extant in existence, still existing, not destroyed or lost adjective
2219 extemporaneous without preparation or advanced thought, offhand adjective
2220 extempore carried out with no preparation, impromptu adjective
2221 extensible capable of being extended adjective
2222 extensive in the nature of an extent, wide, widespread adjective
2223 extensor a muscle whose contraction extends or straightens a limb noun
2224 extenuate to represent (a fault, offense, etc ) as less serious verb
2225 external outside of something adjective
2226 extinct no longer in existence, that has ended or died out adjective
2227 extinguish to put out, as in fire, to end burning, to quench verb
2228 extirpate to remove or destroy totally, do away with, exterminate verb
2229 extol to praise highly, laud, eulogize verb
2230 extort to take by illegal exercise of power or ingenuity verb
2231 extortion obtaining something  by the abuse of office or authority noun
2232 extradite to move a person from one state to another by legal process verb
2233 extradition surrender of an alleged fugitive by one authority to another noun
2234 extrajudicial carried out without legal authority adjective
2235 extraneous not belonging to, or dependent upon, a thing adjective
2236 extraordinary not ordinary, exceptional, unusual adjective
2237 extrapolate to infer (an unknown) from something that is known verb
2238 extravagance excessive or superfluous expenditure of money noun
2239 extravagant spending much more than is necessary or wise, wasteful adjective
2240 extremist holding extreme views, especially on a political subject adjective
2241 extremity the most extreme or furthest point of something noun
2242 extricate to free, disengage, loosen, or untangle verb
2243 extrinsic external, separable from the thing itself, inessential adjective
2244 extrovert an outgoing, gregarious person noun
2245 extrude to push or thrust out verb
2246 exuberance effusively and almost uninhibitedly enthusiastic adjective
2247 exuberant very high-spirited, extremely energetic or enthusiastic adjective
2248 exude to discharge through pores, to emit, to give out verb
2249 exult to rejoice, be very happy verb
2250 fabricate to form into a whole by uniting its parts, to construct verb
2251 fabrication the act of framing, construction, manufacture noun
2252 fabulous extraordinary, especially in being very large adjective
2253 facade the face of a building, especially the front noun
2254 facet one of the small, polished plane surfaces of a cut gem verb
2255 facetious not meant to be taken seriously or literally adjective
2256 facile easily accomplished or attained
2257 facile  moving, acting, working, proceeding, etc , with ease adjective
2258 facilitate to make easy or easier verb
2259 facility ease in learning or in doing something, proficiency noun
2260 facsimile to send via a facsimile machine, normally spoken as “fax” verb
2261 faction a group or clique within a larger group noun
2262 factionalism the splitting of a group into factions noun
2263 factious of, pertaining to, or caused by factions adjective
2264 fad a temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc noun
2265 falderol nonsense or foolishness noun
2266 fallacious containing a fallacy,  logically unsound adjective
2267 fallacy deceptive or false appearance, deceitfulness, deception noun
2268 fallible capable of making mistakes or being wrong adjective
2269 fallow to make land fallow for agricultural purposes verb
2270 falter to waver or be unsteady verb
2271 famine extreme and general scarcity of food, as in a country noun
2272 famish to suffer or cause to suffer extreme hunger, starve verb
2273 fanatic a person with an extreme enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion noun
2274 fanatical having an extreme zeal or enthusiasm for something adjective
2275 fanaticism the characteristic or practice of being a fanatic noun
2276 fanciless having no fancy, without ideas or imagination adjective
2277 farcical resembling a farce, ludicrous, absurd adjective
2278 fastidious excessively particular, demanding, or fussy about details adjective
2279 fastidiousness the quality of being fastidious noun
2280 fatalist one who maintains all things happen by inevitable necessity noun
2281 fathom to penetrate to the truth of, comprehend, understand verb
2282 fatuous foolish or inane, especially in an unconscious manner, silly adjective
2283 faulty having or displaying faults not adequate or acceptable adjective
2284 faun mythical woodland creature with pointed ears and short horns noun
2285 fauna animals of a given region or period considered as a whole noun
2286 faux pas a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct noun
2287 fawn to exhibit affection or attempt to please verb
2288 fealty fidelity, faithfulness noun
2289 feasible that can be done in practice adjective
2290 febrile feverish, or having a high temperature adjective
2291 feckless ineffective, incompetent, futile adjective
2292 fecund highly fertile, able to produce offspring adjective
2293 federate to unite in a federation verb
2294 feign to represent by a false appearance of, to pretend verb
2295 feint a movement made in order to deceive an adversary verb
2296 felicitate to congratulate, to compliment upon a happy event verb
2297 felicitous well-suited for the occasion, as an action or expression adjective
2298 felicity happiness, especially to a high degree noun
2299 felon a person convicted of a felony noun
2300 felonious having the quality of felony, malignant, malicious adjective
2301 felony an offense, as murder or burglary, of grave character noun
2302 feminine of the female sex, biologically female, not male, womanly adjective
2303 feral existing in a natural state, not domesticated, wild adjective
2304 ferment living organisms (yeasts, molds) that cause fermentation noun
2305 fernery specialized garden for the cultivation and display of ferns noun
2306 ferocious marked by extreme and violent energy adjective
2307 ferocity the condition of being ferocious, savage fierceness noun
2308 fertile capable of growing abundant crops, productive adjective
2309 fertilize to make (the soil) more fertile by adding nutrients to it verb
2310 fervent having or showing great warmth or intensity of spirit adjective
2311 fervid heated or vehement in spirit, enthusiasm, etc adjective
2312 fervor an intense, heated emotion, passion, ardor noun
2313 festal festive, relating to a festival or feast adjective
2314 festive having the atmosphere,or attitude of a celebration adjective
2315 fete to celebrate (a person) verb
2316 fetid having an offensive odor, stinking adjective
2317 fetish an object seen as being the habitation of a spirit noun
2318 fetter to shackle or bind up with fetters verb
2319 fetus an unborn vertebrate showing signs of the mature animal noun
2320 feudal of, or relating to the feudal system adjective
2321 feudalism social system based on personal resources and fealty noun
2322 fiasco a complete and ignominious failure noun
2323 fiat an authoritative command or order, an effectual decree noun
2324 fickle likely to change, casually changeable adjective
2325 fictitious not real, invented, contrived adjective
2326 fidelity faithfulness to one's duties noun
2327 fidget to wiggle or twitch, to move around nervously or idly verb
2328 fiducial accepted as a fixed basis of reference adjective
2329 fief a territory held in fee noun
2330 figment a fabrication, fantasy, invention, something fictitious noun
2331 figurative metaphorical, as opposed to literal adjective
2332 figurehead person who is head  of a group in title but has no authority noun
2333 filch to steal, to illegally take possession of verb
2334 filial of, pertaining to, or befitting a son or daughter adjective
2335 filibuster to force a decision verb
2336 financial pertaining or relating to money matters adjective
2337 financier a person skilled in managing large financial operations noun
2338 finery fine  or showy dress, ornaments, etc noun
2339 finesse extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, etc verb
2340 finicky fastidious and fussy, difficult to please, exacting adjective
2341 finite having bounds or limits, not infinite, measurable adjective
2342 fiscal related to the treasury of a country, company, or region adjective
2343 fishmonger a person who sells fish noun
2344 fission the act of cleaving or splitting into parts verb
2345 fissure narrow opening produced by cleavage or separation of parts noun
2346 fitful irregular, unsteady, characterized by fits adjective
2347 fixture to furnish with, as, or in a fixture verb
2348 flabbergasted simple past tense and past participle of flabbergast verb
2349 flaccid soft and limp, not firm, flabby adjective
2350 flag-officer ship carrying the flag officer or commander, flying his flag noun
2351 flagrant obvious and offensive, blatant, scandalous adjective
2352 flair a natural or innate talent or aptitude, a knack noun
2353 flamboyant showy, bold or audacious in behaviour, appearance, etc adjective
2354 flammable capable of burning, especially a liquid adjective
2355 flatulence the state of having gas, trapped in the digestive system noun
2356 flaunt to parade, display with ostentation verb
2357 flax a plant of the genus linum which has a single, slender stalk noun
2358 fledgling untried or inexperienced adjective
2359 fleeting passing swiftly, vanishing quickly, transient, transitory verb
2360 flexibility the quality of being flexible, suppleness, pliability noun
2361 flexible capable of being flexed, bent or twisted, without breaking adjective
2362 flexion the act of bending a limb noun
2363 flimsy likely to bend or break under pressure, weak, shaky adjective
2364 flinch to make an involuntary movement in response to stimulus verb
2365 flippant frivolously disrespectful, shallow or lacking in seriousness adjective
2366 floe a low, flat mass of floating ice noun
2367 flora plants considered as a group, esp. those of one region noun
2368 floral of, pertaining to, or connected with flowers adjective
2369 florid having a rosy or pale red colour, ruddy adjective
2370 floridness the quality of being florid noun
2371 florist a person who sells flowers noun
2372 flotsam debris floating in a sea, fragments from a shipwreck noun
2373 flourish to thrive or grow well verb
2374 flout to treat with disdain, scorn, or contempt, scoff at, mock verb
2375 fluctuate to vary irregularly, to swing verb
2376 fluctuation a motion like that of waves, a moving back and forth noun
2377 flue a pipe or duct that carries gaseous combustion products away noun
2378 fluent able to speak a language accurately, rapidly and confidently adjective
2379 flugel a grand piano or harpsichord, both being wing-shaped
2380 fluke to obtain a successful outcome by pure chance verb
2381 fluster to confuse, befuddle verb
2382 fluvial of or pertaining to a river adjective
2383 flux flowing or flow verb
2384 fodder to feed animals (with fodder) verb
2385 fog a cloudlike mass or layer of minute water droplets adjective
2386 foible a minor weakness or failing of character, slight flaw adjective
2387 foil to prevent (something) from being accomplished verb
2388 foist to introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant verb
2389 foliage the leaves of plants noun
2390 folio a leaf of a book or manuscript noun
2391 folk-lore the traditional beliefs, legends, customs, etc noun
2392 foment to instigate or foster (discord, rebellion, etc )
2393 fondle to touch or stroke lovingly verb
2394 foolery foolish behaviour or speech noun
2395 foot-note an explanatory or documenting note at the bottom of a page noun
2396 foppery the dress or actions of a fop noun
2397 foppish like a fop, a man overly concerned with his appearance adjective
2398 forage to wander or go in search of provisions verb
2399 foray to scour (an area or place) for food, treasure, booty etc verb
2400 forbear to keep away from, to avoid, to abstain from, to give up verb
2401 forbearance restraint under provocation noun
2402 forbid to command not to do something, have something, etc verb
2403 forby close by, near adjective
2404 forcible done or effected by force adjective
2405 ford to cross a stream using a ford verb
2406 forebode to predict a future event, to hint at something verb
2407 forecastle a raised part of the upper deck at the front of a ship noun
2408 foreclose repossess property whose owner has failed to make payments verb
2409 forecourt courtyard before the entrance to a building noun
2410 forefather ancestor noun
2411 forego to precede, to go before verb
2412 foreground the ground  or parts situated in the front noun
2413 forehead part of the face above the eyebrows and below the hairline noun
2414 foreign from a different country adjective
2415 foreigner a person from a foreign country noun
2416 forejudge to prejudge, to judge beforehand verb
2417 foreknowledge knowing beforehand, prescience, foresight, precognition noun
2418 foreman the leader of a work crew noun
2419 forensic relating to the use of science in investigation of evidence adjective
2420 forensics the use of science to answer questions for the legal system
2421 foreordain to predestine or preordain verb
2422 foreordination previous ordination or appointment, predetermination noun
2423 forepeak the part of the hold of a ship within the angle of the bow noun
2424 forerun to run in front verb
2425 foresail the lowest (and usually the largest) square sail noun
2426 foresee to anticipate, to predict verb
2427 foreshore the ground between the water's edge and cultivated land noun
2428 foresight the ability to foresee or prepare wisely for the future noun
2429 forestall to prevent, delay or hinder something, to avert verb
2430 foretell to tell what's going to happen in the future verb
2431 forethought thinking beforehand, planning, prior consideration noun
2432 forfeit to suffer the loss of something by wrongdoing verb
2433 forfend to prohibit, to forbid, to avert verb
2434 forge to form by heating and hammering, beat into shape verb
2435 forgery the production of a fake work that is claimed to be genuine noun
2436 forgo to let pass, to leave alone verb
2437 forlorn desolate or dreary, as in feeling, condition adjective
2438 formation something possessing structure or form noun
2439 formidable causing fear, apprehension, or dread adjective
2440 formula any fixed or conventional method for doing something noun
2441 forsake to abandon, to give up, to leave (permanently), to renounce verb
2442 forswear to renounce or deny something, especially under oath verb
2443 forte a person's strong suit, talent, or skill adjective
2444 forthright going straight to the point, frank, direct noun
2445 fortify to protect or strengthen against attack verb
2446 fortitude the mental strength that enables courage noun
2447 fortuitous happening or produced by chance, accidental adjective
2448 forum a place for discussion noun
2449 foster to nurture offspring or to provide similar to another child verb
2450 foursome a group of four, a quartet or a game played by four players noun
2451 fourth being one of four equal parts adjective
2452 fracas a noisy, disorderly disturbance or fight noun
2453 fractious refractory or unruly adjective
2454 fracture to break, or cause something to break verb
2455 fragile easily broken or destroyed and often of subtle structure adjective
2456 frailty the condition of being frail, physically, mentally, etc noun
2457 frankincense type of incense obtained from the boswellia thurifera tree noun
2458 frantic desperate or wild with excitement, passion, fear, pain, etc adjective
2459 fraternal of brothers (fraternal twins) adjective
2460 fraudulence characterized by, involving, or proceeding from fraud noun
2461 fraudulent dishonest, based on fraud or deception adjective
2462 fraught filled or charged adjective
2463 fray to unravel, used particularly for the edge of cloth verb
2464 freemason a member of a guild of skilled masons during the middle ages noun
2465 freethinker a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason noun
2466 frenetic frantic, frenzied adjective
2467 frequency the rate of occurrence of anything noun
2468 fresco painting on a moist, plaster surface verb
2469 freshness the state or quality of being fresh noun
2470 fretful irritable, bad-tempered, grumpy or peevish adjective
2471 frieze a decorative band beneath the cornice of an interior wall noun
2472 frightful frightened adjective
2473 frigid very cold, lacking warmth, icy adjective
2474 frigidarium in roman baths, a room with a bath of cold water noun
2475 frisson a sudden surge of excitement, shudder of emotion, thrill noun
2476 frivolity frivolous acts, state of being frivolous noun
2477 frivolous silly, especially at an inappropriate time adjective
2478 frizz of hair, to form into a mass of tight curls verb
2479 frizzle to fry something until crisp and curled verb
2480 frolicsome given to frolicking, playful adjective
2481 frontal of, in, or at the front adjective
2482 frontier lying on the exterior part, bordering adjective
2483 froward willfully contrary, not easily managed adjective
2484 frowzy dirty and untidy, slovenly adjective
2485 frugal avoiding unnecessary expenditure either of money adjective
2486 fruition the fulfillment of something worked for noun
2487 fugacious fleeting, fading quickly, transient adjective
2488 fulcrum the support about which a lever pivots noun
2489 fulminate to explode with a loud noise, detonate verb
2490 fulsome offensive to good taste, especially as being excessive adjective
2491 fumigate to disinfect, purify, rid of vermin with the chemical fumes verb
2492 functionary a person employed as an official who holds limited authority noun
2493 fundamental pertaining to the foundation or basis adjective
2494 fungible being of such nature or kind as to be freely exchangeable adjective
2495 fungous of or pertaining to a fungus, fungal adjective
2496 fungus any member of the kingdom fungi noun
2497 furbish to polish or burnish verb
2498 furlong a unit of distance, equal to 220 yards or 0.2 km noun
2499 furlough a usually temporary layoff from work verb
2500 furrier comparative form of furry, more furry adjective
2501 furrow to make (a) groove, a cut(s) in (the ground etc ) verb
2502 further to encourage growth verb
2503 furtherance the act of furthering or helping forward noun
2504 furtive taken, done, used, etc , surreptitiously or by stealth adjective
2505 fuse to melt together, to blend, to mix indistinguishably verb
2506 fusible able to be fused or melted adjective
2507 fustian a kind of coarse twilled cotton or cotton and linen stuff noun
2508 futile incapable of producing any result, ineffective, useless adjective
2509 futurist in the style of futurism adjective
2510 gaffe a foolish and embarrassing error, esp one made in public noun
2511 gaiety the state of being happy noun
2512 gaily merrily, joyfully adjective
2513 gainsay to deny, dispute, or contradict verb
2514 gait a manner of walking, stepping, or running noun
2515 gallant brave, valiant adjective
2516 galleon a large sailing vessel of the 15th to the 17th centuries noun
2517 galore in abundance adjective
2518 galvanic of or pertaining to galvanism, electric adjective
2519 galvanism the chemical generation of electricity noun
2520 galvanize to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic (electric) current verb
2521 gambit an opening in chess, in which a minor piece is sacrificed noun
2522 gambol to skip about, as in dancing or playing, frolic verb
2523 gamester a person who plays games noun
2524 gamut a (normally) complete range noun
2525 gape to open the mouth wide as in a yawn or surprise verb
2526 garble to confuse unintentionally or ignorantly, jumble verb
2527 gargantuan of the giant gargantua or his appetite adjective
2528 garish overly ostentatious, so colourful as to be in bad taste adjective
2529 garner to reap grain, gather it up, and store it in a granary verb
2530 garnish to decorate with ornamental appendages, to adorn verb
2531 garrison to assign troops to a military post verb
2532 garrote to execute by strangulation verb
2533 garrulous excessively talkative, rambling adjective
2534 gaseous relating to, or existing as, gas adjective
2535 gastric of or relating to the stomach adjective
2536 gastritis inflammation of the lining of the stomach noun
2537 gastronomy the art or science of good eating noun
2538 gauche awkward or lacking in social graces, bumbling adjective
2539 gauge to measure or determine capacity, character, or ability verb
2540 gaunt lean, angular, and bony adjective
2541 gauntlet a medieval glove, as of mail or plate, worn by a knight noun
2542 gendarme a member of the gendarmerie, a policing military body noun
2543 genealogist a person who studies, professes or practices genealogy noun
2544 genealogy a record or account of the ancestry and descent of a person noun
2545 generality the quality of being general noun
2546 generalize to speak in generalities, or in vague terms verb
2547 generally usually, commonly, ordinarily adverb
2548 generic very comprehensive, pertaining or appropriate to big groups adjective
2549 generosity the trait of being willing to donate money and/or time noun
2550 genesis the origin or point at which something begins to exist noun
2551 genial warmly and pleasantly cheerful, cordial adjective
2552 geniality the quality of being warmly and pleasantly cheerful noun
2553 genital of, or relating to biological reproduction adjective
2554 genitive the case which expresses origin or possession (grammar) adjective
2555 genteel polite and well-mannered adjective
2556 gentile non-jewish adjective
2557 geology science of the structure of the earth through study of rocks noun
2558 germane related to the topic being discussed or considered adjective
2559 germinal pertaining or belonging to a germ adjective
2560 germinate to begin to grow or develop verb
2561 gestation the period of time an infant develops inside the mother noun
2562 gesticulate to make gestures or motions, as in speaking, to use postures verb
2563 gesticulate to make animated gestures while speaking verb
2564 gesture to make a gesture or gestures verb
2565 ghastly horrifyingly shocking adjective
2566 ghoulish of or pertaining to ghouls adjective
2567 gibbering speaking inarticulately or meaninglessly verb
2568 gibe to utter mocking or scoffing words verb
2569 giddy to make dizzy or unsteady adjective
2570 gigantic very large adjective
2571 gingerly with great care or caution adjective
2572 girder a beam of steel, wood,etc, used as a main support noun
2573 gist the most essential part, the main idea or substance noun
2574 glacial of, or relating to glaciers adjective
2575 glacier a large body of ice which flows under its own mass noun
2576 gladden to cause (something) to become glad verb
2577 glazier a person who fits windows or the like with glass noun
2578 glean to gather slowly and laboriously, bit by bit verb
2579 glib readily fluent, often thoughtlessly or insincerely so
2580 glimmer to shine with a faint light verb
2581 glimpse to see or view briefly or incompletely verb
2582 gloat to exhibit a conspicuous sense of self-satisfaction verb
2583 globose having a globular form adjective
2584 globular roughly spherical in shape adjective
2585 glorious attributes, qualities, or acts that are worthy of glory adjective
2586 glut to fill to capacity, to satisfy all requirement or demand verb
2587 glutinous glue-like, sticky, viscid adjective
2588 glutton a person who eats and drinks excessively or voraciously noun
2589 gluttonous given to excessive eating, prone to overeating adjective
2590 gluttony the vice of eating to excess noun
2591 gnarled knotty and misshapen adjective
2592 gnash to grind one's teeth in pain or in anger verb
2593 goad to prick or drive with, or as if with, a goad, prod verb
2594 gordian resembling the gordian knot in intricacy adjective
2595 gosling a young goose noun
2596 gossamer a fine, filmy cobweb seen on grass or floating in the air noun
2597 gothic a style of architecture from the mid-12th century adjective
2598 gouge to scoop out or turn with or as if with a gouge noun
2599 gourd the dried shell of a hard fruit used for utensils noun
2600 gourmand a person who is fond of good eating noun
2601 graceless without grace adjective
2602 gradation a sequence of gradual, successive stages noun
2603 gradient an inclined surface, grade, ramp noun
2604 granary a storage facility for grain or sometimes animal feed noun
2605 grandeur the state of being grand or splendid, magnificence noun
2606 grandiloquence lofty, pompous or bombastic speech or writing noun
2607 grandiloquent overly wordy, pompous, flowery, or elaborate adjective
2608 grandiose large and impressive, in size, scope or extent adjective
2609 grantee the person to whom something is granted noun
2610 grantor a person who grants something noun
2611 granular consisting of, or resembling, granules or grains adjective
2612 granulate to segment into tiny grains or particles verb
2613 granule a tiny grain, a small particle noun
2614 grapple to seize something and hold it firmly verb
2615 grate to shred things, usually food, by rubbing across a grater verb
2616 gratification the act of pleasing the mind, the taste, or the appetite noun
2617 gratify to give pleasure by satisfying desires, to indulge verb
2618 gratis free, without charge adjective
2619 gratuitous being without apparent reason, cause, or justification adjective
2620 gratuity a reward, or payment provided freely, without obligation noun
2621 gregarious fond of the company of others, sociable adjective
2622 grenadier a type of soldier, originally one who threw grenades noun
2623 grievance something which causes grief noun
2624 grievous causing grief, pain or sorrow adjective
2625 grimace to distort one's face, to make faces verb
2626 grindstone an abrasive wheel for sharpening, polishing or grinding noun
2627 grisly horrifyingly repellent, terrifying, gruesome adjective
2628 gristle cartilage, especially in meats noun
2629 gritty containing sand or grit, full of hard particles adjective
2630 grotesque distorted and unnatural in shape or size, abnormal, hideous adjective
2631 grotto a cave or cavern noun
2632 grouse any gallinaceous birds of the subfamily tetraoninae noun
2633 grovel to humble oneself or act in an abject manner verb
2634 gruff to have a rough, surly, or harsh nature adjective
2635 guess to reach a partly (or totally) unqualified conclusion verb
2636 guffaw to laugh boisterously verb
2637 guile insidious cunning in attaining a goal, artful deception noun
2638 guileless sincere, honest, straightforward, frank adjective
2639 guinea a coastal region in w africa noun
2640 guise general external appearance, aspect, semblance noun
2641 gullibility the quality of believing information, truthful or otherwise noun
2642 gullible easily deceived or cheated adjective
2643 gumption energy of mind and body, enthusiasm noun
2644 gustatory of, or relating to, the sense of taste adjective
2645 gusto enthusiasm, enjoyment, vigor noun
2646 guzzle to drink quickly, voraciously, or to excess verb
2647 gynecocracy a society ruled by women noun
2648 gynecology a medical science dealing with women's reproductive health noun
2649 gyrate to revolve round a central point, to revolve verb
2650 gyroscope apparatus of a wheel which spins inside of a frame noun
2651 habitable safe and comfortable, fit for habitation adjective
2652 habitant inhabitant, dweller noun
2653 habitual behaving in a regular manner, as a habit adjective
2654 habitude the essential character of one's being or existence noun
2655 hackles the erectile hair on the back of an animal's neck noun
2656 hackney to make uninteresting or trite by frequent use verb
2657 hackneyed made commonplace or trite, stale adjective
2658 haggard looking exhausted and unwell, in poor condition adjective
2659 hail to cheer, salute, or greet, welcome verb
2660 halcyon calm, peaceful, tranquil adjective
2661 hale free from disease or infirmity, robust, vigorous adjective
2662 hallow to make holy, to sanctify verb
2663 hamper to hold back, hinder, impede verb
2664 handwriting writing done with a pen or pencil in the hand, script noun
2665 hangar a large garage-like structure where aircraft are kept noun
2666 hap to happen, to befall, to chance verb
2667 haphazard random, chaotic, incomplete, not thorough adjective
2668 hapless unlucky, luckless, unfortunate adjective
2669 harangue to give a forceful and lengthy lecture or criticism verb
2670 harass to fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts verb
2671 harbinger a person who makes known the approach of another, herald noun
2672 hard-hearted unfeeling, unmerciful, pitiless adjective
2673 hardihood boldness and daring noun
2674 hardy having rugged physical strength, inured to fatigue adjective
2675 harmonious marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action adjective
2676 harrowing extremely disturbing or distressing, grievous adjective
2677 haste swiftness of motion, speed noun
2678 haughtiness the state or property of being haughty, arrogance, snobbery noun
2679 haughty disdainfully proud, snobbish, scornfully arrogant adjective
2680 hauteur haughtiness or arrogance, loftiness noun
2681 havoc great destruction or devastation noun
2682 hawthorn any of various small trees having small fruits and thorns noun
2683 hazard an unavoidable danger or risk, even though often foreseeable noun
2684 headstrong determined to do as one pleases, and not as others want adjective
2685 heartrending that causes great grief, anguish or distress adjective
2686 heathenish somewhat like a heathen adjective
2687 heckle to harass with impertinent questions or gibes verb
2688 hedonism the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the highest good noun
2689 heed to give careful attention to verb
2690 hegemony leadership exercised by one nation over others noun
2691 heifer a young female bovine (cow) that has not yet had a calf noun
2692 heinous hateful, odious, abominable, totally reprehensible adjective
2693 hemorrhage a profuse discharge of blood from a ruptured blood vessel noun
2694 hemorrhoid an abnormally enlarged vein, occurring inside the rectum noun
2695 hence as an inference from this fact, for this reason, therefore adverb
2696 henchman a loyal and trusted follower or subordinate noun
2697 henpeck to nag persistently verb
2698 heptagon a polygon with seven sides and seven angles noun
2699 heptarchy government by seven people noun
2700 herbaceous of, pertaining to, or characteristic of an herb adjective
2701 herbarium a collection of dried plants or parts of plants noun
2702 herbivorous feeding only on plants adjective
2703 herculean requiring the great strength of a hercules, hard to perform adjective
2704 hereditary passing naturally from parent to offspring through the genes adjective
2705 heredity transmission of the qualities of parents to their offspring noun
2706 heresy opinion or doctrine at variance with the accepted doctrine noun
2707 heretic anyone who does not conform to an established doctrine noun
2708 heretical of or pertaining to heresy or heretics adjective
2709 heritage an inheritance, property that may be inherited noun
2710 hermetic made airtight by fusion or sealing adjective
2711 hernia disorder where a part of the body protrudes through a tear noun
2712 heroine a woman of distinguished courage or ability noun
2713 hesitancy a pausing before beginning a task, often as a result of fear noun
2714 hesitant tending to hesitate, wait, or proceed with caution adjective
2715 hesitation a delay due to uncertainty of mind or fear noun
2716 heterodox religious teachings not different enough to be heretical adjective
2717 heterodoxy the quality of being heterodox noun
2718 heterogeneity the state of being composed from dissimilar parts noun
2719 heterogeneous diverse in kind or nature, composed of diverse parts adjective
2720 heteromorphic having different forms in different stages of the life cycle adjective
2721 hew to strike forcibly with a cutting instrument, chop verb
2722 hexagon a polygon with six sides and six angles noun
2723 hexangular having six angles or corners adjective
2724 hexapod having six feet, six-footed adjective
2725 hiatus a gap in a series, making it incomplete noun
2726 hibernal of or pertaining to winter, brumal or hiemal adjective
2727 hibernian characteristic of ireland or its inhabitants, irish adjective
2728 hidebound bound with the hide of an animal adjective
2729 hideous frightful, shocking, extremely ugly adjective
2730 hierarchy any system of persons or things ranked one above another noun
2731 hieroglyphics a pictographic script, e.g. that of the ancient egyptians noun
2732 hillock a small hill noun
2733 hinder to make difficult to accomplish, act as obstacle verb
2734 hindmost furthest behind or nearest the rear, last adjective
2735 hindrance something that holds back something else noun
2736 hindsight recognition of the realities of a situation after it happens noun
2737 hirsute hairy, shaggy adjective
2738 histrionic of, or relating to actors or acting adjective
2739 hoard to amass, usually for one's personal collection verb
2740 hoarse afflicted by a dry, quite harsh voice adjective
2741 hoary white or gray with age adjective
2742 hoc the latin word for "this" noun
2743 holocaust a great or complete devastation or destruction noun
2744 homage in feudalism, the oath of a vassal to honor a lord's rights noun
2745 homeopathy alternative medicine doctrine of "like cures like" noun
2746 homily a sermon, especially concerning a practical matter noun
2747 homogeneity the state or quality of being homogeneous noun
2748 homologous showing a degree of correspondence or similarity adjective
2749 homonym word that sounds like another but has a different meaning noun
2750 homophone word pronounced the same as another but differs in spelling noun
2751 hone to sharpen on a hone verb
2752 honorarium compensation for services without a predetermined value noun
2753 hoodwink to deceive or trick verb
2754 horde a wandering troop or gang noun
2755 hosiery stockings or socks of any kind noun
2756 hospitable cordial and generous towards guests adjective
2757 hostility the state of being hostile noun
2758 hubris excessive pride or self-confidence, arrogance noun
2759 huckster to haggle, to wrangle, or to bargain verb
2760 hue a gradation or variety of a color, tint noun
2761 humane having regard for the health and well-being of another adjective
2762 humanitarian having concern for or helping to improve people's welfare adjective
2763 humanize to give, cause to have the fundamental properties of a human verb
2764 humble not proud or arrogant, modest adjective
2765 humbug to play a trick on verb
2766 humdrum lacking variety, boring, dull adjective
2767 humiliate to injure a person's dignity and self-respect verb
2768 hummock an elevated tract of land above the level of a marshy region noun
2769 humus the dark organic material in soils noun
2770 husbandry the production of edible crops or of animals for food noun
2771 hussar one of the light cavalry of european armies noun
2772 hustle to rush or hurry verb
2773 hybrid the offspring of two animals or plants of different breeds noun
2774 hydra a nine-headed serpent, which when cut off grow back as two noun
2775 hydraulic operated by, or employing water or other liquids in motion adjective
2776 hydrodynamics the branch of fluid dynamics that deals with liquids noun
2777 hydroelectric generating electricity by using the energy of moving water adjective
2778 hydrometallurgy the technique of extracting metals with liquid solvents noun
2779 hydrometer an instrument for determining the gravity of a liquid noun
2780 hydrostatics the scientific study of fluids at rest noun
2781 hydrous containing combined water, hydrated adjective
2782 hygiene the science of health, its promotion and preservation noun
2783 hyperbole extreme exaggeration or overstatement, a rhetorical device noun
2784 hypercritical meticulously or excessively critical adjective
2785 hypnosis an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep noun
2786 hypnotic of or pertaining to hypnosis or hypnotism adjective
2787 hypnotize to induce somebody into a state of hypnosis verb
2788 hypochondriac an excessive preoccupation with and worry about one's health adjective
2789 hypocrisy pretense of having principles that one does not really have noun
2790 hypocrite one whose actions are inconsistent with their claimed belief noun
2791 hypocritical characterized by hypocrisy or being a hypocrite adjective
2792 hypodermic pertaining to parts under the skin adjective
2793 hypotenuse the side of a right triangle opposite the right angle noun
2794 hypothesis a proposition given as explanation for a group of phenomena noun
2795 hypothetical based upon a hypothesis, conjectural adjective
2796 hysteria exhibiting uncontrollable emotion, such as fear or panic noun
2797 ichthyic of, pertaining to, or like fish, piscine adjective
2798 ichthyology the branch of zoology dealing with fishes noun
2799 ichthyosaur a fishlike marine reptile of the extinct order ichthyosauria noun
2800 icily in an icy manner adverb
2801 iciness the state or quality of being icy or very cold, frigidity noun
2802 iconoclast one who destroys religious images or icons noun
2803 idealist a person who cherishes or pursues noble principles, etc noun
2804 idealize to regard something as ideal verb
2805 ideology doctrine, philosophy, body of beliefs or principles noun
2806 idiom a manner of speaking, a way of expressing oneself noun
2807 idiosyncrasy a characteristic, habit, mannerism peculiar to an individual noun
2808 idolatrous worshipping idols adjective
2809 idolatry the religious worship of idols noun
2810 idolize to make an idol of, or to worship as an idol verb
2811 idyllic of or pertaining to idylls, charmingly simple or rustic adjective
2812 ignoble not noble, plebeian, common adjective
2813 ignominious discreditable, humiliating adjective
2814 ignominy great dishonor, shame, or humiliation noun
2815 ill-natured bad-tempered, irritable or malevolent adjective
2816 illegitimate born out of wedlock adjective
2817 illiberal restrictive to individual choice and freedom, authoritarian adjective
2818 illicit lacking licitness, but not invalid adjective
2819 illimitable impervious to limitation, without limit adjective
2820 illiterate unable to read and write adjective
2821 illogical contrary to logic, lacking sense or sound reasoning adjective
2822 illuminant something that illuminates noun
2823 illuminate to shine light on something verb
2824 illumine to illuminate verb
2825 illusion anything that seems to be something that it is not noun
2826 illusive subject to or pertaining to an illusion adjective
2827 illusory resulting from an illusion, deceptive, imaginary, unreal adjective
2828 illustrious highly distinguished, renowned, famous adjective
2829 imaginary existing only in the imagination adjective
2830 imbibe to drink (used frequently of alcoholic beverages) verb
2831 imbroglio a misunderstanding, disagreement, etc noun
2832 imbrue to stain (in, with, blood, slaughter, etc ) verb
2833 imbue to stain an object completely with some physical quality verb
2834 imitation the act of imitating noun
2835 imitator one who imitates or apes another noun
2836 immaculate free from spot or stain, immaculately clean adjective
2837 immaterial having no matter or substance adjective
2838 immature not fully formed or developed, unripe adjective
2839 immeasurable impossible to measure adjective
2840 immense huge, gigantic, very large adjective
2841 immerse to put under the surface of a liquid, to dunk verb
2842 immigrant of or relating to immigrants or the act of immigrating adjective
2843 immigrate to move into another country to stay there permanently verb
2844 imminent about to happen, occur, or take place very soon adjective
2845 immiscible (of two or more liquids) that are not mutually soluble adjective
2846 immoderate excessive or lacking, not consistent adjective
2847 immolate to sacrifice verb
2848 immoral not moral, inconsistent with rectitude or good morals adjective
2849 immortalize to bestow unending fame upon, perpetuate verb
2850 immovable incapable of being physically moved, fixed adjective
2851 immune exempt, not subject to adjective
2852 immunity the state of being insusceptible to something noun
2853 immure to cloister, confine, imprison, to lock up behind walls verb
2854 immutable unchangeable, changeless adjective
2855 impair to weaken, to affect negatively verb
2856 impalpable incapable of being perceived by touch, intangible adjective
2857 impart to make known, to tell, to relate verb
2858 impartial treating all parties, rivals, or disputants equally, fair adjective
2859 impassable incapable of being passed over, crossed, or negotiated adjective
2860 impasse a situation from which there is no escape, deadlock noun
2861 impassible not allowing passage over, through, along, etc adjective
2862 impassioned filled with intense emotion or passion, fervent adjective
2863 impassive having, or revealing, no emotion adjective
2864 impatience restlessness and intolerance of delays noun
2865 impeccable faultless, flawless, irreproachable adjective
2866 impecunious having little or no money, poor adjective
2867 impede to obstruct, hinder verb
2868 impel to urge a person, to press on, to incite to action or motion verb
2869 impend to be about to happen or occur verb
2870 impenitent not feeling regret over one's sins adjective
2871 imperative essential adjective
2872 imperceptible not perceptible, not detectable, too small to be observed adjective
2873 imperfectible incapable of being made perfect adjective
2874 imperial related to an empire, emperor, or empress adjective
2875 imperil to put into peril, to place in danger or cause a hazard verb
2876 imperious domineering, arrogant, or overbearing adjective
2877 impermissible not permissible, not to be permitted or allowed adjective
2878 impersonal not personal, not having personality adjective
2879 impersonate to assume the character or appearance of verb
2880 impersuadable not to be persuaded, obstinate, unyielding adjective
2881 impertinent insolent, ill-mannered adjective
2882 imperturbable incapable of being upset or agitated, not easily excited adjective
2883 impervious not permitting penetration or passage, impenetrable adjective
2884 impetuosity the quality of making rash or arbitrary decisions noun
2885 impetuous of, pertaining to, or characterized by sudden or rash action adjective
2886 impetus something that impels, a stimulating factor noun
2887 impiety the state of being impious noun
2888 impinge to make an impression, have an effect or impact verb
2889 impious not pious or religious, lacking reverence for god, etc adjective
2890 implacable not to be appeased, mollified, or pacified adjective
2891 implausible not plausible, unlikely, dubious adjective
2892 implement to bring about, to put into practice verb
2893 impliable not pliable, inflexible, unyielding adjective
2894 implicate to show to be involved, usually in an incriminating manner verb
2895 implicit implied indirectly, without being directly expressed adjective
2896 imply to indicate or suggest without being explicitly stated verb
2897 impolitic not in accordance with good policy, unwise, inexpedient adjective
2898 importation the act or an instance of importing noun
2899 importunate to importune, or to obtain by importunity verb
2900 importune to harass with persistent requests verb
2901 imposture the action or practice of imposing fraudulently upon others noun
2902 impotent lacking physical strength or vigor, weak adjective
2903 impoverish make poor verb
2904 impracticable not practicable, impossible or difficult in practice adjective
2905 imprecation the act of imprecating, or invoking evil upon someone noun
2906 impregnate to cause to become pregnant verb
2907 impromptu improvised, without prior preparation, unplanned adjective
2908 improper not proper, not strictly belonging, applicable, etc adjective
2909 improvident failing to provide for the future, reckless adjective
2910 improvise to compose and perform without previous preparation verb
2911 imprudent not prudent, wanting in prudence or discretion, indiscreet adjective
2912 impudent lacking discretion, incautious, rash adjective
2913 impugn to challenge as false,cast doubt upon verb
2914 impugned dispute the validit or honesty of a statement or motive verb
2915 impuissance lacking strength, feeble, weak noun
2916 impulsion the act of impelling,  driving onward, or pushing noun
2917 impunity exemption from punishment noun
2918 impure not pure, mixed with extraneous matter, contaminated adjective
2919 impute to reckon as pertaining or attributable, to attribute verb
2920 in medias res in the midst of things, to begin in the middle of the action adjective
2921 inaccessible not able to be accessed, out of reach, inconvenient adjective
2922 inaccurate mistaken or incorrect, not accurate adjective
2923 inactive not active, temporarily or permanently adjective
2924 inadequate not adequate, unequal to the purpose, insufficient adjective
2925 inadmissible not admissible, cannot be admitted as evidence at a trial adjective
2926 inadvertent unintentional adjective
2927 inadvisable unwise, not recommended, not prudent, not to be advised adjective
2928 inalienable incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred adjective
2929 inane lacking sense/meaning, to the point of boredom or annoyance adjective
2930 inanimate lacking the quality or ability of motion adjective
2931 inapprehensible that cannot be apprehended, not apprehensible adjective
2932 inapt not apt, unsuitable, inept adjective
2933 inarticulate lacking the ability to express oneself, esp. through speech adjective
2934 inaudible not able to be heard or not loud enough to be heard adjective
2935 inaugurate to induct into office with a formal ceremony verb
2936 inauspicious not auspicious, ill-omened, unfortunate, unlucky adjective
2937 inborn naturally present at birth, innate adjective
2938 inbred resulting from or involved in inbreeding adjective
2939 incandescence intensely bright, brilliant noun
2940 incantation the uttering of words purporting to have magical power noun
2941 incapacitate to make incapable (of doing something) verb
2942 incapacity the lack of a capacity, an inability noun
2943 incarcerate to imprison, confine verb
2944 incarnate embodied in flesh, given a bodily, especially a human, form adjective
2945 incendiary capable of causing fire adjective
2946 incense to anger or infuriate verb
2947 incentive something that motivates, rouses, or encourages noun
2948 inception the creation or beginning of something, the establishment noun
2949 inceptive beginning, of or relating to inception adjective
2950 incessant continuing without interruption, ceaseless, unending adjective
2951 inchmeal by inch, little by little adverb
2952 inchoate not yet completed or fully developed adjective
2953 inchoative at the beginning, still in an unformed state adjective
2954 incidence the rate or range of occurrence of something noun
2955 incident arising as the result of an event, inherent adjective
2956 incidental loosely associated, existing as a by-product, tangent adjective
2957 incinerate to destroy by burning verb
2958 incipient a beginning, or first stage adjective
2959 incisal relating to the cutting edge of the incisor and cusped teeth adjective
2960 incise to cut into, cut marks, figures, etc verb
2961 incisive penetrating, cutting, biting, trenchant adjective
2962 incisor one of the front teeth of mammals, between the canines noun
2963 incite to rouse, stir up or excite verb
2964 incitement a call to act, encouragement to act noun
2965 inclement stormy, of rough weather adjective
2966 inclination a disposition or bent, especially of the mind or will noun
2967 inclusive the stated limit or extreme in consideration adjective
2968 incoercible not to be coerced, incapable of being compelled or forced adjective
2969 incoherent not coherent, not in a consistent fashion adjective
2970 incombustible not capable of catching fire and burning, not flammable adjective
2971 incomparable so much better than another as to be beyond comparison adjective
2972 incompatible of two things, impossible to coexist, irreconcilable adjective
2973 incompetent unskilled, lacking normally expected degree of ability adjective
2974 incomplete not complete, not finished, not having all its parts adjective
2975 incomprehensible impossible or very difficult to understand adjective
2976 incompressible not compressible adjective
2977 inconceivable unable to be conceived, unbelievable adjective
2978 incongruous out of keeping or place, inappropriate, unbecoming adjective
2979 inconsequential having no consequence, of little importance adjective
2980 inconsiderable too trivial or unimportant to be worthy of attention adjective
2981 inconsistent not consistent adjective
2982 inconspicuous not prominent or easily noticeable adjective
2983 inconstant not constant, wavering adjective
2984 incontrovertible  not open to question or dispute, indisputable adjective
2985 inconvenient not convenient adjective
2986 incorrigible not corrigible, bad beyond correction or reform adjective
2987 incredulity unwillingness or inability to believe, doubt, disbelief noun
2988 incredulous skeptical, disbelieving, or unable to believe adjective
2989 increment to increase by steps or by a step, especially by one verb
2990 incubus an evil spirit supposed to oppress people while asleep noun
2991 inculcate to implant by repeated statement, teach persistently verb
2992 incumbent holding an indicated position, role, office, etc adjective
2993 incursion a hostile entrance into or invasion of a place, a raid noun
2994 indefatigable extremely persistent and untiring adjective
2995 indefensible not defensible, not capable of being defended, vulnerable adjective
2996 indefinite not definite, without fixed or specified limit adjective
2997 indelible making marks that cannot be erased, removed, or the like adjective
2998 indemnify to compensate for damage or loss sustained, expense, etc verb
2999 indemnity obligation upon an individual to incur the losses of another noun
3000 indescribable impossible, or very difficult to describe adjective
3001 indestructible not destructible, incapable of being destroyed, invincible adjective
3002 indicant something that indicates, indicator noun
3003 indicator a person or thing that indicates something noun
3004 indict to accuse of wrongdoing, charge verb
3005 indictment a formal accusation initiating a criminal case noun
3006 indifferent not caring, apathetic adjective
3007 indigence extreme poverty or destitution noun
3008 indigenous born or engendered in, native to a land or region adjective
3009 indigent lacking food, clothing, etc because of poverty adjective
3010 indigestible difficult or impossible to digest adjective
3011 indigestion a common medical condition often caused by eating quickly noun
3012 indignant showing anger or indignation, esp. at something unjust adjective
3013 indignity an injury to a person's dignity noun
3014 indiscernible not discernible, that cannot be seen or perceived clearly adjective
3015 indiscreet not discreet, lacking prudence or circumspection adjective
3016 indiscriminate not discriminating, lacking in care, judgment, etc adjective
3017 indispensable absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite adjective
3018 indistinct not clearly defined or not having a sharp outline, faint adjective
3019 indivertible not to be diverted or turned aside adjective
3020 indolence habitual laziness or sloth noun
3021 indomitable that cannot be subdued or overcome, as persons or courage adjective
3022 indubitable clearly true, providing no possibility of doubt adjective
3023 induce to lead by persuasion or influence, incite verb
3024 induct to formally or ceremoniously install in an office, position verb
3025 inductee a person who is inducted into an organization noun
3026 indulge (often followed by "in"): to yield to a temptation or desire verb
3027 industrious working energetically and devotedly, hard-working adjective
3028 inebriate to cause to be drunk verb
3029 inebriation the state or characteristic of drunkenness noun
3030 inedible unfit to be eaten adjective
3031 ineffable incapable of being expressed or described in words adjective
3032 inefficacious not able to produce the desired effect, ineffective adjective
3033 inefficient unable to achieve the desired result economically adjective
3034 ineligible not eligible,  not permitted or suitable adjective
3035 ineluctable incapable of being evaded, inescapable adjective
3036 inept not able to do something, not proficient adjective
3037 inert unable to move or act, inanimate adjective
3038 inertia the property of a body that resists any change to its motion noun
3039 inestimable not able to be estimated as because of great scale or degree adjective
3040 inevitable impossible to avoid or prevent adjective
3041 inexcusable not excusable adjective
3042 inexhaustible impossible to exhaust, unlimited adjective
3043 inexorable unyielding, unalterable adjective
3044 inexpedient not tending to the end desired, inadvisable, unfit, improper adjective
3045 inexpensive low in price adjective
3046 inexperience a lack of experience noun
3047 inexplicable impossible to explain, not easily accounted for adjective
3048 inexpressible unable to be expressed adjective
3049 inextensible not capable of being extended adjective
3050 inextricable impossible to untie or disentangle adjective
3051 infallible unfailing in effectiveness or operation, certain adjective
3052 infamous having a bad reputation, of bad report, notoriously vile adjective
3053 infamy extremely bad reputation, public reproach noun
3054 infer to derive by reasoning, conclude from premises or evidence verb
3055 inference the act or process of inferring by deduction or induction noun
3056 infernal hellish, fiendish, diabolical adjective
3057 infest to live in or overrun to an unwanted degree verb
3058 infidel a non-believer of a certain religion noun
3059 infiltrate to surreptitiously penetrate, enter or gain access verb
3060 infinite indefinably large, countlessly great, immense adjective
3061 infinitesimal incalculably, exceedingly, or immeasurably minute adjective
3062 infirm to contradict, to provide proof that something is not verb
3063 infirmary a place where sick or injured people are cared for noun
3064 infirmity feebleness, frailty or ailment, especially due to old age noun
3065 inflammable capable of burning, easily set on fire adjective
3066 inflammatory tending to inflame or provoke somebody adjective
3067 inflexible not flexible, not capable of bending or being bent, stiff adjective
3068 influence the capacity to be a compelling force on actions, behavior
3069 influx a flow inward or into something noun
3070 infraction a minor offence, petty crime noun
3071 infrastructure the basic, underlying framework of a system of organization noun
3072 infrequent rarely happening or present, only occasional adjective
3073 infringe break or violate a treaty, a law, a right etc verb
3074 infuse to cause to become an element of something, insert or fill verb
3075 infusion that which is infused noun
3076 ingenious displaying genius or brilliance, tending to invent adjective
3077 ingenue an innocent, naïve, wholesome girl or young woman noun
3078 ingénue alternative spelling of ingénue noun
3079 ingenuous naive and trusting adjective
3080 inglorious ignominious, disgraceful, not famous, obscure adjective
3081 ingraft to insert, as of one plant into another, for propagation verb
3082 ingrate ungrateful adjective
3083 ingratiate to establish (oneself) in the favor or good graces of others verb
3084 ingratitude a lack or absence of gratitude, thanklessness noun
3085 inherent naturally a part or consequence of something adjective
3086 inhibit to hinder, to restrain verb
3087 inhospitable not inclined to hospitality, unfriendly adjective
3088 inhuman of or pertaining to inhumanity and the indifferently cruel adjective
3089 inhume to bury in a grave verb
3090 inimical adverse in tendency or effect, unfavorable, harmful adjective
3091 inimitable beyond imitation, surpassing all others, matchless adjective
3092 iniquitous characterized by injustice or wickedness adjective
3093 iniquity deviation from what is right, wickedness, gross injustice noun
3094 initiate to begin, to start, to introduce verb
3095 inject to pump (especially fluids) into a cavity or passage verb
3096 injunction the act of enjoining, the act of directing, commanding noun
3097 inkling a slight suspicion or hint noun
3098 inland within the land, remote from the ocean adjective
3099 inlet an indentation of a shoreline, small bay or arm noun
3100 inmost the very deepest within, innermost adjective
3101 innate existing in one from birth, inborn, native adjective
3102 innocuous not harmful or injurious, harmless adjective
3103 innovate to alter, to change into something new verb
3104 innuendo a derogatory hint or reference to a person or thing noun
3105 innumerable not capable of being counted, indefinitely numerous adjective
3106 inoculate to introduce an antigenic substance or vaccine into the body verb
3107 inoffensive not offensive adjective
3108 inopportune unsuitable for some particular purpose adjective
3109 inordinate excessive, unreasonable or inappropriate in magnitude adjective
3110 inquire to ask (about something) verb
3111 inquisition an investigation or inquiry into the truth of some matter noun
3112 inroad an advance into enemy territory, an attempted invasion noun
3113 insatiable a damaging or serious encroachment noun
3114 inscribe to write or cut words onto something, to engrave verb
3115 inscrutable difficult or impossible to comprehend, fathom, or interpret adjective
3116 insecure not secure adjective
3117 insensible unable to be perceived by the senses adjective
3118 insentient having no consciousness or animation, not sentient adjective
3119 inseparable not able to be separated, bound together permanently adjective
3120 insidious intended to entrap or beguile adjective
3121 insight a sight or view of the interior of anything, introspection noun
3122 insinuate to make a way for or introduce something by subtle means verb
3123 insipid without distinctive, interesting, or stimulating qualities adjective
3124 insistent standing or resting on something adjective
3125 insolence arrogant conduct, insulting, bold behaviour or attitude noun
3126 insolent insulting in manner or words adjective
3127 insomnia a sleeping disorder that is known for inability to sleep noun
3128 insouciant free from concern, worry, or anxiety, carefree, nonchalant adjective
3129 inspector a person employed to inspect something noun
3130 instance to mention as a case or example, to refer to, to cite verb
3131 instant an infinitesimal or very short space of time, a moment adjective
3132 instigate to goad or urge forward, to set on, to provoke, to incite verb
3133 instigator a person who intentionally incites or starts something noun
3134 instill to cause a quality to become part of someone's nature verb
3135 institute to begin or initiate something verb
3136 instructive conveying knowledge, information or instruction adjective
3137 insufficient not sufficient adjective
3138 insular of, pertaining to, being, or resembling an island or islands adjective
3139 insulate cover or line with material to prevent passage of heat, etc verb
3140 insult to treat or speak to insolently, with contemptuous rudeness verb
3141 insuperable impossible to achieve or overcome or be negotiated adjective
3142 insuppressible that cannot be suppressed adjective
3143 insurgence an uprising or rebellion, an insurrection noun
3144 insurrection an organized opposition to an authority, a rebellion noun
3145 intangible incapable of being perceived by the senses, incorporeal adjective
3146 integral constituting a whole together, not omittable or removable adjective
3147 integrity adherence to moral and ethical principles noun
3148 intellect the faculty of thinking, judging, abstract reasoning, etc noun
3149 intelligible capable of being understood, comprehensible, clear adjective
3150 intemperance lack of moderation or temperance, excess noun
3151 intension intensification, increase in degree noun
3152 intention a course of action that a person intends to follow noun
3153 inter to bury in a grave verb
3154 interact to act one upon another verb
3155 intercede to plea on someone else's behalf verb
3156 intercept to stop, deflect or divert (something in progress or motion) verb
3157 intercession an act or instance of interceding noun
3158 intercessor a person who intercedes, a mediator noun
3159 interdict any prohibitory decree of a court or administrative officer noun
3160 interim an intervening time, transitional, meantime adjective
3161 interject to insert something between other things verb
3162 interlocutor a person who takes part in dialogue or conversation noun
3163 interloper a person who interferes or meddles in the affairs of others noun
3164 interlude an intervening episode, space, period, etc verb
3165 intermediate to mediate, to be an intermediate verb
3166 interminable existing or occurring without interruption or end, ceaseless adjective
3167 intermission a break between two performances or sessions (concert, etc) noun
3168 intermit to interrupt, to stop or cease temporarily, to suspend verb
3169 internecine of or pertaining to conflict or struggle within a group adjective
3170 interpolate to introduce (something additional) between other things verb
3171 interpose to insert something (or oneself) between other things verb
3172 interpreter one who translates the words of a speaker to the audience noun
3173 interrogate to question or quiz, especially in a thorough manner verb
3174 intersect to cross, to cut verb
3175 intersperse to mix irregularly something with something else verb
3176 interstice a small opening or space between objects noun
3177 intervale a lowly tract of land along a river noun
3178 intervene to come between, or to be between, persons or things verb
3179 intestacy the state of dying without having made a valid will noun
3180 intestate to be without a valid will adjective
3181 intestine the lower part of the alimentary canal noun
3182 intimacy the state of being intimate noun
3183 intimation the act of intimating, also, the thing intimated noun
3184 intimidate to make timid or fearful, to inspire or affect with fear verb
3185 intolerable not capable of being borne or endured, insufferable adjective
3186 intoxicant an intoxicating agent, as alcohol or drugs adjective
3187 intoxicate to stupefy by doping with chemical substances like alcohol verb
3188 intracellular inside or within a cell adjective
3189 intractable not easily controlled, not docile or manageable, stubborn adjective
3190 intramural pertaining to something within one institution adjective
3191 intransigent unwilling to compromise or moderate a position, stubborn adjective
3192 intrepid resolutely fearless, dauntless adjective
3193 intricacy the state or quality of being intricate or entangled noun
3194 intricate to become enmeshed or entangled verb
3195 intrigue to conceive or carry out a secret plan intended to harm verb
3196 intrinsic innate, inherent, inseparable from itself, essential adjective
3197 introductory introducing, giving a preview or idea of adjective
3198 introgression genes of one species introduced in the gene pool of another noun
3199 intromit to send, put or let in, to introduce, to admit verb
3200 introspect consider one's own internal state or feelings verb
3201 introvert one who focuses on their own mind, feelings, or affairs noun
3202 intrude to enter without permission verb
3203 intuition immediate cognition without the use of rational processes noun
3204 intuitive doesn't require conscious thought, understood by intuition adjective
3205 inundate to cover with large amounts of water, to flood verb
3206 inundation an overflow, a flood noun
3207 inure to come into use, take or have effect verb
3208 inured to accustom to hardship, difficulty, pain, etc verb
3209 invalid an infirm or sickly person noun
3210 invalidate to make invalid, especially applied to contract law verb
3211 invaluable of great value, costly, precious, priceless adjective
3212 invariable not variable, constant adjective
3213 invasion a military action of armed forces entering another territory noun
3214 invective vehement or violent denunciation, censure, or reproach noun
3215 inveigh to protest strongly or attack vehemently with words verb
3216 inveigle to convert, convince or win over with flattery or wiles verb
3217 inventive of, or relating to invention adjective
3218 inverse reversed position, direction, or tendency adjective
3219 inversion the action of inverting noun
3220 invert to turn (something) upside down or inside out verb
3221 investigator one who investigates noun
3222 investor a person who invests money in order to make a profit noun
3223 inveterate settled or confirmed in a habit, practice, or feeling adjective
3224 invidious calculated to create ill will or resentment or give offense adjective
3225 invigorate to impart vigor, strength, or vitality to verb
3226 invincible impossible to defeat, destroy or kill adjective
3227 inviolable not susceptible of violence or of being profaned/corrupted adjective
3228 invocation the act of calling for the presence of some superior being noun
3229 invoke to call upon (a person, especially a god) for help verb
3230 involuntary without intention, unintentional adjective
3231 involution entanglement, a spiralling inwards, intricacy noun
3232 involve to roll or fold up, to wind round, to entwine verb
3233 invulnerable incapable of being wounded, or of receiving injury adjective
3234 inwardly in or on, or with reference to, the inside or inner part adjective
3235 iota the ninth, and smallest, letter of the greek alphabet noun
3236 irascible easily provoked to anger, very irritable adjective
3237 irate extremely angry, wrathful, enraged adjective
3238 ire to anger, to fret, to irritate verb
3239 iridescent producing a display of lustrous, rainbow-like colors adjective
3240 irk to irritate, annoy, bother verb
3241 irksome disagreeable or troublesome, bothersome, annoying adjective
3242 irony use of words to convey meaning opposite the literal meaning noun
3243 irradiance incident flux of radiant energy per unit area noun
3244 irradiate to throw rays of light upon, to illuminate, to brighten verb
3245 irrational not rational, unfounded or nonsensical adjective
3246 irreducible not able to be reduced or lessened adjective
3247 irrefragable which cannot be refuted, indisputable, clearly right adjective
3248 irrefragable not able to be refuted or disproved adjective
3249 irrefrangible not to broken or transgressed, inviolable adjective
3250 irrefutable undeniable, unable to be disproved or refuted adjective
3251 irrelevant not related, not applicable, unimportant, not connected adjective
3252 irreligious contrary to religious beliefs and practices adjective
3253 irreparable incapable of being repaired, amended, cured or rectified adjective
3254 irrepressible not containable or controllable adjective
3255 irreproachable free from blame, not open to reproach or criticism adjective
3256 irresistible not able to be resisted adjective
3257 irresolute undecided or unsure how to act adjective
3258 irresponsible lacking a sense of responsibility adjective
3259 irreverent lacking proper respect or seriousness, sarcastic adjective
3260 irreversible incapable of being reversed or turned about or back adjective
3261 irrevocable unable to be retracted or reversed, final adjective
3262 irrhetorical not rhetorical adjective
3263 irrigate to supply farmland with water verb
3264 irritable capable of being irritated adjective
3265 irritancy the quality of being irritant or irritating noun
3266 irritate to provoke impatience, anger, or displeasure verb
3267 irruption the action of irrupting or breaking into, a violent entry noun
3268 isle an island noun
3269 islet a small island noun
3270 isobar atoms having equal weight but different atomis numbers noun
3271 isochronous happening at regular intervals adjective
3272 isolate to set apart or cut off from others verb
3273 isothermal of a process that takes place at constant temperature adjective
3274 itinerary a route or proposed route of a journey noun
3275 itinerate to travel from place to place verb
3276 jaded dulled or satiated by overindulgence verb
3277 jargon a technical terminology unique to a particular subject noun
3278 jaundice to color by prejudice or envy, to prejudice verb
3279 jaunt to ramble here and there, to stroll, to make an excursion verb
3280 jeer to utter sarcastic or mocking comments verb
3281 jejune without interest or significance, dull adjective
3282 jeopardy danger of loss, harm, or failure noun
3283 jeremiad a prolonged lamentation or mournful complaint noun
3284 jettison to cast (goods) overboard in order to lighten a vessel verb
3285 jingo one who supports policy favouring war noun
3286 jingoist the policy or practice of jingoes, bellicose chauvinism adjective
3287 jocose given to or characterized by joking, jesting, humorous adjective
3288 jocular characterized by, or intended for joking or jesting adjective
3289 jocund cheerful, merry, gay, blithe, glad adjective
3290 joggle to shake slightly, to jostle, to jog verb
3291 jollity the state of being jolly, cheerfulness noun
3292 journalize to record in a journal verb
3293 joust to engage in mock combat on horseback verb
3294 jovial endowed with or characterized by a hearty or joyous humor adjective
3295 jubilant showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph, rejoicing adjective
3296 judgment the act of judging noun
3297 judicature the administration of justice by judges and courts noun
3298 judicial of or relating to a court of law adjective
3299 judicious having, or characterized by, good judgment or sound thinking adjective
3300 juggernaut any large, overpowering, destructive force or object noun
3301 juggle to manipulate objects, such as balls, clubs, etc artfully verb
3302 jugglery the art of a juggler (i e trickery or deception) noun
3303 jugular relating to, or located near, the neck or throat adjective
3304 junction the act of joining, or the state of being joined noun
3305 juncture a place where things join, a junction noun
3306 juridical pertaining to the law or rule of law, legal, judicial adjective
3307 jurisdiction the power, right, or authority to interpret and apply law noun
3308 jurisprudence the science or philosophy of law noun
3309 juror a member of a jury noun
3310 justification reason or excuse which gives acceptable support for behavior noun
3311 jut to stick out verb
3312 juvenile young, not fully developed adjective
3313 juxtapose to place close together or side by side, esp. for comparison verb
3314 juxtaposition to place in juxtaposition verb
3315 keen to sharpen, to make cold verb
3316 keepsake something kept for sentimental or nostalgic reasons noun
3317 kerchief a piece of cloth used to cover the head noun
3318 kernel the body of a seed inside the husk noun
3319 killjoy a person who is anti-fun, or prevents others from having fun noun
3320 kiln a furnace or oven for burning, baking, or drying something noun
3321 kindle to start (a fire) or light (a torch) verb
3322 kindred of the same nature adjective
3323 kinetic pertaining to motion adjective
3324 kinfolk relatives or kindred noun
3325 kingling a kinglet, a petty king or ruler noun
3326 kismet fate, destiny noun
3327 kleptomaniac one who steals compulsively noun
3328 knave a tricky, deceitful fellow, a dishonest person, a rogue noun
3329 knavery the (mis)behaviour of a knave, boyish mischief noun
3330 knead to work into a mass by repeated pressure with the knuckles verb
3331 knell sound made by a bell rung slowly, especially for funerals noun
3332 knickknack an ornamental trinket or gimcrack, a bit of bric-a-brac noun
3333 knoll a small, rounded hill or eminence, hillock noun
3334 knotty full of knots adjective
3335 kudos praise, accolades noun
3336 laborious requiring much physical effort, toilsome adjective
3337 labyrinth to enclose in a labyrinth, or as though in a labyrinth verb
3338 labyrinthine physically resembling a labyrinth, maze-like adjective
3339 lacerate to tear, rip or wound verb
3340 laceration an irregular open wound caused by a blunt impact noun
3341 lachrymose suggestive of or tending to cause tears, mournful adjective
3342 lackadaisical showing no interest or enthusiasm adjective
3343 lackey to attend, wait upon, serve obsequiously verb
3344 lackluster lacking brilliance or radiance, dull adjective
3345 laconic using few words, concise adjective
3346 lactation the secretion of milk from the mammary gland of a female noun
3347 lacteal relating to milk adjective
3348 lactic of, relating to, or derived from milk adjective
3349 laddie a small boy noun
3350 ladle to serve something with a ladle verb
3351 laggard hanging back, loitering adjective
3352 lagniappe an extra or unexpected gift or benefit noun
3353 lambaste to beat or whip severely verb
3354 lament to feel or express sorrow or regret for verb
3355 lamentation the act of lamenting noun
3356 lampoon to satirize or poke fun at verb
3357 lance to pierce with a lance, or with any similar weapon verb
3358 landholder a person who owns land noun
3359 landlord person who owns and rents land such as a house or apartment noun
3360 landscape to do various grounds maintenance verb
3361 languid lacking in vigor or vitality, slack or slow adjective
3362 languor a state of the body or mind caused by exhaustion or disease noun
3363 lapse to fall away gradually, to subside verb
3364 larceny the unlawful taking of personal property, theft noun
3365 larder a cool room in a domestic house where food is stored noun
3366 largess generous bestowal of gifts noun
3367 largesse alternative spelling of largess noun
3368 lascivious inclined to lustfulness, wanton, lewd adjective
3369 lassie a young girl, a lass, especially one seen as a sweetheart noun
3370 lassitude weariness of body or mind from strain, oppressive climate noun
3371 latency a delay between the initiation and occurence of something noun
3372 latent present but not visible, apparent, or actualized, potential adjective
3373 lateral of or pertaining to, situated at, or directed to a side adjective
3374 latish somewhat or rather late adjective
3375 lattice a flat panel constructed with crossed thin strips of wood noun
3376 laud to praise, to glorify verb
3377 laudable deserving praise, praiseworthy adjective
3378 laudation the act of lauding, praise, high commendation noun
3379 laudatory containing or expressing praise adjective
3380 laundress a woman whose work is the washing and ironing of clothes noun
3381 laureate to honor with a wreath of laurel verb
3382 lave to pour or throw out, as water, lade out, bail verb
3383 lavish to expend or bestow with profusion, to squander verb
3384 lawgiver one who provides the laws to a society noun
3385 lawmaker one who makes or enacts laws noun
3386 lax lenient and allowing for deviation, not strict adjective
3387 laxative having the effect of moving the bowels, or aiding digestion adjective
3388 laxity the state or quality of being lax noun
3389 lea an open field, meadow noun
3390 leaflet a small flat or folded sheet of printed paper, advertisement noun
3391 leaven to add a leavening agent verb
3392 lectern a stand with a slanted top used to support a bible noun
3393 leery cautious, hesitant, or nervous about something adjective
3394 leeward away from the direction from which the wind is blowing adjective
3395 legacy anything handed down from the past, as from a predecessor adjective
3396 legalize alternative spelling of legalise verb
3397 legerdemain sleight of hand noun
3398 legging present participle of leg verb
3399 legible being clear enough to be read, readable adjective
3400 legion a division of the roman army of 3000 to 6000 soldiers noun
3401 legionary relating to, or consisting of a legion or legions adjective
3402 legislate to pass laws, incl. the amending or repeal of existing laws verb
3403 legislator someone who creates or enacts laws noun
3404 legitimate to make legitimate, lawful, or valid verb
3405 leisure freedom provided by the cessation of activities noun
3406 lenient lax, tolerant of deviation, permissive, not strict adjective
3407 leonine of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the lion adjective
3408 lethargy the quality or state of being drowsy and dull, listless noun
3409 levee an embankment to prevent inundation noun
3410 lever to move with a lever verb
3411 leverage to use, to exploit, to take full advantage (of something) verb
3412 leviathan very large, gargantuan adjective
3413 levitate to cause to rise in the air and float verb
3414 levity lightness of manner or speech, frivolity noun
3415 levy to impose a tax or fine, to collect monies due verb
3416 lewd lascivious, sexually promiscuous, rude adjective
3417 lexicographer one who writes or compiles a dictionary noun
3418 lexicography the art or craft of writing and editing dictionaries noun
3419 lexicon a wordbook or dictionary noun
3420 liability moneys owed, debts or pecuniary obligations noun
3421 liable bound or obliged in law or equity, responsible, answerable adjective
3422 liaison communication between two parties or groups noun
3423 libation pouring a liquid on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice noun
3424 libel to defame someone verb
3425 liberate to free, to release from restraint or bondage verb
3426 libertarian relating to the beliefs of libertarians adjective
3427 libretto the text of a dramatic musical work, such as an opera noun
3428 licentious sexually unrestrained, lascivious, libertine, lewd adjective
3429 licit not forbidden by formal or informal rules adjective
3430 liege sovereign, independent, having right to allegiance adjective
3431 lien alternative form of lain verb
3432 lieu see in lieu or in lieu of noun
3433 ligament band of strong tissue that holds bones in position noun
3434 ligature The act of binding or tying up verb
3435 ligneous of, or resembling wood, woody adjective
3436 likelihood the state of being likely or probable noun
3437 lilliputian extremely small, tiny adjective
3438 limber bending readily, pliant, lithe verb
3439 limerick a kind of humorous verse of five lines noun
3440 limitation the act of limiting or the state of being limited noun
3441 limpid clear, transparent, or pellucid, as water, crystal, or air adjective
3442 linchpin a pin through holes at the end of an axle to secure a wheel noun
3443 lineage descent in a line from a common progenitor, race noun
3444 linear having the form of a line, straight adjective
3445 liner someone who fits a lining to something noun
3446 lingo language, jargon or a dialect noun
3447 lingua language noun
3448 lingual related to the tongue adjective
3449 liniment a liquid or semi liquid preparation for applying to the skin noun
3450 lionize to treat (a person) as a celebrity verb
3451 liquefacient something that liquefies or promotes liquefaction noun
3452 liquefy to make into a liquid by condensing a gas or melting a solid verb
3453 liqueur a flavored alcoholic beverage that is usually very sweet noun
3454 liquidate to settle a debt by paying the outstanding amount verb
3455 liquor to drink liquor, usually to excess verb
3456 lissome lithe, quick and graceful in movement adjective
3457 listless having or showing little or no interest in anything, languid adjective
3458 litany a prolonged or tedious account noun
3459 literacy the ability to read noun
3460 literal exactly as stated, understood without extra interpretation adjective
3461 literati persons of scholarly or literary attainments, intellectuals noun
3462 literature the body of all written works noun
3463 lithe bending readily, pliant, limber adjective
3464 lithesome describing as being lithe adjective
3465 lithograph to create a copy of an image through lithography verb
3466 lithotype a printing plate used in lithotypography noun
3467 litigant a person engaged in a lawsuit noun
3468 litigate to go to law verb
3469 litigious of or relating to litigation adjective
3470 littoral of or relating to the shore, especially the seashore adjective
3471 liturgy a form of public worship, ritual noun
3472 livelihood a person's lifetime, or their manner of living noun
3473 livid enraged, furiously angry adjective
3474 loam a rich, friable soil noun
3475 loath unwilling, reluctant, averse, disinclined adjective
3476 loathe to hate, detest, revile verb
3477 lobbyist a person remunerated to persuade (to lobby) politicians noun
3478 locative indicating place, or the place where, or wherein adjective
3479 loch a lake noun
3480 locomotion the ability to move or the act of moving from place to place noun
3481 lode a rich supply or source noun
3482 lodgment an area used for lodging noun
3483 lofty high, tall, having great height or stature adjective
3484 logic the principles governing correct or reliable inference noun
3485 logical in agreement with the principles of logic adjective
3486 logician a person who studies or teaches logic noun
3487 logistics the planning, implementation, and coordination of details noun
3488 loiterer one who loiters, one who lingers or hangs around noun
3489 loll to act lazily or indolently, to recline, to lean verb
3490 longevity the quality of being long-lasting, especially of life noun
3491 loot to steal, especially as part of war, riot verb
3492 loquacious talking or tending to talk much or freely, talkative adjective
3493 loquacity talkativeness noun
3494 lordling an unimportant or petty lord noun
3495 lough a lake or long, narrow inlet, especially in ireland noun
3496 louse to remove lice from the body of a person or animal verb
3497 lucid easily understood, completely intelligible or comprehensible adjective
3498 lucrative producing a surplus, profitable adjective
3499 lucubration laborious work, study, thought, etc , especially at night noun
3500 ludicrous idiotic or unthinkable, often to the point of being funny adjective
3501 lugubrious mournful, dismal or gloomy, especially in an affected manner adjective
3502 lukewarm temperature between warm and cool adjective
3503 lumen the amount of light that falls on a unit area noun
3504 luminary one that is an inspiration to others, who has had success noun
3505 luminous emitting light, glowing brightly adjective
3506 lummox a clumsy, stupid person noun
3507 lunacy the state of being mad, insanity noun
3508 lunar of, or pertaining to, the moon adjective
3509 lunatic an insane person noun
3510 lune anything shaped like a crescent or a half moon noun
3511 lurid shocking, horrifying adjective
3512 luscious sweet and pleasant, delicious adjective
3513 lustrous having a glow, having luster, shining adjective
3514 luxuriate to enjoy luxury verb
3515 luxurious enjoying pleasures of luxury adjective
3516 lying characterized by luxury, ministering or conducive to luxury adjective
3517 lynch to execute without a proper trial, especially by hanging verb
3518 lyre a stringed musical instrument noun
3519 macabre representing or personifying death adjective
3520 macadamize to cover with small, broken stones to form a smooth surface verb
3521 macerate to soften or separate (something) into pieces by soaking verb
3522 machination a clever scheme or artful plot, usually crafted for evil noun
3523 machinations plural form of machination noun
3524 machinery the parts of a machine, collectively noun
3525 machinist one versed in the principles of machines noun
3526 macrocosm a complex structure, considered a single entity noun
3527 madden to make angry verb
3528 madrigal a song for a small number of unaccompanied voices noun
3529 maelstrom a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool
3530 magician an entertainer skilled in creating illusions noun
3531 magisterial befitting the status of a master, authoritative adjective
3532 magistracy the office or dignity of a magistrate noun
3533 magnanimous generous in forgiving an insult or injury adjective
3534 magnate a person of great influence in a particular field noun
3535 magnet a thing or person that attracts noun
3536 magnetize to make magnetic verb
3537 magnificence grandeur, brilliance, lavishness or splendor noun
3538 magniloquent speaking pompously, using swelling discourse, bombastic adjective
3539 magnitude size, extent, dimensions noun
3540 maharaja a ruling prince in india, especially one of major states noun
3541 maidenhood the time when one is a maiden or young girl noun
3542 maize corn, a type of grain of the species zea mays noun
3543 maladroit unskillful, awkward, bungling adjective
3544 malady any ailment or disease of the human body noun
3545 malaise a feeling of general bodily discomfort or unpleasantness noun
3546 malapropism the use of an inappropriate word in place of a similar one noun
3547 malaria disease characterized by chills, fever, and sweating noun
3548 malcontent dissatisfied with current conditions, discontented adjective
3549 malediction a curse, imprecation, slander noun
3550 malefactor a criminal or felon noun
3551 maleficent harmful or evil in intent or effect adjective
3552 malevolent having or displaying ill will, wishing harm on others adjective
3553 malfeasance  an act by a public official that is contrary to law noun
3554 malicious of, pertaining to, or as a result of malice or spite adjective
3555 malign to make defamatory statements about someone or something verb
3556 malignant disposed to cause harm, suffering, or distress deliberately adjective
3557 malinger to pretend illness, especially in order to shirk one's duty verb
3558 malingerer a person who malingers noun
3559 malleable capable of being extended or shaped by hammering or pressure adjective
3560 mallet a hammerlike tool with a head commonly of wood noun
3561 maltreat to treat badly verb
3562 mandate authorization to act in a particular way on a public issue noun
3563 mane the long hair growing on the neck of some animals noun
3564 maneuver to move (something) carefully, and often with difficulty verb
3565 mania violent derangement of mind, madness, insanity noun
3566 manifest to show plainly, to make to appear distinctly verb
3567 manifold to make manifold, multiply verb
3568 manipulatable capable of being manipulated adjective
3569 mannerism a group of habitual behaviors peculiar to an individual noun
3570 manor a landed estate noun
3571 mantel the shelf above a fireplace noun
3572 mantle to cover or conceal (something) verb
3573 manufacturer a company that owns or runs a manufacturing plant noun
3574 manumission release from slavery, freedom, the act of manumitting noun
3575 manumit to release from slavery, to free verb
3576 mar to damage or spoil, render less perfect, attractive verb
3577 maraud to roam or go around in quest of plunder verb
3578 marauder someone who moves about looking for plunder noun
3579 marginal of, relating to, or located at a margin or an edge adjective
3580 marine pertaining to the sea (marine biology, marine insurance) adjective
3581 maritime related to the sea or sailing adjective
3582 maroon to abandon in a remote, desolate place verb
3583 marquee a large tent with open sides, used for outdoor entertainment noun
3584 marred impaired appearance verb
3585 marshal to arrange troops etc in line for inspection or a parade verb
3586 marsupial mammal of the order of marsupialia, i.e. kangaroos, wombats noun
3587 martial of, relating to, or suggestive of war, warlike adjective
3588 martian of or pertaining to the planet mars adjective
3589 martinet a strict disciplinarian, especially a military one noun
3590 martyrdom the suffering of death on account of adherence to a cause noun
3591 marvel to become filled with wonderment or admiration verb
3592 masochist someone who enjoys pain noun
3593 masonry the art or occupation of a mason, stonework noun
3594 masquerade to assemble in masks, to take part in a masquerade verb
3595 massacre to kill unnecessarily and indiscriminately verb
3596 massive of or pertaining to a large mass, weighty, heavy, or bulky adjective
3597 mastery the position or authority of a master, command noun
3598 masticate to chew verb
3599 material having to do with matter adjective
3600 maternal having the characteristics of a mother, motherly adjective
3601 matinee the afternoon showing of a movie or theatrical performance noun
3602 matriarch a female leader of a family, a tribe or group noun
3603 matricide the killing of one's mother noun
3604 matriculate to enroll in a college or university as a degree candidate verb
3605 matrimony marriage or the state of being married noun
3606 matrix a thing constituting the point from which another originates noun
3607 matter to be important verb
3608 maudlin tearfully or weakly emotional, foolishly sentimental
3609 maul a heavy hammer, as for driving stakes or wedges noun
3610 mausoleum a large stately tomb noun
3611 maverick a person of independent or unorthodox views noun
3612 mawkish characterized by sickly sentimentality, maudlin adjective
3613 maxim an expression of a general truth or principle noun
3614 mead an alcoholic drink fermented from honey and water noun
3615 meager deficient in quantity or quality, lacking fullness adjective
3616 meander to wind, turn, or twist, to make flexuous, to wander verb
3617 mechanics branch of mathematics dealing with motion and forces noun
3618 medallion a large medal, usually decorative noun
3619 meddlesome having a tendency to interfere in other people's business adjective
3620 medial of or pertaining to a mean or average adjective
3621 mediate to resolve differences between conflicting parties verb
3622 medicine a substance which promotes healing when consumed in some way noun
3623 medieval in the style of the middle ages adjective
3624 mediocre ordinary, not extraordinary, not special adjective
3625 meditation a devotional exercise of, or leading to contemplation noun
3626 medley a mixture, especially of heterogeneous elements, hodgepodge noun
3627 meek humbly patient or docile, as under provocation from others adjective
3628 megalomania a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness noun
3629 melancholy affected with great sadness or depression adjective
3630 melange a collection containing a variety of miscellaneous things noun
3631 melee a confused hand-to-hand fight among several people noun
3632 meliorate to make better, to improve, to heal or solve a problem verb
3633 mellifluous sweetly or smoothly flowing, sweet-sounding adjective
3634 mellow soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit adjective
3635 melodious having a pleasant melody or sound, tuneful adjective
3636 memento a keepsake, an object kept as a reminder of a place or event noun
3637 memorable worthy to be remembered, very important or remarkable adjective
3638 menace something that threatens to cause evil or harm, a threat noun
3639 menagerie a collection of live wild animals on exhibition noun
3640 mendacious lying, untruthful or dishonest adjective
3641 mendacity untruthfulness, tendency to lie noun
3642 mendicant begging, living on alms adjective
3643 menial of or relating to work normally performed by a servant adjective
3644 mentality a mindset, a way of thinking noun
3645 mentor a wise and trusted counselor or teacher noun
3646 mephitic foul-smelling adjective
3647 mercantile concerned with the exchange of goods for profit adjective
3648 mercenary working or acting merely for money or other reward adjective
3649 merciful showing mercy adjective
3650 mercurial changeable, volatile, fickle adjective
3651 meretricious alluring by a show of flashy or vulgar attractions adjective
3652 merge to combine into a whole verb
3653 meritocracy a society where status is assigned through competition noun
3654 meritorious deserving of merit or commendation, deserving reward adjective
3655 merriment cheerful or joyful gaiety, mirth, hilarity, laughter noun
3656 mesmerize to exercise mesmerism on, to spellbind, to enthrall verb
3657 messieurs plural form of monsieur noun
3658 metallurgy the science of metals, their extraction from ores, etc noun
3659 metamorphose to change the form or nature of, transform verb
3660 metaphor figure of speech: something used to represent something else noun
3661 metaphysics the underlying theoretical principles of a subject or field noun
3662 mete to measure verb
3663 metempsychosis transmigration of the soul, especially its reincarnation noun
3664 methodology a sat of principles for regulating a given discipline noun
3665 meticulous showing extreme care about minute details, precise adjective
3666 metonymy figure of speech: an object's name used for a related object noun
3667 metronome a device used to mark time with ticks at an adjustible pace noun
3668 metropolis a large, busy city noun
3669 mettle a quality of endurance and courage noun
3670 miasma noxious exhalations from putrescent organic matter noun
3671 microcosm man considered as a miniature counterpart of the universal noun
3672 micrometer one one-millionth of a meter symbols: µm, um, rm noun
3673 microphone to put one or more microphones on or in verb
3674 microscopic invisible without the use of the microscope adjective
3675 microscopy the study of microscopes, their design and manufacture noun
3676 midwife a person trained to assist women in childbirth noun
3677 mien demeanor or attitude, especially one intended by its bearer noun
3678 migrate to move from one region to another according to the seasons verb
3679 migratory a species or thing that migrates adjective
3680 mileage the total distance, in miles, travelled noun
3681 milieu a person’s social setting or environment noun
3682 militant aggressive or combative adjective
3683 militarism ideology: military is the foundation of a society's security noun
3684 militate to have a substantial effect, weigh heavily verb
3685 militia an army of trained civilians called upon in time of need noun
3686 millennium a period of time consisting of one thousand years noun
3687 millet any of a group of various types of grass used as food noun
3688 mimic to imitate, especially in order to ridicule verb
3689 miniature smaller than normal adjective
3690 minimize to make (something) as small or as insignificant as possible verb
3691 minion favoured, beloved, "pet" adjective
3692 ministration the act of ministering care, aid, religious services, etc noun
3693 ministry the service, function, or office of a minister  of state noun
3694 minority any subgroup that does not form a numerical majority noun
3695 minuscule tiny, very small adjective
3696 minutia a minor detail, often of negligible importance noun
3697 mirage something illusory, without substance or reality noun
3698 mire to weigh down verb
3699 mirth gaiety or jollity, especially when accompanied by laughter noun
3700 misadventure an accidental mishap or misfortune noun
3701 misanthrope a hater of human kind noun
3702 misapprehend to interpret incorrectly, to misunderstand verb
3703 misbehave to act or behave in an inappropriate or improper manner verb
3704 miscellany miscellaneous items noun
3705 mischievous causing mischief, injurious adjective
3706 misconstrue to understand incorrectly, to misunderstand verb
3707 miscount to incorrectly count or add up verb
3708 miscreant depraved, villainous or base adjective
3709 misdeed that which was done that should not have been noun
3710 misdemeanor a crime punishable by a small fine or a short prison term noun
3711 miser a person who lives in poor conditions in order to save money noun
3712 miserly like a miser, very covetous, stingy, cautious with money adjective
3713 mishap an accident, mistake, or problem noun
3714 misinterpret to make an incorrect interpretation, to misunderstand verb
3715 mislay to lose temporarily, misplace verb
3716 mismanage to handle a responsibility in a way which is inept verb
3717 misnomer to use a misleading term, to misname verb
3718 misogamy hatred of or opposition to marriage noun
3719 misogyny hatred or contempt for women noun
3720 misplace to put something somewhere and then forget its location verb
3721 misrepresent to represent falsely, to inaccurately portray something verb
3722 misrule of a trial judge, to make a bad decision in court verb
3723 missal any book of prayers or devotions noun
3724 missile an object intended to be launched into the air at a target noun
3725 missive a written message, a letter, note or memo noun
3726 mistrust to have no confidence in something verb
3727 misty with mist, foggy adjective
3728 misuse to use (something) incorrectly verb
3729 mite a minute arachnid noun
3730 miter to finish a material at an angle, as with sides of a frame verb
3731 mitigate to lessen in force or intensity, moderate verb
3732 mnemonic assisting or intended to assist the memory adjective
3733 moat a deep ditch, usually filled with water, around a fort noun
3734 mobocracy rule or control by the mob, or by a mass of ordinary people noun
3735 moccasin soft leather shoe, originally worn by native americans adjective
3736 mockery the action of mocking, ridicule, derision noun
3737 moderate to reduce the excessiveness of (something) verb
3738 moderation avoidance of extremes, restraint noun
3739 moderator someone who moderates noun
3740 modernity the quality of being modern noun
3741 modicum a moderate or small amount noun
3742 modification the act or result of altering something noun
3743 modify to make partial changes to verb
3744 modish conforming with fashion or style adjective
3745 modulate to regulate, adjust or adapt verb
3746 mollify to soften in feeling or temper, as a person, pacify, appease verb
3747 molt to shed hair, feathers, etc and replace with a fresh layer verb
3748 momentary lasting for only a moment adjective
3749 momentous outstanding in importance adjective
3750 momentum (of a body in motion) the product of its mass and velocity noun
3751 monarch a hereditary sovereign, as a king, queen, or emperor noun
3752 monastery place of residence for members of a religious community noun
3753 monastic of or relating to monasteries or monks adjective
3754 monetary of, pertaining to, or consisting of money adjective
3755 mongrel someone of mixed kind or uncertain origin, especially a dog noun
3756 monition a caution or warning of imminent danger noun
3757 monitory giving admonition and warning adjective
3758 monocracy government by only one person, autocracy noun
3759 monogram a design of letters interlaced, commonly one's initials noun
3760 monograph a treatise on a particular subject noun
3761 monolith a large object formed of a single block of stone noun
3762 monologue a prolonged talk by a single speaker noun
3763 monomania excessive interest on a singular object or subject noun
3764 monopoly the exclusive possession or control of something noun
3765 monosyllable a word of one syllable noun
3766 monotone a series of speech sounds in one unvaried tone noun
3767 monotony tedium as a result of repetition or a lack of variety noun
3768 monstrosity a plant or animal showing abnormal development or deformity noun
3769 montage a single composition of images from various sources noun
3770 moonbeam a shaft of moonlight, moonlight generally noun
3771 moot of little or no practical value or meaning, purely academic verb
3772 morale mental condition with respect to confidence, zeal, etc noun
3773 morass a tract of soft, wet ground, a marsh, a fen noun
3774 moratorium an authorized period of delay or waiting, regarding debts noun
3775 morbid suggesting an unhealthy mental state, unwholesomely gloomy adjective
3776 mordacious biting, causing a physical bite or sting, corrosive adjective
3777 mordant sharply caustic or sarcastic, as wit or a speaker, biting adjective
3778 mores a set of moral norms derived from accepted practices noun
3779 moribund in a dying state, near death adjective
3780 morose gloomily or sullenly ill-humored, as a person or mood adjective
3781 morphology the part of biology dealing with the structure of organisms noun
3782 mortician an undertaker or funeral director noun
3783 mortify to humiliate or shame, as by injury to one's pride verb
3784 mosaic an image made of small, colored pieces of glass noun
3785 mot juste the exact, appropriate word noun
3786 mote a small particle or speck, especially of dust noun
3787 motif a recurring or dominant element, a theme noun
3788 motley comprising greatly varied elements, heterogeneous adjective
3789 mottled to mark with spots or blotches of a different color verb
3790 motto a maxim adopted as an expression of a guiding principle noun
3791 mountaineer someone who lives in a mountainous area noun
3792 mountainous having many mountains, rough (terrain), rocky adjective
3793 mountebank a person selling quack medicines, in a public place noun
3794 muddle to mix together, to mix up, to confuse verb
3795 muffle to wrap up in fabric for warmth or protection verb
3796 mulatto a person of mixed african and caucasian descent noun
3797 muleteer a mule driver noun
3798 multifarious having multiplicity, having great diversity or variety adjective
3799 multiform having more than one shape or appearance adjective
3800 multiplicity a large number or variety noun
3801 mundane common, ordinary, banal, unimaginative adjective
3802 mundane  lacking interest or excitement; dull. adjective
3803 municipal of a city which administers local government adjective
3804 munificence the quality of being munificent, generosity noun
3805 munificent larger or more generous than is usual or necessary adjective
3806 murky hard to see through, as a fog or mist adjective
3807 muse to become lost in thought, to ponder verb
3808 muster to gather, summon, rouse (often followed by up ) verb
3809 musty having a stale odor adjective
3810 mutable liable or subject to change or alteration adjective
3811 mutation any alteration or change noun
3812 mutilate to injure or make imperfect by irreparably damaging parts verb
3813 mutiny revolt or rebellion against constituted authority noun
3814 myopia a disorder of the eyes where distant objects appear blurred noun
3815 myriad a very great or indefinite number of persons or things noun
3816 mystic involving otherworldly or symbolic practices or content adjective
3817 mystification the act of mystifying or the condition of being mystified noun
3818 mystique an aura of heightened meaning or mystery around a thing noun
3819 nadir the lowest point, point of greatest adversity or despair noun
3820 naphtha naturally-occurring liquid petroleum noun
3821 narcissus a bulbous plant of the Amyrillis family noun
3822 narrate to relate a story or series of events by speech or writing verb
3823 nasal of or pertaining to the nose adjective
3824 nascent beginning to exist or develop adjective
3825 natal of or relating to birth adjective
3826 nationality membership of a particular nation or state noun
3827 natty smart and fashionable adjective
3828 nausea a feeling of unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit noun
3829 nauseate to cause nausea verb
3830 nautical of or pertaining to sailors, ships, or navigation adjective
3831 naval of or relating to a navy adjective
3832 navel the belly button noun
3833 navigable deep enough and wide enough to afford passage to vessels adjective
3834 navigate to control the position and course of a vehicle on a journey verb
3835 nebula a cloud in outer space consisting of gas or dust noun
3836 necrology a listing of people who have died during a period of time noun
3837 necromancy a method of divination through communication with the dead noun
3838 necropolis a large cemetery, especially one of elaborate construction noun
3839 necrosis the localized death of cells through injury or disease noun
3840 nectar the juice of a fruit or a blend of fruit juices noun
3841 nectarine a variety of peach having a smooth, downless skin. noun
3842 nefarious extremely wicked or villainous, iniquitous adjective
3843 negate to deny the existence, evidence, or truth of verb
3844 negation the act of negating something noun
3845 neglectful failing to take care of matters which require attention adjective
3846 negligee an item of women's nightwear, a lacy nightgown noun
3847 negligible too small or unimportant to be of concern adjective
3848 negotiable able to be traversed adjective
3849 nemesis an archenemy noun
3850 neocracy government by the new or inexperienced noun
3851 neolithic hopelessly outdated adjective
3852 neologism a word or phrase which has recently been coined noun
3853 neology the study or art of neologising (creating new words) noun
3854 neonate a newborn infant, recently born baby noun
3855 neopaganism a 20th-century revival of interest in the worship of nature noun
3856 neophyte a beginner noun
3857 nepotism favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit noun
3858 nestle to settle oneself comfortably and snugly verb
3859 nestling a young bird not yet old enough to leave the nest noun
3860 nettle to sting causing a rash in someone verb
3861 network to interact for the purpose of connections or advancement verb
3862 neural of, or relating to the nerves, neurons or the nervous system adjective
3863 neurology the branch of medicine that deals with the nervous system noun
3864 neuter to remove sex organs from an animal verb
3865 neutral not taking sides in a conflict such as war, nonaligned adjective
3866 nexus a means of connection, tie, link noun
3867 nib the point of a pen, or either of its divisions noun
3868 niggardly withholding for the sake of meanness, stingy, miserly adjective
3869 niggling petty, trivial, inconsequential verb
3870 nihilist a person who accepts or champions nihilism noun
3871 nil nothing, zero noun
3872 nimble quick and light in movement or action adjective
3873 nirvana a blissful state attained through enlightened experience noun
3874 nit the egg of a louse noun
3875 nocturnal primarily active during the night adjective
3876 noiseless producing no noise, without noise adjective
3877 noisome offensive or disgusting, as an odor adjective
3878 noisy making a noise, especially a loud sound adjective
3879 nomad any wanderer, itinerant noun
3880 nomenclature a name noun
3881 nomina (in ancient rome) the second name of a citizen noun
3882 nominal being such in name only, so-called adjective
3883 nominate to appoint to a duty or office verb
3884 nominee a person named, or designated, by another, to any position noun
3885 non sequitur a statement containing an illogical conclusion noun
3886 non-combatant a person who is not directly involved in combat noun
3887 non-resident not resident  in a particular place noun
3888 nonchalance indifference, carelessness, coolness noun
3889 nonchalant casually calm and relaxed adjective
3890 noncommittal reluctant to give out information or show one's opinion adjective
3891 nondescript of no recognized, definite, or particular type or kind adjective
3892 nonentity an unimportant or insignificant person noun
3893 nonpareil a person or thing that has no equal, a paragon noun
3894 nonplus to perplex or bewilder someone, to confound or flummox verb
3895 nonplussed to have been rendered utterly perplexed, puzzle completely verb
3896 norm a standard, model, or pattern noun
3897 normalcy the state of being normal, the fact of being normal noun
3898 nostalgia a wistful desire to return to a former time in one's life noun
3899 nostrum a medicine sold with false claims and no demonstrable value noun
3900 notes a brief record of something written down for memory noun
3901 notorious widely known, especially for something bad, infamous adjective
3902 novel new, original, especially in an interesting way adjective
3903 novellette a brief novel or long short story noun
3904 novice a person who is new to the circumstances, work, etc noun
3905 noxious harmful, injurious adjective
3906 nuance a subtle difference or distinction in expression noun
3907 nucleus the core, central part (of something) noun
3908 nude without clothing or other covering of the skin adjective
3909 nugatory of no real value, trifling, worthless adjective
3910 nuisance an obnoxious or annoying thing noun
3911 nullity the state of being void, or invalid noun
3912 numerical of or pertaining to numbers adjective
3913 numismatist one who studies and/or collects coins and/or currencies noun
3914 nunnery a place of residence for nuns noun
3915 nuptial of or pertaining to wedding and marriage adjective
3916 nurture to nourish or nurse verb
3917 nutriment a source of nourishment, food noun
3918 nutritive of or pertaining to nutrition adjective
3919 nuzzle to touch someone or something with the nose verb
3920 oaken made from the wood of the oak tree adjective
3921 oakum a material used to caulk or pack joints noun
3922 obdurate stubborn, unyielding adjective
3923 obeisance demonstration of an obedient attitude noun
3924 obelisk a tapered, stone monolith topped with a pyramidal point noun
3925 obese extremely overweight adjective
3926 obfuscate to confuse, bewilder, or stupefy verb
3927 obfuscation the act of obscuring the perception of something noun
3928 obituary a brief notice of a person’s death noun
3929 objective purpose, goal adjective
3930 objector a person who objects to something noun
3931 obligate to compel by a social, legal, or moral tie verb
3932 oblique neither perpendicular nor parallel to a line or surface adjective
3933 obliterate to remove or destroy all traces of, do away with verb
3934 oblivion the state of being completely forgotten or unknown noun
3935 oblong describing something that is longer than it is wide adjective
3936 obloquy censure, blame, or abusive language aimed at something noun
3937 obnoxious very annoying, offensive, odious or contemptible adjective
3938 obscure to darken, make faint etc verb
3939 obsequies funeral rites noun
3940 obsequious showing servile complaisance or deference, fawning adjective
3941 observant alert and paying close attention adjective
3942 obsession a compulsive or irrational preoccupation noun
3943 obsolescence the state of being obsolete—no longer in use, disused noun
3944 obsolete no longer in general use, fallen into disuse adjective
3945 obstetrics the care of women during and after pregnancy noun
3946 obstinacy the state, or an act, of stubbornness or doggedness noun
3947 obstinate firmly or stubbornly adhering to one's purpose, opinion adjective
3948 obstreperous resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner, unruly adjective
3949 obstruct to block or fill (a passage) with obstacles or an obstacle verb
3950 obtrude to impose (something) on someone or into some area verb
3951 obtuse not quick or alert in perception, not sensitive or observant adjective
3952 obvert to turn so as to show another side verb
3953 obviate to anticipate and prevent or eliminate by effective measures verb
3954 occident that part of the earth towards the sunset, the west noun
3955 occlude to close, shut, or stop up (a passage, opening, etc ) verb
3956 occult any system claiming use or knowledge of secret forces noun
3957 occupant a person who occupies a place or a position noun
3958 occurrence actual instance where a situation arises noun
3959 octagon a polygon with eight sides and eight angles noun
3960 octave an interval spanning eight degrees of the diatonic scale noun
3961 octavo a book printed on sheets folded to form 8 leaves or 16 pages noun
3962 octogenarian being between the age of 80 and 89, inclusive adjective
3963 ocular of, or relating to the eye, or the sense of sight adjective
3964 oculist an ophthalmologist noun
3965 oddity an odd or strange thing noun
3966 ode a short poetical composition, a lyric poem noun
3967 odious deserving or causing hatred, hateful, detestable adjective
3968 odium intense hatred, especially toward a contemptible person noun
3969 odoriferous having an odor or fragrance adjective
3970 odorous having a distinctive odor adjective
3971 offhand without planning or thinking ahead adjective
3972 officiate to perform the functions of some office verb
3973 officious obliging, attentive, eager to please adjective
3974 offshoot a branch or lateral shoot  from a main stem, as of a plant noun
3975 ogle to stare at (someone or something), especially covetously verb
3976 ogre a type of giant from folk tales that eats human flesh noun
3977 ointment a viscous preparation of oils used as a treatment noun
3978 olfactory concerning the sense of smell adjective
3979 oligarchy government by the few noun
3980 ominous portending evil or harm, foreboding adjective
3981 omission the act of omitting noun
3982 omnipotent almighty or infinite in power, as god adjective
3983 omnipresent being everywhere simultaneously adjective
3984 omniscient having total knowledge adjective
3985 omnivorous having a diet which is neither carnivorous nor herbivorous adjective
3986 onerous burdensome, oppressive, or troublesome, causing hardship adjective
3987 onomatopoeia the property of a word of sounding like what it represents noun
3988 onrush a forceful rush or flow forward noun
3989 onset the beginning or start noun
3990 onslaught an onset, assault, or attack, especially a vigorous one noun
3991 onus a legal obligation noun
3992 opalescence exhibiting a play of colors like that of the opal noun
3993 opaque to make, render (more) opaque verb
3994 operetta a lighter opera with a frivolous story and spoken dialogue noun
3995 opinion to have or express as an opinion verb
3996 opponent an individual or group who is a rival of another noun
3997 opportune suitable for some particular purpose adjective
3998 opposite located directly across from something else adjective
3999 opprobrium the reproach incurred by conduct considered shameful noun
4000 opt to choose, to select verb
4001 optic of, or relating to the eye or to vision adjective
4002 optician a person who makes or sells lenses, spectacles etc noun
4003 optimism a tendency to expect the best noun
4004 option something that may be or is chosen, choice noun
4005 optometry the art and science of vision and eye care noun
4006 opulence wealth noun
4007 opulent luxuriant, and ostentatiously magnificent adjective
4008 opus a musical composition noun
4009 oracular of or relating to an oracle adjective
4010 oral uttered by the mouth, spoken adjective
4011 orate to speak formally, to give a speech verb
4012 oratorio a musical composition on a religious theme noun
4013 oratory the art of public speaking, especially in a formal manner noun
4014 ordain to invest with ministerial functions or holy orders verb
4015 ordeal a painful or trying experience noun
4016 ordinal of a number, indicating position in a sequence adjective
4017 ordinance a local law or regulation noun
4018 ordinate the distance from the x-axis measured parallel to the y-axis noun
4019 ordnance military equipment, especially weapons and ammunition noun
4020 orgies (plural) wild, drunken or licentious festivity or revelry noun
4021 orifice a mouth or aperture, as of a tube, pipe, etc, an opening noun
4022 origin something from which anything starts, the source noun
4023 ornate elaborately ornamented, often to excess adjective
4024 ornithology the branch of zoology that deals with birds noun
4025 orthodox the traditional doctrines of an ideology, faith or religion adjective
4026 orthodoxy correctness in doctrine and belief noun
4027 orthogonal pertaining to right angles, perpendicular (to) adjective
4028 orthopedics medical, concerned with the spine and joints noun
4029 orthopedist an orthopedic surgeon noun
4030 oscillate to swing back and forth, especially with a regular rhythm verb
4031 oscillation an act or instance of oscillating noun
4032 osculate to come into close contact or union verb
4033 ossify to convert into or cause to harden like bone verb
4034 ostensible outwardly appearing as such, professed adjective
4035 ostracize to exclude (a person) from society or from a community verb
4036 oud a musical instrument belonging to the lute family noun
4037 ought indicating duty or obligation verb
4038 oust to expel, to remove verb
4039 outbreak a sudden breaking out or occurrence, eruption noun
4040 outcry a strong and usually public expression of protest noun
4041 outlandish bizarre, strange adjective
4042 outlast to live, last or remain longer than something else verb
4043 outlaw a fugitive from the law, lawless person noun
4044 outpost a military post stationed at a distance from the main army noun
4045 outrage any gross violation of law or decency noun
4046 outreach to exceed verb
4047 outride to ride (a horse, bicycle, etc ) better than (someone) verb
4048 outrigger (nautical) beams that provide support for a mast or a canoe noun
4049 outright complete or total adjective
4050 outskirt a more remote part of a town or city, the periphery noun
4051 outstretch to extend by stretching verb
4052 outstrip to outrun or leave behind verb
4053 outweigh to exceed in weight or value verb
4054 ovation prolonged enthusiastic applause noun
4055 overhang to hang over (something) verb
4056 overleap to leap over, to jump over, to cross by jumping verb
4057 overlord a ruler of other rulers noun
4058 overpass a road, pedestrian walkway, etc, crossing over some barrier noun
4059 overproduction production of more of a commodity than can be used or sold noun
4060 overreach to reach above or beyond in any direction verb
4061 overrun to defeat an enemy and invade in great numbers verb
4062 oversee to supervise, guide, or direct actions of a person or group verb
4063 overseer one who oversees or supervises, a supervisor noun
4064 overshadow to dominate something and make it seem insignificant verb
4065 overstride to surpass verb
4066 overt open and not secret nor concealed adjective
4067 overthrow to bring about the downfall of a government, etc. verb
4068 overtone an implicit meaning, as opposed to a hidden meaning noun
4069 overture an approach made to establish a relationship noun
4070 overweening unduly confident, arrogant, presumptuous, conceited adjective
4071 overweight weighing too much or more than is considered normal adjective
4072 overwrought in a state of excessive nervousness, excitement, or anger adjective
4073 pacific calm, peaceful adjective
4074 pacifist one who support sor favours peace noun
4075 pacify to bring peace by ending war, violence, anger or agitation verb
4076 pact an agreement, a compact, a covenant noun
4077 paean any loud and joyous song, a song of triumph noun
4078 pagan person or community observing a polytheistic religion noun
4079 pageant an elaborate public display, i.e. a parade in costume noun
4080 painstaking carefully attentive to details, diligent in a procedure adjective
4081 palatable pleasing to the taste, tasty adjective
4082 palate the sense of taste noun
4083 palatial of or relating to a palace adjective
4084 paleontology study of life in prehistoric times, represented by fossils noun
4085 palette a thin board on which a painter lays and mixes colours noun
4086 palinode poem where an author retracts something from an earlier poem noun
4087 palisade a fence of stakes set firmly in the ground, for enclosure noun
4088 pall a cloth for spreading over a coffin noun
4089 palliate to relieve the symptoms of verb
4090 palliative minimising progression of a disease for as long as possible adjective
4091 pallid appearing weak, pale or wan adjective
4092 pallor unusual paleness noun
4093 palpable capable of being touched, felt or handled adjective
4094 palpitate to throb, beat strongly verb
4095 palsy any atonal muscular condition characterised by tremors noun
4096 paltry ridiculously or insultingly small adjective
4097 paludal of or pertaining to marshes adjective
4098 pamphlet a small booklet of printed informational matter noun
4099 pamphleteer a writer or publisher of pamphlets noun
4100 pan-american of all the countries of north, central and south america adjective
4101 panacea a remedy for all disease or ills, a cure-all noun
4102 panache a grand or flamboyant manner noun
4103 pandemic disease prevalent in a country, continent, or the world adjective
4104 pandemonium wild uproar or unrestrained disorder noun
4105 pander to cater to or profit from the weaknesses of others verb
4106 panegyric a lofty oration or writing in praise of a person or thing noun
4107 panoply a splendid display of something noun
4108 panorama an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area noun
4109 pantheism doctrine that god is transcendent reality of the universe noun
4110 pantheon a temple dedicated to all the gods noun
4111 pantomime the art of conveying actions by gestures without speech noun
4112 pantoscope a very wide-angled photographic lens noun
4113 papacy the office of the pope noun
4114 papyrus a tall, aquatic plant native to the nile valley noun
4115 parable a short allegorical story that illustrates a moral lesson noun
4116 paradigm an example serving as a model noun
4117 paradox seemingly contradictory statement that may be true noun
4118 paragon a model or pattern of excellence noun
4119 parallel extending in same direction, never converging or diverging adjective
4120 paralyze to afflict with paralysis verb
4121 parameters limits or boundaries, guidelines noun
4122 paramount chief in importance or impact, supreme, preeminent adjective
4123 paramour an illicit lover, especially of a married person noun
4124 paraphernalia miscellaneous items, stuff noun
4125 paraphrase to restate something as, or to compose a paraphrase verb
4126 parasite organism that lives in, gets nutrients from another organism noun
4127 parch to make extremely, excessively, or completely dry verb
4128 parchmnet the skin of sheep, used as a material on which to write verb
4129 pare to cut off the outer coating, layer or part of verb
4130 parentage descent from ancestors, birth, origin or lineage noun
4131 pariah an outcast noun
4132 Parisian of, or pertaining to, or characteristic of paris, france adjective
4133 parity equality, as in amount, status or character noun
4134 parlance a way or manner of speaking, vernacular, idiom noun
4135 parlay to bet or gamble on a subsequent race, contest, etc verb
4136 parley meeting between enemies under a truce to discuss terms verb
4137 parliament assembly of the representatives of a political nation noun
4138 parlor a room for the reception of visitors to one's home noun
4139 parlous perilous, dangerous adjective
4140 parochial pertaining to a parish adjective
4141 parody a satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature noun
4142 paronymous containing the same root or stem as another word adjective
4143 paroxysm any sudden, violent outburst noun
4144 parricide someone who kills a relative, especially a parent noun
4145 parry to avoid, deflect, or ward off (an attack) verb
4146 parse to analyse in terms of grammatical constituents verb
4147 parsimonious extremely frugal, stingy adjective
4148 parsimony great reluctance to spend money unnecessarily noun
4149 partible divisible (able to be divided or partitioned) adjective
4150 participate to join in, to take part, to involve oneself verb
4151 partisan a supporter of a person, group, party or cause adjective
4152 partition a division into portions or shares noun
4153 passible capable of feeling, especially suffering adjective
4154 passive not reacting to something that should produce an emotion adjective
4155 pastiche an artistic piece consisting of motifs borrowed from sources noun
4156 pastoral having the simplicity or charm attributed to rural areas adjective
4157 patent to register an invention with a government agency verb
4158 paternal of one's father, or his side of a family adjective
4159 pathology the study of the origin, nature and course of diseases noun
4160 pathos the power in forms of expression, evoking pity or compassion noun
4161 patriarch the male head of a family noun
4162 patrician a person of noble or high rank, aristocrat noun
4163 patrimony a right or estate inherited from one's father noun
4164 patriotism devoted love, support and defence of one's country noun
4165 patron a customer, especially a regular one, of a business noun
4166 patronize to behave in an offensively condescending manner toward verb
4167 patronymic derived from ancestors, as, a patronymic denomination adjective
4168 patter to make a rapid succession of light taps verb
4169 paucity smallness of quantity, scarcity, scantness noun
4170 pauper a person who depends on aid from public welfare funds noun
4171 pauperism the state of being a pauper, poverty noun
4172 pavilion a light, usually open building used for concerts, exhibits noun
4173 payee one to whom money is payable noun
4174 peaceable favouring peace rather than conflict, not aggressive adjective
4175 peaceful not at war or disturbed by strife or turmoil adjective
4176 peccable liable to sin, subject to transgress the divine law adjective
4177 peccadillo a very minor sin or offence noun
4178 peccant guilty of a moral offence adjective
4179 pectoral of or pertaining to the breast, the pectoral muscles adjective
4180 peculate to steal or take dishonestly verb
4181 pecuniary of or pertaining to money adjective
4182 pedagogics the science or art of teaching, pedagogy noun
4183 pedagogue a teacher noun
4184 pedagogy the function or work of a teacher noun
4185 pedal to operate a pedal attached to a wheel in a circular motion verb
4186 pedant a person who makes an excessive display of learning noun
4187 pedantry the character, qualities, practices of a pedant noun
4188 peddle to sell things, especially door to door verb
4189 pedestal an architectural support for a column, statue, vase noun
4190 pedestrian lacking in vitality, imagination, distinction, etc adjective
4191 pediatrics branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of children noun
4192 pedigree an ancestral line noun
4193 peerage the body of peers of a country or state noun
4194 peerless without equal, unparalleled, best adjective
4195 peevish showing annoyance, irritation or bad mood adjective
4196 pejorative having a disparaging, derogatory or belittling effect adjective
4197 pellucid allowing for the passage of light, transparent adjective
4198 penalty a punishment imposed for the violation of a law or rule noun
4199 penance a punishment undergone in token of penitence for sin noun
4200 penchant a strong inclination for something noun
4201 pendant a hanging ornament in jewellery noun
4202 pendulum a body suspended from a fixed support so that it swings noun
4203 penetrate to pierce through or pass into verb
4204 peninsula an area of land almost completely surrounded by water noun
4205 penitence regret for one's wrongdoing or sinning noun
4206 penitent feeling or expressing sorrow for sin or wrongdoing adjective
4207 penitential pertaining to penance or penitence adjective
4208 pennant any relatively long, tapering flag noun
4209 pension a fixed amount, other than wages, paid at regular intervals noun
4210 pensive dreamily or wistfully thoughtful adjective
4211 pentad a group or series of five things noun
4212 pentagon a polygon with five sides and five angles noun
4213 pentagram a 5-pointed star with intersecting lines, an occult symbol noun
4214 pentahedron a solid geometric figure with five faces noun
4215 pentameter a line in a poem having five metrical feet noun
4216 pentathlon an athletic contest comprising 5 track and field events noun
4217 pentavalent having a valence of 5 adjective
4218 penultimate coming next-to-last in a sequence adjective
4219 penurious extremely stingy, parsimonious, miserly adjective
4220 penury extreme poverty noun
4221 peon a lowly person, a peasant who is obliged to do menial work noun
4222 perambulate to walk about, roam or stroll verb
4223 perceive to see, to be aware of, to understand verb
4224 perceptive having keenness of perception, insight or intuition adjective
4225 perch a pole or rod, serving as a roost for birds noun
4226 percipient having the ability to perceive, especially quickly adjective
4227 percolate to pass a liquid through a porous substance, to filter verb
4228 percolator a kind of coffeepot noun
4229 percussion the collision of two bodies in order to produce a sound noun
4230 perdition a state of final spiritual ruin noun
4231 peregrination a journey, especially by foot, notably by a pilgrim noun
4232 peremptory leaving no opportunity for denial or refusal adjective
4233 perennial remaining active throughout the year, or all the time adjective
4234 perfectible able to be perfected, capable of perfection adjective
4235 perfidious deliberately faithless, treacherous adjective
4236 perfidy deliberate breach of faith or trust noun
4237 perforate to pierce, to penetrate verb
4238 perform to do something, to execute verb
4239 perfumery perfumes collectively noun
4240 perfunctory performed merely as a routine duty, hasty and superficial adjective
4241 perigee point in orbit of the moon when it is nearest to the earth noun
4242 peril exposure to injury, loss or destruction noun
4243 perilous dangerous adjective
4244 periodicity the tendency to recur at regular intervals noun
4245 peripatetic tending to walk about adjective
4246 peripheral pertaining to the outside surface or boundary of an area adjective
4247 periphery the external boundary of any surface or area noun
4248 perjure to knowingly make a false statement while under oath verb
4249 perjury the willful giving of false testimony under oath noun
4250 permanence the state of being permanent noun
4251 permanent without end, eternal adjective
4252 permeable capable of being penetrated adjective
4253 permeate to penetrate and pass through without causing rupture verb
4254 permissible allowable adjective
4255 permutation a combination of items made by reordering noun
4256 pernicious causing insidious harm or ruin adjective
4257 perpendicular (geometry) meeting a given line or surface at right angles adjective
4258 perpetrator a person who commits an illegal or criminal act noun
4259 perpetual lasting forever, or for an indefinitely long time adjective
4260 perpetuate to cause to last indefinitely verb
4261 perpetuity endless or indefinitely long duration or existence noun
4262 perplex to cause to be puzzled or bewildered, confuse mentally verb
4263 perquisite any monetary or other incidental benefit beyond salary noun
4264 persecution to punish in a manner designed to injure or afflict noun
4265 persevere to persist in anything undertaken verb
4266 persiflage light, bantering talk or writing noun
4267 persist to go on steadfastly and resolutely verb
4268 persnickety fastidious or fussy adjective
4269 persona a person's perceived or evident personality noun
4270 personable having a pleasing manner, friendly, amiable adjective
4271 personage a person of distinction or importance noun
4272 personal coming from a particular person, individual, private adjective
4273 personnel employees, office staff noun
4274 perspective depicting spatial relationships on a flat surface adjective
4275 perspicacious having keen mental perception and understanding adjective
4276 perspicacity keenness of mental perception and understanding noun
4277 perspicuous clearly expressed or presented adjective
4278 perspiration sweat noun
4279 perspire to emit sweat or perspiration through the skin's pores verb
4280 persuadable capable of being convinced adjective
4281 persuade to successfully convince (someone) to do something verb
4282 pert boldly forward in speech or behaviour verb
4283 pertain to have reference or relation verb
4284 pertinacious holding tenaciously to an opinion or purpose adjective
4285 pertinacity the state or characteristic of being persistent noun
4286 pertinent important with regards to (a subject or matter), relevant adjective
4287 perturb to disturb, to bother or unsettle verb
4288 perturbation agitation, the state of being perturbed noun
4289 perusal the act of surveying noun
4290 peruse to examine or consider with care verb
4291 pervade to become spread through all parts of verb
4292 pervasive manifested throughout, penetrating or affecting everything adjective
4293 perverse willfully determined to go counter to what is expected adjective
4294 perversion humiliation, debasement noun
4295 pervert to lead astray morally verb
4296 pervious admitting of passage or entrance adjective
4297 pessimism a general belief that bad things will happen noun
4298 pestilence a deadly or virulent epidemic disease noun
4299 pestilent highly injurious or destructive to life, deadly adjective
4300 peter to dwindle, to trail off, to diminish to nothing verb
4301 petrify to convert into stone or a stony substance verb
4302 petrous like stone, especially in hardness adjective
4303 petulance the state or quality of being petulant noun
4304 petulant showing sudden, impatient irritation adjective
4305 pharmacopoeia an official book describing medicines noun
4306 pharmacy a place where prescription drugs are dispensed noun
4307 phenomenal very remarkable, highly extraordinary, amazing adjective
4308 philander to make love with a woman one cannot marry verb
4309 philanthropic benevolent adjective
4310 philately stamp collecting noun
4311 philharmonic a full-size symphonic orchestra noun
4312 philippic any speech or discourse of bitter denunciation noun
4313 philistine a person lacking in cultural values noun
4314 philogynist someone who is fond of women as a group noun
4315 philologist a person who studies literary texts and written records noun
4316 philology the study of literary texts and of written records noun
4317 philosophy the rational investigation of the principles of being noun
4318 phlegmatic not easily excited to action or display of emotion adjective
4319 phobia an irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety noun
4320 phonetic relating to the sounds of spoken language adjective
4321 phonic of or pertaining to speech sound adjective
4322 phonogram a part of a writing system, standing for a sound or syllable noun
4323 phonology the study of the patterning of speech sounds in a language noun
4324 phosphorescence the emission of light without any perceptible heat noun
4325 photoelectric pertaining to electric effects produced by light adjective
4326 photometer an instrument that measures brightness noun
4327 photometry the measurement of the intensity of light noun
4328 physiocracy belief that land is the basis of wealth and taxation noun
4329 physiognomy the face or countenance noun
4330 physiography the science of physical geography noun
4331 physiology biology dealing with the functions of living organisms noun
4332 picaresque a form of fiction depicting the adventures of a roguish hero adjective
4333 picayune petty, trivial, of little consequence adjective
4334 piccolo an instrument similar to a flute, but smaller noun
4335 piece de resistance the principal dish of a meal noun
4336 piecemeal made or done in pieces or one stage at a time adjective
4337 pied having patches of two or more colours adjective
4338 piety devout fulfillment of religious obligations noun
4339 pilfer to steal in small quantities verb
4340 pillage to loot or plunder by force, especially in time of war verb
4341 pillory a wooden frame with holes for securing the head and hands noun
4342 pincers a gripping tool with blunt jaws noun
4343 pinch to squeeze or compress between something noun
4344 pinion a bird's wing noun
4345 pinioned tie or hold the arms or legs of (someone) verb
4346 pinnacle a high peak noun
4347 pioneer a person who is among those who first settle a region noun
4348 pious having a dutiful spirit of reverence for god adjective
4349 piquancy a food's level of pungency noun
4350 piquant agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavour adjective
4351 pique to affect with irritation and resentment verb
4352 piteous evoking or deserving pity adjective
4353 pith the soft central cylinder of tissue in a plant stem noun
4354 pithy brief, forceful and meaningful in expression adjective
4355 pitiable evoking or deserving pity, pitiful adjective
4356 pitiful evoking or deserving pity adjective
4357 pitiless feeling or showing no pity adjective
4358 pittance a small allowance of food and drink, a scanty meal noun
4359 pivotal of vital or critical importance adjective
4360 placate to appease or pacify verb
4361 placebo a dummy medicine containing no active ingredients noun
4362 placid calm and quiet, peaceful, tranquil adjective
4363 plagiarism using the language and thoughts of another author noun
4364 plaintiff a party bringing a suit in civil law against a defendan noun
4365 plaintive sorrowful, mournful or melancholic adjective
4366 planisphere a map of the celestial sphere indicating a visible location noun
4367 plasticity the capability of being molded to assume a desired form noun
4368 platitude a flat, dull or trite remark noun
4369 platonic free from sensual desire adjective
4370 plaudit a mark or expression of applause, praise bestowed noun
4371 plausible seemingly or apparently likely, or acceptable adjective
4372 playwright a writer and creator of theatrical plays noun
4373 plea an appeal, petition, urgent prayer or entreaty noun
4374 pleasant giving pleasure, pleasing in manner adjective
4375 pleasurable enjoyable adjective
4376 plebeian belonging or pertaining to the common people adjective
4377 plebian alternative spelling of plebeian adjective
4378 pledgee someone who receives a pledge noun
4379 pledgeor a person who gives or makes a pledge noun
4380 plenary fully attended, for everyone's attendance adjective
4381 plenipotentiary a person with power to do business on behalf of another adjective
4382 plenitude an abundance, plenty, a full supply noun
4383 plenteous of or pertaining to plenty, abundance adjective
4384 plethora overabundance, excess noun
4385 pliable easily bent adjective
4386 pliant capable of bending, flexible, pliable adjective
4387 plod to walk or move slowly and heavily verb
4388 pluck to pull something sharply, to pull something out verb
4389 plumage feathers, either covering a bird or used ornamentally noun
4390 plummet to drop swiftly, in a direct manner, to fall quickly verb
4391 pluperfect perfect with respect to a point of reference in past time adjective
4392 plural consisting of or containing more than one of something adjective
4393 plurality fact of being numerous noun
4394 plutocracy the rule or power of wealth or the wealthy noun
4395 pneumatic of or relating to air or other gases adjective
4396 podium a small platform for a public speaker, a conductor, etc noun
4397 poesy the class of literature comprising poems noun
4398 poetaster an unskilled poet noun
4399 poetic possessing the qualities or charm of poetry adjective
4400 poignant keenly distressing to the feelings adjective
4401 poise calm self-assured dignity, especially in social situations verb
4402 polar of or relating to the north or south pole adjective
4403 polemic a controversial argument noun
4404 politic shrewd or prudent in practical matters adjective
4405 pollen the fertilizing element of flowering plants noun
4406 pollute to make foul or unclean verb
4407 poltroon a wretched coward, craven noun
4408 polyarchy government in which power is invested in 3 or more persons noun
4409 polycracy government by many rulers, polyarchy noun
4410 polygamy the custom of having more than one spouse at the same time noun
4411 polyglot able to speak or write several languages adjective
4412 polygon a figure having three or more sides noun
4413 polyhedron a solid figure with many flat faces and straight edges noun
4414 polysyllable a word with more than two syllables noun
4415 polytechnic offering instruction in a variety of technical subjects adjective
4416 polytheism the belief of the existence of many gods noun
4417 pommel a knob, as on the hilt of a sword noun
4418 pomposity the quality of being pompous, self-importance noun
4419 pompous affectedly grand, solemn or self-important adjective
4420 ponder to wonder, to think of deeply verb
4421 pontiff any high or chief priest noun
4422 pontificate to preside as a bishop, especially at mass verb
4423 populace the common people of a nation noun
4424 populous full of residents, as a region, heavily populated adjective
4425 portend to serve as a warning or omen verb
4426 portent an indication or omen of something about to happen noun
4427 portentous ominously significant, portending evil adjective
4428 portfolio a large flat case for carrying documents noun
4429 portly rather heavy or fat adjective
4430 poseur a person who attempts to impress others by assuming a manner noun
4431 posit to place, put or set verb
4432 posse a body or force armed with legal authority noun
4433 possess to have, to have ownership of verb
4434 possessor one who possesses noun
4435 postdate to date with a date in the future verb
4436 posterior located behind, or towards the rear of an object adjective
4437 posterity succeeding or future generations collectively noun
4438 postgraduate further studies after completing a degree adjective
4439 posthumous arising, occurring or continuing after one's death adjective
4440 postscript a paragraph or phrase added to a concluded letter noun
4441 postulate to ask, demand or claim verb
4442 potable good for drinking without fear of poisoning or disease adjective
4443 potency strength noun
4444 potent powerful, mighty adjective
4445 potentate a powerful leader, a monarch, a ruler noun
4446 potential existing in possibility, not in actuality adjective
4447 potion a drink or draft, especially a magical one noun
4448 potpourri a mixture of dried petals of roses or other spices noun
4449 pragmatic pertaining to a practical point of view adjective
4450 pragmatist practical person, realist noun
4451 prate to talk much and to little purpose, to babble verb
4452 prattle to talk incessantly and in a childish manner, to babble verb
4453 preamble an introductory statement noun
4454 precaution a measure taken in advance to secure good results noun
4455 precede to go before, go in front of verb
4456 precedent (law) a legal decision serving as an authoritative rule noun
4457 precept a commandment given as a rule of action or conduct noun
4458 precession precedence noun
4459 precinct a district in a city marked out for government purposes noun
4460 precipice a very steep cliff noun
4461 precipitant falling headlong adjective
4462 precipitous extremely steep adjective
4463 precise exact, accurate adjective
4464 precision accuracy noun
4465 preclude to prevent the occurrence of, make impossible verb
4466 precocious unusually advanced or mature in development adjective
4467 precursor something that precedes noun
4468 predatory of, or relating to a predator adjective
4469 predecessor something replaced by something else noun
4470 predicament a difficult, perplexing or dangerous situation noun
4471 predilection a tendency to think favourably of something in particular noun
4472 predispose to make someone susceptible to something (such as a disease) verb
4473 predominance the condition or state of having power over others noun
4474 preeminence the status of being preeminent, dominant or ascendant noun
4475 preeminent exceeding others in quality or rank adjective
4476 preempt to acquire something (before someone else does) verb
4477 preengage to engage beforehand verb
4478 preestablish to establish beforehand verb
4479 preexist to exist before something else verb
4480 preface an introductory part, or preliminary statement noun
4481 prefatory introductory, preliminary, serving as a prelude or preface adjective
4482 prefix an affix placed before a word to modify a term's meaning noun
4483 prehensile able to take hold of and clasp objects adjective
4484 prehension the act of grasping or gripping something noun
4485 prejudice an unfavourable opinion formed without knowledge or reason noun
4486 prelacy the office of a prelate noun
4487 prelate a church dignitary noun
4488 prelude any action or event that precedes something else noun
4489 premature occurring too soon adjective
4490 premeditated done deliberately, planned in advance adjective
4491 premier the head of the cabinet in some countries noun
4492 premise a proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion noun
4493 premonition a forewarning of a future event noun
4494 preoccupy to distract, to occupy or draw attention elsewhere verb
4495 preordain to determine the fate of something in advance verb
4496 preparation the act of getting ready for something noun
4497 preponderance excess or superiority of influence noun
4498 prepossess to occupy beforehand verb
4499 preposterous absurd, or contrary to common sense adjective
4500 prerogative having a hereditary or official right or privilege adjective
4501 presage foreboding noun
4502 prescience knowledge of things before they happen noun
4503 prescient having knowledge of events before they take place adjective
4504 prescribe to order (a drug) for use by a particular patient verb
4505 prescript something prescribed, a rule, regulation or dictate noun
4506 prescription paper from doctor for pharmacist stating medication you need adjective
4507 presentient having a premonition adjective
4508 presentiment a feeling that something is about to happen noun
4509 presentment a statement made on oath by a jury noun
4510 preservation to keep alive or in existence verb
4511 preside to occupy the place of authority or control verb
4512 prestigious of high honour or reputation adjective
4513 presumption assumption of something as true noun
4514 preternatural strange, inexplicable, extraordinary, abnormal adjective
4515 pretext something put forward to conceal a true purpose or object noun
4516 prevail to be superior in strength, dominance, influence verb
4517 prevalence the quality or condition of being widespread noun
4518 prevaricate to deviate, transgress, to go astray (from) verb
4519 prevention the act of keeping something from occurring noun
4520 prickle a sharp point noun
4521 prig a person who is self-righteous and narrow-minded noun
4522 priggish like a prig adjective
4523 prim precise or proper adjective
4524 prima most important adjective
4525 primer a book that provides an introduction to a topic noun
4526 primeval belonging to the first ages adjective
4527 primitive of, or pertaining to, the beginning or origin adjective
4528 primordial first, earliest or original adjective
4529 principle a fundamental assumption noun
4530 priory a monastery or convent governed by a prior or prioress noun
4531 pristine unspoiled, still with its original purity adjective
4532 privateer private ship built by the government to harass enemy ships noun
4533 privation lack of the usual comforts of life noun
4534 privilege to grant some particular right or exemption to verb
4535 privity a divine mystery, something known only to god noun
4536 privy having knowledge of something private or secret adjective
4537 probate the official proving of a will as authentic noun
4538 probe to explore, investigate, or question verb
4539 probity integrity and uprightness noun
4540 procedure a particular method for performing a task noun
4541 proceed to go forward or onward, to advance verb
4542 proclamation a public and official announcement noun
4543 proclivity natural or habitual inclination noun
4544 procrastinate to put off, to delay taking action, to wait until later verb
4545 proctor to supervise or monitor verb
4546 procure to obtain through special means verb
4547 prodigy a young person having extraordinary talent or ability noun
4548 productive capable of producing something, especially in abundance adjective
4549 profane irreligious adjective
4550 profess to make open declaration of, to own or admit freely verb
4551 professor a teacher or faculty member at a college or university noun
4552 proffer to offer for acceptance, to propose to give verb
4553 proficient good at, skilled, fluent, practiced adjective
4554 profiteer a person who seeks exorbitant profits noun
4555 profligacy careless wastefulness noun
4556 profligate utterly immoral adjective
4557 profound entering deeply into subjects of thought or knowledge adjective
4558 profuse spending or giving freely and in large amount adjective
4559 profusion abundance, the state of being profuse, a cornucopia noun
4560 progenitor a forefather, any of a person's direct ancestors noun
4561 progeny offspring or descendants noun
4562 prognosis a forecast of the future course of a disease or disorder noun
4563 prognosticate to predict or forecast verb
4564 progression the act of moving from one thing to another noun
4565 prohibition an act of prohibiting, forbidding, or disallowing something noun
4566 prohibitory that serves to prohibit or forbid adjective
4567 projection something which sticks out noun
4568 proletarian of or relating to the working class adjective
4569 proletariat the working class or lower class noun
4570 proliferate to grow or produce by multiplication of parts verb
4571 prolific producing offspring abundantly adjective
4572 prolix extended to great, unnecessary or tedious length adjective
4573 prologue an introduction, especially to a play or novel noun
4574 prolong to extend in space or length verb
4575 promenade to walk verb
4576 prominence the state of being prominent: widely known or eminent noun
4577 promiscuous having casual sexual relations with a number of partners adjective
4578 promissory containing or consisting of a promise adjective
4579 promontory a high point of land extending into a body of water noun
4580 promoter one who promotes noun
4581 promulgate to make known or public verb
4582 propaganda information or ideas spread deliberately to help or harm noun
4583 propagate to cause an organism to multiply verb
4584 propel to cause to move in a certain direction verb
4585 propellant something that causes an object to be driven forward noun
4586 propeller a mechanical device with rotating blades noun
4587 propensity a tendency, preference, or attraction noun
4588 prophecy a prediction, especially one made by a prophet noun
4589 prophesy to speak or write with divine inspiration verb
4590 propinquity nearness in place noun
4591 propitiate to make favourably inclined verb
4592 propitious presenting favourable opinions adjective
4593 proponent one who supports something, an advocate noun
4594 proportionate adjusted to proper proportion adjective
4595 propound to put forward, to offer for discussion or debate verb
4596 proprietary of relating to property or ownership adjective
4597 propriety conformity to established standards of proper behaviour noun
4598 propulsion force causing movement noun
4599 prosaic commonplace or dull adjective
4600 proscenium the stage area between the curtain and the orchestra noun
4601 proscribe to forbid or prohibit verb
4602 prose the ordinary form of spoken or written language noun
4603 proselyte a convert from one religious belief to another noun
4604 proselytize to encourage or induce people to join a religious movement verb
4605 prosody the study of speech noun
4606 prospector a person who searches for natural resources noun
4607 prospectus a document describing the features of a proposed project noun
4608 prosperity a successful condition, especially in financial respects noun
4609 prostrate to lie flat or facedown, to throw oneself down verb
4610 prostration the act or condition of laying flat as a sign of humility noun
4611 protagonist the main character in a literary work or drama noun
4612 protean readily assuming different forms or characters adjective
4613 protege a person guided and protected by a more prominent person noun
4614 protégé a person guided and protected by a more prominent person noun
4615 Protestant any christian who is not catholic, anglican or eastern adjective
4616 protocol the customs dealing with diplomatic formality noun
4617 protomartyr any of the first christian martyrs noun
4618 protoplasm the colloidal and liquid substance of which cells are formed noun
4619 prototype the original on which something else is based or formed noun
4620 protract to draw out or lengthen verb
4621 protrude to bulge outward, to stick out verb
4622 protrusion the act of protruding noun
4623 protuberant swelling or bulging outward adjective
4624 proverb a basic truth which may be applied to common situations noun
4625 provident with care and consideration for the future, foresight adjective
4626 providential fortunate as if occurring as a gift from a deity adjective
4627 provincial belonging or peculiar to a particular province adjective
4628 provisional temporary adjective
4629 proviso a conditional provision to an agreement noun
4630 provocation the act of annoying someone into doing something noun
4631 prowess skillfulness and manual ability, adroitness or dexterity noun
4632 proximity closeness noun
4633 proxy the power of a person authorized to act in place of another noun
4634 prudent wise in practical affairs adjective
4635 prudery excessive propriety or modesty in speech noun
4636 prurient having lustful thoughts adjective
4637 pseudapostle one falsely claiming to be an apostle noun
4638 pseudonym a fictitious name, often used by writers and movie stars noun
4639 pseudonymity use of a false name noun
4640 psychiatry the science of diagnosing and treating mental disorders noun
4641 psychopathic having the behaviors and personality traits of a psychopath adjective
4642 psychotherapy the treatment of psychological disorders noun
4643 pudgy overweight (pertaining particularly to children), plump adjective
4644 puerile immature, childish adjective
4645 pugnacious inclined to quarrel or fight readily adjective
4646 puissant powerful, mighty, having authority adjective
4647 pulchritude physical beauty noun
4648 pulmonary pertaining to, having, or affecting the lungs adjective
4649 punctilio a fine point or detail regarding conduct or procedure noun
4650 punctilious strictly attentive to detail adjective
4651 pundit a learned person, expert or authority noun
4652 pungent sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell adjective
4653 punitive concerned with or inflicting punishment adjective
4654 pupilage the condition of being a pupil noun
4655 purgatory in catholicism, a place where souls are purified after death noun
4656 purist a person who insists on purity in language, style, etc adjective
4657 purl to finish with loops or a looped edging verb
4658 purloin to take dishonestly verb
4659 purport to convey, imply, or profess outwardly, often falsely verb
4660 purveyor someone who supplies what is needed, especially food noun
4661 purview the range of operation, authority, control, etc noun
4662 pusillanimous lacking courage adjective
4663 putative commonly believed or deemed to be the case adjective
4664 putrescent becoming putrid, putrefying adjective
4665 putrid rotting, rotten, being in a state of putrefaction adjective
4666 pyre a heap of wood or other combustible material noun
4667 pyromania an uncontrollable urge to start fires noun
4668 pyrotechnic of, or relating to fireworks adjective
4669 pyx the small container used to hold the eucharist noun
4670 quack to make a noise like a duck verb
4671 quackery the practice of fraudulent medicine noun
4672 quadrate square or rectangular adjective
4673 quadruple to multiply something by four times verb
4674 quaff to drink something with hearty enjoyment, especially alcohol verb
4675 quagmire a swampy, soggy area of ground noun
4676 quail to lose heart or courage in difficulty or danger verb
4677 quaint having old-fashioned attractiveness or charm adjective
4678 qualify to describe something by listing its qualities verb
4679 qualitative distinctions based on some quality rather than on quantity adjective
4680 qualm a sickly feeling of being ill at ease, sudden queasiness noun
4681 quandary a state of not knowing what to decide noun
4682 quarantine isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease noun
4683 quarrelsome argumentative adjective
4684 quarry a pit from which stone, slate, etc is obtained noun
4685 quarter to divide into four parts verb
4686 quartet a music composition in four parts noun
4687 quarto a book made up of four leaves, or eight pages noun
4688 quasi resembling or having a likeness to something adjective
4689 quasi- 1 english adjective
4690 quaver to shake in a trembling manner verb
4691 quay a landing place for boats along the edge of a body of water noun
4692 queasy experiencing or causing nausea or uneasiness adjective
4693 quell to suppress or extinguish verb
4694 querulous full of complaints adjective
4695 query to ask, inquire verb
4696 quibble to complain or argue in a trivial or petty manner verb
4697 quid pro quo one thing given in return for another noun
4698 quiescence the state of being at rest noun
4699 quiescent being at rest adjective
4700 quietus a finishing stroke noun
4701 quintessence a thing that is the most perfect example of its type noun
4702 quintet (music) a composition in five parts noun
4703 quirk something unusual about someone's manner or style noun
4704 quite wholly adverb
4705 quixotic extravagantly chivalrous or romantic adjective
4706 quizzical odd, comical adjective
4707 quorum the number of members of something required to do business noun
4708 quotidian daily adjective
4709 rabid irrationally extreme in opinion or practice adjective
4710 raconteur a person who is skilled in relating stories and anecdotes noun
4711 racy slightly improper or indelicate adjective
4712 radiance warm, cheerful brightness noun
4713 radiate to extend, send or spread out from a center verb
4714 radical favouring change at the root cause of a matter adjective
4715 radix a number taken as the base of a system of numbers noun
4716 raffish mildly or sometimes engagingly disreputable or nonconformist adjective
4717 rail to complain violently (against, about) verb
4718 raillery good-natured ridicule, jest or banter noun
4719 raiment clothing, garments, dress, material noun
4720 ramble to move about aimlessly, or on a winding course verb
4721 ramification a related problem or consequence noun
4722 ramify to divide or spread out into branches or branchlike parts verb
4723 ramose having branches, branching adjective
4724 rampant violent in action or spirit adjective
4725 rampart a broad elevation used as fortification around a place noun
4726 rancid being rank in taste or smell adjective
4727 rancor bitter, rankling resentment or ill will noun
4728 rancorous full of rancor, bitter, unforgiving adjective
4729 rankle to cause irritation or deep bitterness verb
4730 rant to speak or shout at length in an uncontrollable anger verb
4731 rapacious given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed adjective
4732 rapacity the quality of being rapacious, voracity noun
4733 rapid describes a process or concept which occurs quickly adjective
4734 rapine the seizure of one's property by force, plunder noun
4735 rapport a relationship of mutual trust and respect noun
4736 rapt very interested, involved in something, absorbed adjective
4737 raptorial preying upon other animals adjective
4738 rapture to experience great happiness or excitement verb
4739 rash hasty, not careful or considered adjective
4740 rasp to scrape or abrade with a rough instrument verb
4741 ratify to confirm by expressing consent verb
4742 ration a fixed allowance of provisions or food noun
4743 rationale the fundamental reason serving to account for something noun
4744 raucous harsh adjective
4745 ravage to devastate or destroy something verb
4746 ravel to pull apart (especially cloth or a seam), unravel verb
4747 ravenous very hungry adjective
4748 ravine a deep narrow valley in the earth's surface caused by water noun
4749 raze to demolish, to level to the ground verb
4750 readily promptly adverb
4751 readjust adjust again verb
4752 realism a concern for fact and rejection of the impractical noun
4753 realm an abstract sphere of influence, real or imagined noun
4754 reaper a machine for cutting standing grain noun
4755 rearrange to change the order or arrangement of (one or more items) verb
4756 reassure to restore confidence to verb
4757 rebellious defying or resisting some established authority adjective
4758 rebuff to refuse, to turn down or shut out verb
4759 rebuild to build again verb
4760 rebuke to criticise harshly, to reprove verb
4761 rebut to refute by evidence or argument verb
4762 rebuttal the act of presenting a contrary argument, as in a debate noun
4763 recalcitrant resisting authority or control adjective
4764 recant to withdraw or disavow verb
4765 recapitulate to summarize or repeat in concise form verb
4766 recapture to capture something for a second time verb
4767 recede to move back, to move away verb
4768 receivable fit for acceptance adjective
4769 receptacle a container noun
4770 receptive capable of receiving something adjective
4771 recession the act or an instance of receding noun
4772 recessive going back, receding adjective
4773 recidivism repeated or habitual relapse noun
4774 recidivist a repeat offender noun
4775 reciprocal something which is mutual adjective
4776 reciprocate to give or feel in return verb
4777 reciprocity a mutual exchange in state or relation noun
4778 recitation the act of publicly reciting something previously memorized noun
4779 reck to care for, to heed, to regard, consider verb
4780 reckless careless or heedless, headstrong or rash adjective
4781 reclaim to demand the return or restoration of something as a right verb
4782 recline to cause to lean back, to bend back verb
4783 recluse a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society noun
4784 reclusive preferring privacy and isolation adjective
4785 reclusory the habitation of a recluse, a hermitage noun
4786 recognizance a form of bail noun
4787 recoil to pull back, especially in disgust, horror or astonishment verb
4788 recollect to remember verb
4789 recompense to repay verb
4790 reconcile to recreate friendly relationships verb
4791 recondite dealing with very profound or difficult subject matter adjective
4792 reconnaissance the act of scouting or exploring to gain information noun
4793 reconnoiter to inspect an area in order to gain information verb
4794 recount tell someone about something, give an account of an event verb
4795 recoup to make back, as an investment verb
4796 recourse the act of seeking assistance or advice noun
4797 recreant disloyal, unfaithful, surrendering allegiance adjective
4798 recreate to give new life, energy or encouragement verb
4799 recrimination a retaliatory accusation noun
4800 recrudescent breaking out again or into renewed activity adjective
4801 recruit to enlist a person for service in one of the armed forces verb
4802 rectify to correct or amend something verb
4803 rectitude rightness of principle or conduct noun
4804 recumbent lying down adjective
4805 recuperate to get better from an illness verb
4806 recur to occur again verb
4807 recure to cure, heal verb
4808 recurrent occurring or appearing again, especially repeatedly adjective
4809 recusant refusing to submit adjective
4810 redeem to recover ownership of something by paying a sum verb
4811 redemption deliverance, rescue noun
4812 redolence having a pleasant odour adjective
4813 redoubtable that is to be feared adjective
4814 redound to contribute (to a specified situation or consequence) verb
4815 redress to put in order again, to set right, to emend, to revise verb
4816 reducible capable of being made smaller adjective
4817 redundance the state of being superfluous and unneeded noun
4818 redundant superfluous, exceeding what is necessary adjective
4819 reek to emanate, as of vapour or perfume verb
4820 reestablish to restore to a previously operational state verb
4821 refer to direct the attention of verb
4822 referable capable of being directed to adjective
4823 referee in sports, an authority who governs the rules of the game noun
4824 referendum a general vote by the public on a single political question noun
4825 referrer to direct for information or anything required noun
4826 refinery an establishment for processing something noun
4827 reflectible capable of being reflected or cast back, reflexible adjective
4828 reflection the throwing back of light, heat or sound by a surface noun
4829 reflector something which throws back heat, light or sound noun
4830 reflexible capable of being reflected, or thrown back adjective
4831 reform to put into a new and improved form or condition verb
4832 reformer a person devoted to bringing about change noun
4833 refract to change direction from entering a different medium verb
4834 refractory hard or impossible to manage adjective
4835 refrain to hold back from an impulse to say or do something verb
4836 refringent that refracts, refractive adjective
4837 refuge a state of safety, protection or shelter noun
4838 refulgent resplendent, or shining brightly and radiantly adjective
4839 refurbish to rebuild or replenish with all new material verb
4840 refusal the act of turning something down noun
4841 refute to prove (something) to be false or incorrect verb
4842 regal of or having to do with royalty adjective
4843 regale to entertain lavishly or agreeably verb
4844 regalia the decorations or ceremonial clothes of any office or order noun
4845 regality royalty, sovereignty or kingship noun
4846 regenerate to construct or create anew verb
4847 regent a person with power to rule in the absence of the sovereign noun
4848 regicide the killing of a king noun
4849 regime mode of rule or management noun
4850 regimen orderly government, system of order, administration noun
4851 regnant reigning, ruling, currently holding power [from 15th c ] adjective
4852 regress to move backwards to an earlier stage, to devolve verb
4853 regression an action of regressing, a return to a previous state noun
4854 regretful full of feelings of regret, indulging in regrets adjective
4855 regurgitate to throw up or vomit verb
4856 rehabilitate to restore to a condition of good health verb
4857 reign to exercise sovereign power, or to rule as a monarch verb
4858 reimburse to repay money spent on one's behalf verb
4859 rein a strap by which a rider or driver controls a horse noun
4860 reinstate to restore somebody to a former position or rank verb
4861 reiterate to say or do (something) for a second time verb
4862 rejoin to come again into the company of verb
4863 rejoinder an answer to a reply noun
4864 rejuvenate to make young again verb
4865 relapse to fall back into a former state verb
4866 relegate to send or consign to an inferior position verb
4867 relent to become less severe or intense, to become less hard verb
4868 relevant directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic adjective
4869 reliance the act of depending on someone or something, trust noun
4870 reliant having dependence on adjective
4871 relic a surviving memorial of something from the past noun
4872 relinquish to renounce or surrender verb
4873 reliquary a container to hold or display religious relics noun
4874 relish liking or enjoyment of the taste of something verb
4875 reluctant unwilling adjective
4876 remand to send back verb
4877 remediable capable of being fixed adjective
4878 remedial intended to improve one's skill in a specific field adjective
4879 remembrance a retained memory noun
4880 reminisce to recall the past in a private moment verb
4881 remiss at fault, failing to fulfill responsibility adjective
4882 remit to forgive, pardon verb
4883 remonstrance a protest noun
4884 remorse a feeling of regret or sadness for doing wrong or sinning noun
4885 remunerate to compensate, to pay verb
4886 renaissance a rebirth or revival noun
4887 renascence a new beginning or rebirth, regeneration noun
4888 rend to separate into parts with force or sudden violence verb
4889 render to cause to become verb
4890 rendezvous to meet at an agreed time and place verb
4891 rendition an interpretation, as of a role or a piece of music noun
4892 renegade an outlaw or rebel noun
4893 renege to break a promise or commitment, to go back on one's word verb
4894 renounce to give up, resign, surrender verb
4895 renovate to restore to good condition verb
4896 renown fame, celebrity, wide recognition noun
4897 renunciation the act of rejecting or renouncing something as invalid noun
4898 reorganize to organize something again, or in a different manner verb
4899 reparable able to be fixed adjective
4900 reparation the making of amends for wrong or injury done noun
4901 repartee a quick, witty reply noun
4902 repast a meal noun
4903 repeal to cancel, invalidate, annul verb
4904 repel to drive or force back verb
4905 repentance deep sorrow for a past error noun
4906 repentant penitent adjective
4907 repercussion a consequence or ensuing result of some action noun
4908 repertory a presentation in which a company presents several works noun
4909 repetition the act or an instance of doing something again noun
4910 repine to be fretful, discontented verb
4911 replenish to refill, to renew verb
4912 replete full of adjective
4913 replica an exact copy noun
4914 repose to lay, to set down verb
4915 repository a location for storage, often for safety or preservation noun
4916 reprehend to criticize, to reprove verb
4917 reprehensible blameworthy, deserving of criticism adjective
4918 repress to keep under control, or suppress verb
4919 reprieve a respite from impending punishment noun
4920 reprimand to reprove in a formal or official way verb
4921 reprisal act of retaliation noun
4922 reproach to criticize or rebuke someone verb
4923 reprobate a wicked person noun
4924 reproof the act of rebuking noun
4925 reprove to criticize or correct verb
4926 repudiate to reject the truth or validity of something, to deny verb
4927 repugnant distasteful, objectionable adjective
4928 repulse to repel or drive back verb
4929 reputable having a good reputation, honourable adjective
4930 repute to attribute or credit something to something, to impute verb
4931 requiem any musical service for the repose of the dead noun
4932 requisite essential, required, indispensable adjective
4933 requital a return or reward for service noun
4934 requite to return in kind, to repay, to recompense, to reward verb
4935 rescind to repeal, annul, or declare void verb
4936 reseat to provide (e g a room) with more, or new, seats verb
4937 resemblance similarity noun
4938 resent to express or exhibit displeasure or indignation verb
4939 reservoir a place where anything is kept in store noun
4940 residue whatever remains after something else has been removed noun
4941 resignation a formal statement that one gives up a position noun
4942 resilient able to endure tribulation without cracking adjective
4943 resistant that which makes resistance or offers opposition adjective
4944 resolute firm, unyielding, determined adjective
4945 resolve to find a solution to (a problem) verb
4946 resonance the prolongation of sound by reflection noun
4947 resonant resounding, echoing adjective
4948 resonate to vibrate or sound verb
4949 resource a source of aid that can be readily drawn upon when needed noun
4950 respite an interval of relief from something distressing or trying noun
4951 resplendent shining brilliantly adjective
4952 respondent a person who makes reply noun
4953 restitution reparation made by giving compensation for loss or damage noun
4954 restive impatient under delay, duress, or control adjective
4955 restorative capable of renewing health or strength adjective
4956 restrained characterized by reserve adjective
4957 resumption the act of starting something again noun
4958 resurgent rising again adjective
4959 resurrection the act of arising from the dead noun
4960 resuscitate to restore consciousness, vigor, or life to verb
4961 retaliate to do something harmful or negative in revenge verb
4962 retch to make an unsuccessful effort to vomit verb
4963 retention the act of remembering noun
4964 reticence tight-lippedness, discretion, avoidance of saying too much noun
4965 reticent disposed to be silent or not speak freely adjective
4966 retinue a group of servants or attendants noun
4967 retort to say something sharp or witty in answer to a remark verb
4968 retrace to go back over verb
4969 retract to pull back inside verb
4970 retraction withdrawal of a statement, opinion, promise, etc noun
4971 retrench to cut down or reduce something verb
4972 retribution punishment inflicted in the spirit of vengeance noun
4973 retrieve to regain or get back something verb
4974 retroactive operative with respect to past occurrences adjective
4975 retrograde to move backwards, to recede verb
4976 retrogress to return to an earlier, simpler or worse condition verb
4977 retrospect to look or refer back to, to reflect on verb
4978 reunite to unite again, as after separation verb
4979 revel to make merry, to have a gay, lively time verb
4980 revelation something disclosed, especially a shocking disclosure noun
4981 reverberate to ring with many echoes verb
4982 revere to regard someone or something with great awe or devotion verb
4983 reversion the act of turning something the reverse way noun
4984 revert to turn back, or to the contrary, to reverse verb
4985 revile to attack (someone) with abusive language verb
4986 revisal the act of revising, a revision noun
4987 revise to look at again, to reflect on verb
4988 revocation nullification or withdrawal noun
4989 revoke to cancel or invalidate by withdrawing or reversing verb
4990 rhapsodize to talk with extravagant enthusiasm verb
4991 rhapsody an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm noun
4992 rhetoric the art of using language as a means to persuade noun
4993 rhetorician an expert or student of language noun
4994 ribald vulgar or indecent in speech, language, etc adjective
4995 riddance the act or fact of clearing away or out noun
4996 riddled damaged throughout by numerous perforations or holes adjective
4997 ridicule to criticize or disapprove of scornfully verb
4998 rife widespread (especially of unpleasant or harmful things) adjective
4999 rift an opening made by splitting, cleaving, etc noun
5000 righteousness the quality or state of being just or rightful noun
5001 rigmarole complex, obsolete procedures, excess steps or activity noun
5002 rigor strictness, severity or harshness noun
5003 rigorous rigidly severe or harsh adjective
5004 ripplet a small ripple noun
5005 risible causing laughter adjective
5006 rivulet a small brook or stream, a streamlet noun
5007 robust strong and healthy adjective
5008 rogue a dishonest, knavish person noun
5009 rondo music that returns to a main theme throughout the piece noun
5010 rookery a colony of breeding birds or other animals noun
5011 rotary capable of turning around on an axis adjective
5012 rote routine adjective
5013 rotund having a round or spherical shape, circular, orbicular adjective
5014 rout an overwhelming defeat noun
5015 routine according to established procedure adjective
5016 rudimentary pertaining to first principles, basics adjective
5017 rudiments the elements or first principles of a subject noun
5018 rue to feel sorrow over verb
5019 ruffian a tough, lawless person noun
5020 rugged broken into sharp or irregular points, not smooth adjective
5021 ruminant any cud-chewing quadruped adjective
5022 ruminate to chew cud verb
5023 rupture to burst, break through, or split, as under pressure verb
5024 ruse a trick or artifice noun
5025 rustic country-styled or pastoral, rural adjective
5026 ruth pity or compassion noun
5027 saccharin a white, crystalline powder used as an artificial sweetener noun
5028 saccharine resembling sugar adjective
5029 sacred devoted or dedicated to a deity or religious purpose adjective
5030 sacrilege misuse or violation of something regarded as sacred noun
5031 sacrosanct beyond alteration, criticism, or interference adjective
5032 sadistic delighting in the pain of others adjective
5033 saga any narrative or legend of heroic exploits noun
5034 sagacious showing acute mental discernment and keen practical sense adjective
5035 sagacity acuteness of mental discernment and soundness of judgement noun
5036 sage a profoundly wise person noun
5037 salacious lustful or lecherous adjective
5038 salient prominent or conspicuous adjective
5039 saline containing or resembling salt, salty adjective
5040 sallow having a grayish, yellow-green hue adjective
5041 salubrious favourable to or promoting health adjective
5042 salutary favourable to or promoting health adjective
5043 salvage to save from shipwreck, fire, etc verb
5044 salve a medical ointment for healing or relieving wounds and sores noun
5045 salvo a successive charge of artillery, bombs, etc noun
5046 sanctimonious making a hypocritical show of piety adjective
5047 sanction authoritative permission or approval for an action noun
5048 sanctity holiness of life or disposition, saintliness noun
5049 sangfroid self-possession or imperturbability especially under strain noun
5050 sanguinary accompanied by bloodshed adjective
5051 sanguine cheerfully optimistic adjective
5052 sapid tasty, flavoursome or savoury adjective
5053 sapient possessing wisdom and discernment, wise, learned adjective
5054 saponaceous resembling soap, having the qualities of soap, soapy adjective
5055 sarcasm harsh or bitter derision or irony noun
5056 sarcophagus a stone coffin, often inscribed or decorated with sculpture noun
5057 sardonic characterised by bitter or scornful derision adjective
5058 sartorial pertaining to tailors and their trade adjective
5059 satiate to fill to satisfaction, to satisfy verb
5060 satire the use of irony,or sarcasm in exposing folly, vice noun
5061 saturate to become completely penetrated, soaked verb
5062 saturnalian relating to unrestrained revelry adjective
5063 saturnine sluggish in temperament, gloomy, taciturn adjective
5064 satyr a woodland deity represented as half-man, half-horse noun
5065 savage fierce, ferocious or cruel noun
5066 savant a person of profound or extensive learning noun
5067 savor to enjoy something with unhurried appreciation verb
5068 savory tasty, attractive to the palate adjective
5069 scabbard the sheath of a sword noun
5070 scarcity insufficiency or shortness of supply noun
5071 scathing bitterly severe adjective
5072 schism division, especially into mutually opposed parties noun
5073 scholarly concerned with academic learning and research adjective
5074 scintilla a small spark or flash, a trace noun
5075 scintillating animated, vivacious, effervescent adjective
5076 scoff to jeer, laugh at with contempt and derision verb
5077 scope to perform a cursory investigation, as to scope out verb
5078 scorn to feel or display contempt or disdain for something verb
5079 scotch to cut or score verb
5080 scoundrel one without honor, a villain noun
5081 scourge to punish or criticize somebody severely noun
5082 scribble to write or draw carelessly and in a hurry verb
5083 scribe person who made copies of manuscripts before printing noun
5084 scriptural in accordance with sacred writings adjective
5085 scruple a moral standard that inhibits certain actions noun
5086 scrupulous showing a strict regard for what one considers right adjective
5087 scrutinize to examine something with great care verb
5088 scurrilous given to vulgar verbal abuse, foul-mouthed adjective
5089 scurvy a disease caused by a diet lacking in vitamin c noun
5090 scuttle to sink a boat deliberately by making openings in the bottom verb
5091 scythe a long, curved blade used for cutting grass and grain noun
5092 séance meeting where a mystic tries to communicate with the dead noun
5093 sear to char the surface of something with a hot instrument verb
5094 sebaceous of or relating to tallow or fat, adjective
5095 secant a straight line that intersects a curve at 2 or more points noun
5096 secede to withdraw formally from an alliance verb
5097 seclude to shut off or keep apart, as from company, society, etc verb
5098 seclusion solitude noun
5099 secular not specifically religious adjective
5100 sedate to tranquilize by giving a sedative, to induce sleep verb
5101 sedentary not moving, relatively still, staying in the vicinity adjective
5102 sediment particles that settle to the bottom of a liquid noun
5103 sedition incitement of discontent or rebellion against movement noun
5104 seduce to entice someone to engage in a sexual relationship verb
5105 sedulous diligent in application or attention adjective
5106 seer a person who prophesies future events noun
5107 seethe to be in a state of agitation or excitement verb
5108 seignior a feudal lord, nobleman who held his lands by feudal grant noun
5109 seismograph instrument for measuring the vibrations of earthquakes noun
5110 seize to deliberately take hold of, to grab or capture verb
5111 semaphore an apparatus for conveying information by visual signals noun
5112 semblance likeness, similarity, the quality of being similar noun
5113 semiannual occurring twice a year, half-yearly, biannual adjective
5114 semiconscious neither fully conscious nor unconscious adjective
5115 seminal having possibilities of future development adjective
5116 seminar a small group of students engaged in study noun
5117 seminary a theological school to train rabbis, priests, or ministers noun
5118 senile decline in mental or physical health due to old age adjective
5119 sensation perception or awareness of stimuli noun
5120 sensibility the ability to sense, feel or perceive noun
5121 sensorium the sensory part of the brain noun
5122 sensory pertaining to the senses adjective
5123 sensual inducing pleasurable and/or erotic sensations adjective
5124 sensuous appealing to the senses, or to sensual gratification adjective
5125 sentence to declare a sentence on a convicted person verb
5126 sentient conscious or aware adjective
5127 sentinel a person or thing that watches or guards noun
5128 separatist an advocate of religious or political separation adjective
5129 septennial lasting or continuing seven years adjective
5130 sepulcher a tomb, grave or burial place noun
5131 sepulchral serving as a tomb adjective
5132 sequacious following with smooth or logical regularity adjective
5133 sequence to arrange in an order verb
5134 sequent that comes after in time or order, subsequent adjective
5135 sequester to separate from all external influence verb
5136 sequestrate to sequester verb
5137 seraphic of or relating to a seraph or the seraphim adjective
5138 serendipity an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident noun
5139 serene calm, peaceful, tranquil adjective
5140 sergeant an army officer above the rank of corporal noun
5141 sergeant-at-arms a person charged with keeping order at a meeting noun
5142 sergeant-major officer serving as chief administrative assistant in a unit noun
5143 serrated having a notched edge or sawlike teeth adjective
5144 servile slavishly submissive, fawning adjective
5145 servitude slavery or bondage of any kind noun
5146 sever to cut free verb
5147 severance a breaking off noun
5148 severely harshly noun
5149 sextet any group or set of six noun
5150 sextuple having six parts adjective
5151 shackle a ring of iron used to secure the wrist or ankle noun
5152 shambles any scene of destruction noun
5153 shambolic chaotic, disorganised adjective
5154 sheer transparently thin noun
5155 shibboleth a peculiarity that distinguishes a class of people noun
5156 shiftless lazy, unmotivated adjective
5157 shoal a place where a body of water is shallow noun
5158 shrewd showing clever resourcefulness in practical matters adjective
5159 shriek to utter a loud, sharp, shrill sound or cry verb
5160 shrinkage the act of shrinking noun
5161 shrivel to collapse inward, to crumble verb
5162 shroud a cloth in which a corpse is wrapped for burial noun
5163 shunt to turn away or aside verb
5164 sibilant characterized by a hissing sound such as the "s" in sash adjective
5165 sibilate to hiss verb
5166 sic written parenthetically to show something quoted verbatim verb
5167 sidelong directed to the side, sideways adjective
5168 sidereal determined by or from the stars adjective
5169 siege to attack a fortified place to isolate it from help noun
5170 signatory having signed a document adjective
5171 signification an exact meaning or sense noun
5172 simile figure of speech in which 2 unlike things are compared noun
5173 similitude likeness, resemblance noun
5174 simulate to model or replicate the appearance or properties of verb
5175 simultaneous occurring or transpiring at the same time adjective
5176 sinecure a job that requires no work but still gives an ample payment noun
5177 singe to burn slightly verb
5178 sinister threatening or portending evil, harm or trouble adjective
5179 sinuosity a curve, bend or turn noun
5180 sinuous having many curves, bends or turns adjective
5181 sinus a cavity in any organ or tissue, i.e. the nasal passage noun
5182 sirocco a hot, dry wind blowing from N. Africa into southern Europe noun
5183 skeptic a person who questions the validity of something noun
5184 skeptical having, or expressing doubt, questioning adjective
5185 skiff a small flat-bottomed open boat noun
5186 skirmish to engage in a minor battle or dispute verb
5187 skulk to move in a stealthy manner verb
5188 slake to allay thirst, desire, etc, by satisfying it verb
5189 slander defamation noun
5190 slapdash done hastily, haphazard, careless adjective
5191 sleazy marked by low quality, inferior, inadequate adjective
5192 sleight cunning, craft, artful practice noun
5193 slight very small in size, degree, amount, or importance verb
5194 slipshod done poorly or too quickly, slapdash adjective
5195 sloth laziness, slowness in the mindset noun
5196 slough to shed (skin) verb
5197 slovenly having an untidy appearance, unkempt adjective
5198 sluggard a person who is lazy, stupid, or idle by habit noun
5199 smelt to fuse or melt ore in order to separate the metal contained verb
5200 smorgasbord a buffet noun
5201 smug irritatingly pleased with oneself, self-satisfied adjective
5202 snide derogatory in a nasty, insinuating manner adjective
5203 sobriety the quality or state of being sober noun
5204 sociable inclined to associate with or be in the company of others adjective
5205 socialist of, promoting, practicing, or characteristic of socialism adjective
5206 sodden soaked with liquid or moisture adjective
5207 sojourn to reside somewhere temporarily verb
5208 sol the fifth step in the solfège scale of c noun
5209 solace comfort in sorrow, misfortune or trouble noun
5210 solder an alloy applied between metal objects to unite them noun
5211 solecism a nonstandard or ungrammatical usage noun
5212 solemn deeply serious and somber adjective
5213 solicit to persistently try to get something or bring about an event verb
5214 solicitude anxiety or concern noun
5215 soliloquy speech by a person talking to himself, disregarding others noun
5216 solipsistic of the theory that only the self can be proved to exist adjective
5217 solstice either the shortest or longest day of the year noun
5218 solubility the quality or property of being soluble noun
5219 soluble capable of being dissolved or liquefied noun
5220 solvent a substance that dissolves another to form a solution noun
5221 somatic part of, or relating to the body of an organism adjective
5222 somber dark and dull in colour or things in respect to colour adjective
5223 somnambulist a person who walks about in his or her sleep noun
5224 somniferous causing or inducing sleep, normally with harmful overtones adjective
5225 somnolent drowsy or sleepy adjective
5226 sonata musical piece for 1 or more instruments in 3-4 movements noun
5227 sonnet a fixed verse form of 14 lines usually in iambic pentameter noun
5228 sonorous capable of giving out a deep, resonant sound adjective
5229 soothsayer a person who professes or foretell events noun
5230 sophism any false argument noun
5231 sophistical fallacious adjective
5232 sophisticate make worldly-wise verb
5233 sophistry a superficially plausible, but false method of reasoning noun
5234 sophomoric of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore adjective
5235 soporific causing or tending to cause sleep adjective
5236 soprano the highest singing voice in women and boys noun
5237 sorcery magic done with the help of evil spirits noun
5238 sordid dirty or squalid adjective
5239 souvenir an item to remember an event or location noun
5240 sovereign a monarch noun
5241 sparse having widely spaced intervals adjective
5242 spartan austere, frugal or characterized by self-denial adjective
5243 spasmodic sudden but brief adjective
5244 spate a sudden outpouring noun
5245 spawn to produce or deposit (eggs) in water verb
5246 specimen an individual instance that represents a class, an example noun
5247 specious apparently good or right though lacking real merit adjective
5248 speckled marked with dots adjective
5249 spectator one who observes an event, an observer noun
5250 specter a ghostly apparition noun
5251 spectrum a broad range of varied but related ideas or objects noun
5252 speculate to think, meditate or reflect on a subject verb
5253 speculator one who speculates noun
5254 spelunker one who explores caves, one who spelunks noun
5255 spendthrift a person who spends money extravagantly or wastefully noun
5256 sphericity the quality of being spherical noun
5257 spheroid a solid geometrical figure similar in shape to a sphere noun
5258 spherometer an instrument for measuring the curvature of surfaces noun
5259 spinous thorny, as a plant adjective
5260 spinster a woman still unmarried beyond the usual age of marriage noun
5261 splenetic irritable adjective
5262 spontaneous coming from natural impulse adjective
5263 sporadic appearing or happening at irregular intervals adjective
5264 sprightly animated, vivacious, or gay, lively adjective
5265 spurious not genuine adjective
5266 spurn to reject disdainfully, contemn, scorn verb
5267 squabble to participate in a minor fight or argument verb
5268 squalid foul and repulsive from lack of care or cleanliness adjective
5269 squalor filth and misery noun
5270 squander to waste, lavish, splurge verb
5271 squatter one who occupies a building or land without permission noun
5272 squeamish easily bothered or upset, tending to be nauseous or nervous adjective
5273 staccato shortened and detached when played or sung adjective
5274 stagnant lacking freshness, motion, progress, or change adjective
5275 stagnate to cease motion, activity, or progress verb
5276 stagnation inactivity noun
5277 stagy theatrical adjective
5278 staid of settled or sedate character, not flighty adjective
5279 stallion an uncastrated male horse noun
5280 stalwart firmly built adjective
5281 stamina the energy for continuing to do something for a long time noun
5282 stanch to stop the flow of verb
5283 stanchion an upright bar or beam used as support in a window or stall noun
5284 stanza a unit of a poem, equivalent to a verse noun
5285 stark sheer, utter, downright or complete adjective
5286 statecraft the art of government and diplomacy noun
5287 stately of people: regal, dignified, worthy of respect adjective
5288 static characterised by a fixed or stationary position adjective
5289 statics branch of mechanics dealing w/ forces in static equilibrium noun
5290 stationary standing still, not moving adjective
5291 statistician a person who compiles, interprets, or studies statistics noun
5292 statuesque like a statue adjective
5293 statuette a small statue noun
5294 stature a person or animal's natural height when standing upright noun
5295 statute written law, as laid down by the legislature noun
5296 staunch to stop the flow of (blood) verb
5297 steadfast fixed or unchanging, steady adjective
5298 stealth secret or clandestine procedure noun
5299 stellar of, pertaining to, or characteristic of stars adjective
5300 stentorian very loud or powerful in sound adjective
5301 steppe the grasslands of eastern europe and asia noun
5302 stereotype a simplified and standardised conception held by a group noun
5303 sterling (of silver) having the standard fineness 0 925 adjective
5304 stevedore firm or individual engaged in loading or unloading a vessel noun
5305 stifle to quell, crush or end by force verb
5306 stigma a mark of disgrace or infamy noun
5307 stigmatize to characterize as disgraceful, to mark with a stigma verb
5308 stiletto a short dagger with a thick blade noun
5309 stimulate to encourage into action verb
5310 stimulus anything that may have an impact or influence on a system noun
5311 stingy reluctant to give or spend adjective
5312 stint a period of time spent doing something noun
5313 stipend a fixed payment, generally small noun
5314 stipulate to require (something) as a condition of a contract verb
5315 stoic unaffected, indifferent, restrained adjective
5316 stoicism (school of philosophy) logic reflects cosmic reason noun
5317 stoke to stir up and feed, especially, a fire or furnace verb
5318 stolid unemotional adjective
5319 strait a narrow passage of water connecting 2 large bodies of water noun
5320 strait-laced excessively strict in conduct or morality adjective
5321 stratagem a deceptive tactic designed to gain the upper hand noun
5322 stratum one of several parallel horizontal layers of materia noun
5323 streamlet a small stream noun
5324 strenuous characterised by vigorous exertion adjective
5325 striated having parallel lines or grooves on the surface adjective
5326 stricture a rule restricting behaviour or action noun
5327 stridency the quality of being loud or making a harsh sound noun
5328 strident loud, shrill, piercing, high-pitched, rough-sounding adjective
5329 stringent rigorously binding or exacting adjective
5330 stripling a youth just passing from boyhood to manhood noun
5331 strut to walk with a vain, pompous bearing verb
5332 studious given to thought, contemplative adjective
5333 stultify to make, or cause to appear, foolish or ridiculous verb
5334 stupefy to dull capacity to think, thereby reducing responsiveness verb
5335 stupendous astonishingly great or large, huge, enormous adjective
5336 stupor a state of reduced consciousness or sensibility noun
5337 stymie to hinder, block or thwart verb
5338 suasion the act of urging or influencing, persuasion noun
5339 suave charming, confident and elegant adjective
5340 subacid somewhat acidic adjective
5341 subaquatic located or living under water, submarine adjective
5342 subconscious the mental processes of which the individual is not aware noun
5343 subdue to overcome, quieten, or bring under control verb
5344 subjacent lying beneath or at a lower level, underlying adjective
5345 subjection bringing something under the control of something else noun
5346 subjugate to forcibly impose obedience or servitude verb
5347 sublimate to change from a solid to a gas without becoming liquid verb
5348 sublime elevated or lofty in thought adjective
5349 subliminal existing below the threshold of consciousness adjective
5350 sublingual beneath the tongue adjective
5351 submarine a vessel that can be submerged and navigated underwater noun
5352 submerge to sink below the surface of water or another medium verb
5353 submersible able to be put under water adjective
5354 submersion the act of sinking until completely covered with water noun
5355 submission the act of yielding to the will or authority of another noun
5356 submissive meekly obedient or passive adjective
5357 submittal the act of submitting noun
5358 subordinate to make subservient verb
5359 subpoena the summoning of witnesses or evidence before a court noun
5360 subsequent following in time, coming after something else at any time adjective
5361 subservience a subordinate place or function noun
5362 subservient acting in an inferior capacity adjective
5363 subside to sink or fall to the bottom, to settle, as lees verb
5364 subsist to survive on a minimum of resources verb
5365 subsistence real being, existence noun
5366 substantiate to establish by proof or competent evidence verb
5367 substantive of the essence or essential element of a thing adjective
5368 subtend to extend or stretch underneath or opposite something verb
5369 subterfuge an indirect or deceptive device or stratagem noun
5370 subterranean below ground, under the earth, underground adjective
5371 subtext the underlying or implicit meaning noun
5372 subtle fine or delicate in meaning or intent adjective
5373 subtrahend a number or quantity to be subtracted from another noun
5374 subversion the act of subverting or the condition of being overthrown noun
5375 subversive intending to overturn or undermine a government or authority adjective
5376 subvert to overturn from the foundation, to overthrow verb
5377 successive following in an uninterrupted sequence adjective
5378 successor person that immediately follows another in holding a title noun
5379 succinct brief and to the point adjective
5380 succor help, relief, aid noun
5381 succulent juicy or lush adjective
5382 succumb to yield to an overpowering force or overwhelming desire verb
5383 sufferance endurance, especially patiently, of pain or adversity noun
5384 suffice to be enough or adequate verb
5385 suffrage the right to vote, especially in a political election noun
5386 suffragist advocate of granting the right to vote, especially to women noun
5387 suffuse to spread through or over something, especially as a liquid verb
5388 suggestible susceptible to influence by suggestion adjective
5389 sully to soil, stain or tarnish verb
5390 sumptuous magnificent and splendid, suggesting great expense adjective
5391 sunder to separate verb
5392 superabundance more than sufficient, excessive noun
5393 superadd to add on top of a previous addition verb
5394 superannuate to allow to retire from office on a pension because of age verb
5395 supercilious haughtily disdainful or contemptuous adjective
5396 superficial shallow, lacking substance adjective
5397 superfluity the quality or state of being in excess noun
5398 superfluous in excess of what is required or sufficient adjective
5399 superintend to oversee the work of others, to supervise verb
5400 superlative exceptionally good, of the highest quality, superb adjective
5401 supernumerary extra, beyond the standard or prescribed amount adjective
5402 supersede to replace in power, effectiveness, use, etc verb
5403 supervene to take place or occur as something additional or extraneous verb
5404 supine lying on the back, face or front upward adjective
5405 supplant to take the place of, to replace, to supersede verb
5406 supple bending readily without breaking or becoming deformed adjective
5407 supplementary additional, added to supply what is wanted adjective
5408 suppliant a petitioner noun
5409 supplicant begging, pleading, supplicating adjective
5410 supplicate humble oneself before another in making a request, to beg verb
5411 supplication humble prayer, entreaty or petition noun
5412 supposition something that is assumed noun
5413 suppress to hold in place, to keep low, to prevent publication verb
5414 suppressible capable of being done away with adjective
5415 suppression the act or instance of repressing noun
5416 supramundane situated above the world or above our system, celestial adjective
5417 surcharge an additional charge, tax or cost noun
5418 surety security against loss or damage, guarantee noun
5419 surfeit excessive amount noun
5420 surfeit an excessive amount of something noun
5421 surly lordly, arrogant, supercilious adjective
5422 surmise a conclusion drawn on limited evidence or intuitive feeling verb
5423 surmount to get over, to overcome verb
5424 surpass exceed; be greater than verb
5425 surreptitious obtained or done by stealth adjective
5426 surrogate to substitute something with something else verb
5427 surround to encircle verb
5428 surveillance a watch kept over a person noun
5429 surveyor a person whose occupation is to survey land or buildings noun
5430 susceptibility vulnerability noun
5431 susceptible likely to be affected by something adjective
5432 suspect to suppose (something) to be true without evidence verb
5433 suspense a state of uncertainty or excitement in awaiting an outcome noun
5434 suspicious questionable adjective
5435 sustenance something that provides support or nourishment noun
5436 svelte attractively thin, gracefully slender adjective
5437 swarthy tawny, dusky, dark adjective
5438 swathe to bind with a swathe, band, bandage, or rollers verb
5439 sybarite a person devoted to luxury and pleasure noun
5440 sycophant self-seeking, servile flatterer noun
5441 syllabic of, relating to, or consisting of a syllable or syllables adjective
5442 syllabication the act of dividing something into syllables noun
5443 syllable segment of speech: a vowel sound or syllabic consonant noun
5444 syllabus an outline of the contents of a curriculum noun
5445 sylph a wood nymph noun
5446 sylvan pertaining to the forest, or woodlands adjective
5447 symbiosis any interdependent relationship between two things noun
5448 sympathetic of, related to, showing, or characterized by sympathy adjective
5449 symphonic characteristic of a symphony orchestra adjective
5450 symphony an elaborate instrumental composition, written for orchestra noun
5451 symptomatic (of a disease) showing symptoms adjective
5452 synaeresis the contraction of two syllables or two vowels into one noun
5453 synchronism coincidence in time noun
5454 syndicate a group of people making a joint effort to undertake a duty noun
5455 syndrome a recognizable pattern of signs, symptoms and/or behaviours noun
5456 synergy elements that make an effect greater than the sum of parts noun
5457 synod an ecclesiastic council to consult on church matters noun
5458 synonym a word having the same meaning as another in the language noun
5459 synopsis a brief summary of the major points of a written work noun
5460 syntax a system or orderly arrangement noun
5461 synthetic artificial adjective
5462 systematic carried out using a planned, ordered procedure adjective
5463 systemic pertaining to or affecting a whole system adjective
5464 tableau a picturesque grouping of persons or objects noun
5465 tacit done or made in silence, implied, but not expressed adjective
5466 taciturn inclined to silence adjective
5467 tack a short nail with a flat, broad head noun
5468 tact a keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offence noun
5469 tactician a person skilled in the planning and execution of tactics noun
5470 tactics the art of implementing means to achieve immediate goals noun
5471 tactile tangible adjective
5472 talisman an object supposed to possess occult powers, worn as a charm noun
5473 tangent touching a curve at a single point but not crossing it adjective
5474 tangential digressive or divergent from the topic of discussion adjective
5475 tangible capable of being touched adjective
5476 tannery a place where people tan hides to make leather noun
5477 tantalize to tease by offering something but keeping it out of reach verb
5478 tantamount to amount to as much, to be equivalent verb
5479 tapestry fabric on which a picture is embroidered, for wall hangings noun
5480 tarantula any large, hair spider of the family theraphosidae noun
5481 tardy late, overdue or delayed adjective
5482 tarnish to oxidize or discolor due to oxidation verb
5483 taunt to goad (a person) into responding, often aggressively verb
5484 taut tight, under tension, as in a rope or bow string adjective
5485 tautological of, relating to, or using redundant language adjective
5486 tautology redundant use of words noun
5487 tawdry gaudy adjective
5488 taxation the act of imposing taxes and the fact of being taxed noun
5489 taxidermy the art of stuffing the skins of dead animals to be lifelike noun
5490 technic technique adjective
5491 technicality a petty point coming from a strict interpretation of details noun
5492 technography historical study of art and science in relation to geography noun
5493 technology a method that applies technical knowledge or tools noun
5494 tedious boring, monotonous, time consuming, wearisome adjective
5495 tedium the quality or state of being wearisome noun
5496 teem to be stocked to overflowing verb
5497 telepathy the capability to communicate directly by psychic means noun
5498 telephony sound transmission via the electromagnetic spectrum noun
5499 telltale a person who heedlessly reveals private matters adjective
5500 temerity reckless boldness noun
5501 temper to moderate or control verb
5502 temperate moderate or self-restrained adjective
5503 temporal pertaining to time adjective
5504 temporize to be indecisive or evasive to gain time verb
5505 tempt to entice to do something often regarded as unwise or wrong verb
5506 tempter someone or something that tempts, especially to evil noun
5507 tenable capable of being maintained or justified, well-founded adjective
5508 tenacity the quality or property of being persistent or stubborn noun
5509 tenant a person that rents or occupies land noun
5510 tendency a likelihood of behaving in a particular way noun
5511 tendentious having a bias or purpose adjective
5512 tenet any principle held as true by members of a group noun
5513 tenor the adult male voice between the bass and countertenor noun
5514 tentative unsure adjective
5515 tenuous thin or slender in form adjective
5516 tenure the holding or possessing of something verb
5517 tepid lukewarm, neither warm nor cool adjective
5518 tercentenary tricentenntial adjective
5519 termagant quarrelsome and scolding or censorious, shrewish adjective
5520 terminal fatal, resulting in death adjective
5521 terminate to finish or end verb
5522 terminus the end or final point of something noun
5523 terrestrial representing the earth as distinct from other planets adjective
5524 terrify to frighten greatly, to fill with terror verb
5525 territorial of, relating to, or restricted to a specific geographic area adjective
5526 terse neatly or effectively concise adjective
5527 testament a will, relating to one's personal property noun
5528 testator one who dies having made a legally valid will noun
5529 testimonial a statement, especially one given under oath, testimony noun
5530 testy easily annoyed, irritable adjective
5531 tether a rope or chain by which an animal is tied to a fixed object noun
5532 thearchy the rule or government of a god noun
5533 theism belief in the existence of at least one deity noun
5534 theocracy government under the control of a religion noun
5535 theocrasy interaction, admixture, and conflation of divine principles noun
5536 theologian one who studies theology, especially christian noun
5537 theological relating to the nature and will of god as revealed to humans adjective
5538 theology the field of study and analysis of divine things noun
5539 theoretical existing only in theory, hypothetical adjective
5540 theorist someone who constructs theories noun
5541 theorize to formulate theories about some specific subject verb
5542 therapeutic of or pertaining to the treating or curing of disease adjective
5543 thereabout about or near that place or time adverb
5544 thermal pertaining to heat or temperature adjective
5545 thermoelectric pertaining to the relationship between heat and electricity adjective
5546 thermoelectricity electricity generated by heat or temperature noun
5547 thesis a subject for a composition or essay noun
5548 thoroughbred bred from pure stock adjective
5549 thoroughfare a passage, a way through noun
5550 thrall a person who is enslaved by some power noun
5551 threadbare shabby, frayed and worn to an extent that warp threads show adjective
5552 threshold the bottom-most part of a doorway that one crosses to enter noun
5553 thrive prosper; flourish verb
5554 throng a crowd noun
5555 thwart to prevent, to halt, to cause to fail, to foil, to frustrate verb
5556 tilth the act of tilling land for crop noun
5557 timbre the quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume noun
5558 timorous fearful adjective
5559 tincture a dye or pigment noun
5560 tinge to colour slightly verb
5561 tipsy foolish as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages adjective
5562 tirade a long, angry or violent speech, a diatribe noun
5563 tiresome causing fatigue or boredom, wearisome adjective
5564 titter to laugh or giggle in a somewhat subdued manner verb
5565 toady a flatterer noun
5566 toilsome requiring continuous physical effort, laborious adjective
5567 tome a very heavy or learned book noun
5568 topography the detailed mapping of the features of a geological area noun
5569 torpid unmoving, dormant or hibernating adjective
5570 torpor sluggish activity, inertia noun
5571 torrid very hot and dry adjective
5572 tortious of, pertaining to, a breach of contract adjective
5573 tortuous full of twists, turns or bends adjective
5574 torturous of or pertaining to suffering or torture adjective
5575 totter to walk, move or stand unsteadily or falteringly verb
5576 touchstone a test for the qualities of something noun
5577 tourniquet a device for stopping bleeding by compressing a blood vessel noun
5578 tractable easily managed or controlled adjective
5579 traduce to slander, or to speak maliciously and falsely of verb
5580 trait an identifying characteristic, habit or trend noun
5581 trajectory the path of a body as it travels through space noun
5582 trammel a restraint noun
5583 tranquil peaceful adjective
5584 transact to do, carry through, conduct or perform some action verb
5585 transalpine on the other side of the alps (with respect to rome) adjective
5586 transatlantic on, from the other side of, or crossing the atlantic ocean adjective
5587 transcend to rise above or go beyond verb
5588 transcontinental crossing, spanning a continent adjective
5589 transcribe to make a written copy of spoken material verb
5590 transcript a written, or printed copy noun
5591 transference the act of conveying from one place to another noun
5592 transferrer a person who, or thing that transfers noun
5593 transfigure to transform the outward appearance of something verb
5594 transfuse to transfer or pass from one to another verb
5595 transfusion the transfer of blood from one individual to another noun
5596 transgress to violate a law, command, moral code, etc verb
5597 transience the quality of being transient, temporary, brief or fleeting noun
5598 transient passing or disappearing with time, transitory adjective
5599 transitive passing over or affecting something else adjective
5600 transitory lasting only a short time, temporary adjective
5601 transliterate to change into corresponding characters of another alphabet verb
5602 translucent clear enough for light to pass through but not totally clear adjective
5603 transmission the act of sending something forward noun
5604 transmit to send something from one person, place or thing to another verb
5605 transmute to change from one form into another verb
5606 transpire to occur, happen or take place verb
5607 transplant to transfer something from one place to another verb
5608 transposition a shift in a piece of music from one key to another noun
5609 transverse lying or extending crosswise or at right angles to something adjective
5610 trappings the dress or insignia associated with a position or status noun
5611 traumatic of, caused by, or causing trauma adjective
5612 travail toil, painfully difficult work noun
5613 traverse to pass or move over, along or through verb
5614 travesty any grotesque likeness or imitation of something noun
5615 treacherous traitorous adjective
5616 treachery betrayal of trust noun
5617 treasonable involving, or constituting treason adjective
5618 treatise a formal, usually lengthy, systematic discourse on a subject noun
5619 treble a high or shrill voice or sound noun
5620 trebly having treble, or high-pitched, qualities adjective
5621 tremendous awe-inspiring, terrific adjective
5622 tremor to shake or quiver excessively and rapidly or involuntarily verb
5623 tremulous trembling, quivering or shaking adjective
5624 trenchant caustic, cutting, as language or a person adjective
5625 trepidation tremulous fear noun
5626 trestle a frame with a horizontal beam supported by a pair of legs noun
5627 triad a grouping of three noun
5628 tribune a person who upholds or defends the rights of the people noun
5629 trickery artifice, deception noun
5630 tricolor having three colors adjective
5631 tricycle vehicle with 1 large front wheel and 2 smaller rear wheels noun
5632 trident a three-pronged spear somewhat resembling a pitchfork noun
5633 triennial happening every three years adjective
5634 trimness the state of being well arranged or appearing neat noun
5635 trinity a group of three people or things noun
5636 trinket a small showy ornament or piece of jewelry noun
5637 triplicate to make three identical copies of something verb
5638 triplicity the state of being triple or threefold noun
5639 tripod a three-legged stand or support, as for a camera noun
5640 trisect to cut into three pieces verb
5641 trite lacking in originality, stale adjective
5642 triumvir 1 of 3 persons associated in any position of authority noun
5643 trivial of little significance or value adjective
5644 troubadour one of a class of medieval lyric poets noun
5645 trough a long box used to hold food and water for animals noun
5646 truant a student who stays away from school without permission noun
5647 truckle to submit or yield tamely verb
5648 truculent fierce adjective
5649 truism a self-evident or obvious truth noun
5650 truncate to shorten something as if by cutting off part of it verb
5651 truthful honest, and always telling the truth adjective
5652 tryst an arrangement between lovers to meet noun
5653 tumult violent and noisy commotion of a crowd or mob noun
5654 turbid not clear because of stirred up sediment, opaque, obscured adjective
5655 turgid swollen adjective
5656 turmoil a state of great commotion, confusion or disturbance noun
5657 turpitude vile, shameful or base character noun
5658 tutelage the act of guarding or protecting, guardianship noun
5659 tutelar serving as a guardian, protective, tutelary adjective
5660 tutorship the duty of a tutor, tutelage noun
5661 twinge a sudden, sharp pain noun
5662 typical capturing the overall sense of a thing adjective
5663 typify to embody, exemplify, to represent by an image verb
5664 typographical pertaining to typography or printing adjective
5665 typography the art or practice of setting and arranging type noun
5666 tyrannical unjustly cruel, harsh or severe adjective
5667 tyranny arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power noun
5668 tyro a learner or beginner noun
5669 ubiquitous existing or being everywhere, omnipresent adjective
5670 ulterior beyond what is obvious or evident adjective
5671 ultimate highest, maximum adjective
5672 ultimatum a final, uncompromising demand issued by a party noun
5673 ultramontane pertaining to the area south of the alps, especially italy adjective
5674 ultramundane extraordinary, abnormal adjective
5675 umbrage offense, annoyance, displeasure noun
5676 umlaut a mark over a vowel used to indicate a different vowel sound noun
5677 unaccountable inexplicable, unable to account for, or explain adjective
5678 unaffected lacking pretense or affectation, natural adjective
5679 unalloyed not in mixture with other metals, pure adjective
5680 unanimity the condition of complete agreement by all parties noun
5681 unanimous based on complete assent or agreement adjective
5682 unassailable secure against attack, impregnable adjective
5683 unassuming modest and having no pretensions or ostentation adjective
5684 unavoidable impossible to avoid, bound to happen adjective
5685 unbearable so unpleasant or painful as to be unendurable adjective
5686 unbecoming not flattering, attractive or appropriate adjective
5687 unbelief a lack (or rejection) of belief noun
5688 unbridled not controlled or restrained adjective
5689 uncanny extraordinary adjective
5690 unconscionable unscrupulous, not guided by conscience adjective
5691 unconscious not awake adjective
5692 unction anointing, as a medical treatment or religious rite noun
5693 unctuous excessively smooth, suave or smug adjective
5694 undeceive to free from misconception, deception or error verb
5695 undercharge to charge less than the correct amount verb
5696 underexpose expose (film or an image) for too short a time verb
5697 underhanded sneaky adjective
5698 underlie to lie in a position directly beneath verb
5699 underling a subordinate noun
5700 underman insufficiently furnished with men; short-handed
5701 undermine to attempt to subvert through stealth verb
5702 underpinning a system of supports beneath a wall noun
5703 underrate to underestimate, to make too low a rate or estimate verb
5704 underscore to underline, to mark a line beneath text verb
5705 undersell to sell goods for a lower price than a competitor verb
5706 understate to minimise or downplay verb
5707 underwrite to write under, especially under other written matter verb
5708 undulate to cause to move in a wavelike motion verb
5709 undulating rising and falling like waves adjective
5710 undulation a wavelike motion noun
5711 undulous undulating adjective
5712 unduly excessively adjective
5713 unequivocal having only one possible meaning or explanation adjective
5714 unfavorable disadvantageous, adverse, unsuitable adjective
5715 unfeigned sincere adjective
5716 unfetter free from restraint verb
5717 unflappable remaining composed and level-headed at all times adjective
5718 unflinching staying committed despite any difficulty, steadfast adjective
5719 unfounded having no strong foundation, not based on reasons or facts adjective
5720 unfrock to remove from status as a member of a clergy verb
5721 ungainly clumsy, lacking grace adjective
5722 unguent therapeutic skin cream with medicinal ingredients noun
5723 unicellular describing any microorganism that has a single cell adjective
5724 unification the process of unifying or uniting noun
5725 uniform identical or consistent noun
5726 unify to become one, merge, combine verb
5727 unilateral done by one side only adjective
5728 unimpeachable above suspicion, impossible to discredit adjective
5729 uninhibited not restrained by social convention or usage adjective
5730 unintelligible not capable of being understood adjective
5731 unisonant of a single sound, producing the same sound adjective
5732 unitarian a supporter of unity or centralization noun
5733 univalence (chemistry) the condition of having a valence of one noun
5734 univocal having only one meaning adjective
5735 unkempt dishevelled, untidy, dirty, not kept up adjective
5736 unobtrusive not noticeable or blatant, inconspicuous adjective
5737 unpalatable unpleasant to the taste adjective
5738 unprecedented never before seen or done, without precedent adjective
5739 unravel to separate the threads (of) verb
5740 unregenerate which cannot be transformed in mind and spirit adjective
5741 unremitting incessant, never slackening adjective
5742 unrequited unanswered, not returned, not reciprocated, not repaid adjective
5743 unscathed not harmed or damaged in any way, untouched adjective
5744 unscrupulous conscienceless, unprincipled adjective
5745 unsettle to make upset or uncomfortable verb
5746 unsophisticated without complexity or refinements adjective
5747 unspeakable incapable of being spoken or uttered adjective
5748 untenable incapable of being defended, as an argument, thesis, etc adjective
5749 untimely at an inopportune time adjective
5750 untoward unfavourable or unfortunate adjective
5751 unutterable unspeakable, beyond expression adjective
5752 unwieldy not readily handled or managed in use or action, awkward adjective
5753 unwitting unintentional adjective
5754 unwonted not customary or habitual, unusual, infrequent, strange adjective
5755 unyoke to release something from a yoke or harness verb
5756 up-keep the process of properly maintaining something noun
5757 upbraid to find fault with or reproach severely verb
5758 upcast to cast or throw up, to turn upward verb
5759 upheaval strong or violent change or disturbance noun
5760 upheave to heave or lift up, raise up or aloft verb
5761 uppermost at, or nearest the top of something adjective
5762 upright vertical, erect adjective
5763 uproarious in a state of uproar, confused and noisy adjective
5764 uproot to tear away from a native place or environment verb
5765 upshot the final issue, conclusion or result noun
5766 upstart to rise suddenly, to spring verb
5767 upturn to turn (something) up or over verb
5768 urban related to the (or any) city adjective
5769 urbane courteous, polite, refined, and suave adjective
5770 urbanity behaviour that is polished, refined, courteous noun
5771 urchin a mischievous child noun
5772 urgency imperativeness noun
5773 usage a customary way of doing something noun
5774 usually most of the time adverb
5775 usurious charging illegal rates of interest for the use of money adjective
5776 usurp to seize power from another, usually by illegitimate means verb
5777 usury the practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest noun
5778 utilitarian having regard to usefulness rather than beauty adjective
5779 utility the state or condition of being useful, usefulness noun
5780 utmost of the greatest or highest degree, quantity or the like adjective
5781 utopia an ideal place or state noun
5782 uxorious overly devoted or submissive to one's wife adjective
5783 vacate to move out of a dwelling, either by choice or by eviction verb
5784 vaccinate treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against a disease verb
5785 vacillate to waver in opinion verb
5786 vacuity absent of thought or intelligence noun
5787 vacuous empty, without contents adjective
5788 vacuum a space entirely devoid of matter noun
5789 vagabond wandering from place to place without any settled home noun
5790 vagary an erratic notion or action noun
5791 vagrant a person who wanders and has no permanent home or employment noun
5792 vainglorious filled with excessive pride over one's own achievements adjective
5793 vainglory excessive vanity noun
5794 vale valley noun
5795 valediction a speech made when leaving or parting company noun
5796 valedictorian the student who gives the farewell address at graduation noun
5797 valedictory bidding good-bye adjective
5798 valiant boldly courageous adjective
5799 valid well grounded or justifiable, pertinent adjective
5800 validate to confirm verb
5801 valorous courageous adjective
5802 vanguard the foremost division or the front part of an army noun
5803 vantage a position affording some advantage or commanding view noun
5804 vapid lacking or having lost life, sharpness or flavour adjective
5805 vaporizer a device with a heating element, used to vaporize a liquid noun
5806 variable able to change adjective
5807 variant tending to change or alter adjective
5808 variegate to make varied in appearance verb
5809 variegated varied in appearance or color adjective
5810 vassal a person granted land in exchange for loyalty to a superior noun
5811 vaudeville a theatrical piece of light or amusing character noun
5812 veer to change from one course or direction to another verb
5813 vegetal pertaining to vegetables or other plants adjective
5814 vegetate to grow or sprout verb
5815 vegetative growing or developing as or like plants adjective
5816 vehemence an intense concentration, force or power noun
5817 vehement zealous, ardent, impassioned adjective
5818 veiled covered or concealed by a veil adjective
5819 velocity rapidity of motion or operation noun
5820 velvety like velvet (but not velvet), soft, smooth adjective
5821 venal willing to sell one's influence, in return for a bribe adjective
5822 vendetta any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry or contention noun
5823 vendible able to be bought, sold, or traded adjective
5824 vendition the act of vending or selling, sale noun
5825 vendor a person or a company that vends or sells noun
5826 veneer a thin layer of wood noun
5827 venerable commanding respect because of great age or dignity adjective
5828 venerate to regard or treat with reverence verb
5829 venereal sexually transmitted adjective
5830 vengeance violent revenge noun
5831 venial able to be forgiven or pardoned adjective
5832 venison the meat of a deer noun
5833 venom poisonous fluid that animals secrete by biting or stinging noun
5834 venomous able to inflict a poisoned bite, sting or wound adjective
5835 venous of or pertaining to veins adjective
5836 ventriloquist an entertainer who can speak without moving his lips noun
5837 venture to undertake a risky or daring journey verb
5838 venturesome bold adjective
5839 veracious habitually speaking the truth adjective
5840 veracity habitual observance of truth in speech noun
5841 verbatim corresponding with the original word for word adjective
5842 verbiage overabundance of words noun
5843 verbose characterised by the use of many or too many words adjective
5844 verbosity superfluity of words noun
5845 verdant covered with growing plants or moss adjective
5846 verification evidence that confirms the truth of something noun
5847 verify to substantiate or prove the truth of something verb
5848 verisimilitude the appearance or semblance of truth noun
5849 veritable being truly or very much so adjective
5850 verity truth, fact or reality noun
5851 vermin small animals or insects that harm people, property, crops noun
5852 vernacular of or pertaining to everyday language adjective
5853 vernal of or pertaining to spring adjective
5854 versatile capable of doing many things competently adjective
5855 vertex the highest point of something noun
5856 vertigo a dizzying sensation of tilting within stable surroundings noun
5857 vespertine occurring in or related to the evening adjective
5858 vestige a mark or trace of something no longer in evidence noun
5859 vestigial of or pertaining to a vestige or remnant adjective
5860 vestment a garment, especially an outer garment noun
5861 veto the power to reject bills passed by the legislature noun
5862 vex to irritate verb
5863 vexation the state of being provoked to slight annoyance or distress noun
5864 vexatious causing vexation, annoyance, or trouble adjective
5865 viable able to live on its own (as for a newborn) adjective
5866 vicarious experienced through someone else rather than first hand adjective
5867 viceroy one who governs a place as the representative of a monarch noun
5868 vicissitude a change or variation in the course of something noun
5869 vicissitudes successive, alternating or changing phases of conditions noun
5870 vie to contend for superiority verb
5871 vigilant watchful, especially for danger or disorder, alert, wary adjective
5872 vignette a short descriptive piece of literary writing noun
5873 vigour energy: forceful exertion adjective
5874 vilification slanderous or malicious defamation, character assassination noun
5875 vilify to say defamatory things about someone or something verb
5876 vincible capable of being defeated or overcome adjective
5877 vindicate to clear from an accusation, suspicion or criticism verb
5878 vindicatory tending or serving to vindicate adjective
5879 vindictive having a tendency to seek revenge when wronged adjective
5880 vinery vineyard noun
5881 viol a bowed instrument common in the 16th and 17th centuries noun
5882 viola stringed instrument of the violin family, larger than violin noun
5883 violation a breach of a law, rule or promise noun
5884 violator one who infringes upon a rule, another person's body, etc noun
5885 violoncello a large stringed instrument of the violin family noun
5886 viper a poisonous snake in the family viperidae noun
5887 virago a loud-voice, ill-tempered, scolding woman adjective
5888 virile being manly adjective
5889 virtu knowledge of the fine arts noun
5890 virtual imitated, simulated adjective
5891 virtuoso a person who has special knowledge or skill in a field noun
5892 virulence the state of being actively poisonous noun
5893 virulent of a disease or disease-causing agent adjective
5894 visage countenance, appearance, one's face noun
5895 visceral of or relating to the viscera—internal organs of the body adjective
5896 viscid sticky adjective
5897 viscosity property of fluid that resists the force causing it to flow noun
5898 viscount a member of the peerage above a baron but below a count noun
5899 viscous sticky, thick as a fluid adjective
5900 visionary characterised by fanciful, or unpractical ideas adjective
5901 vista a distant view seen through some opening noun
5902 vital relating to, or characteristic of life adjective
5903 vitiate to impair the quality of verb
5904 vitriol something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism noun
5905 vitriolic scathing adjective
5906 vituperable liable to, or deserving, vituperation or severe censure adjective
5907 vituperate to criticize in a harsh or abusive manner verb
5908 vivacious lively adjective
5909 vivacity liveliness noun
5910 vivify to bring to life verb
5911 vivisection the action of cutting into or dissecting a living body noun
5912 vocable able to be uttered adjective
5913 vocation a particular occupation, business or profession, calling noun
5914 vociferate to speak or cry out loudly verb
5915 vociferous crying out noisily adjective
5916 vogue something in fashion at a particular time noun
5917 volant having extended wings as if flying adjective
5918 volatile tending or threatening to break out into open violence adjective
5919 volition a conscious choice or decision noun
5920 voluble characterised by a ready and continuous flow of words adjective
5921 voluminous of great size or extent adjective
5922 voluptuous suggestive of or characterized by full, generous sensation adjective
5923 voracious craving or consuming large quantities of food adjective
5924 vortex a whirlwind, moving matter in the form of a spiral noun
5925 votary a person bound by solemn religious vows, as a monk or nun noun
5926 votive dedicated or given in fulfillment of a vow or pledge adjective
5927 vouchsafe to grant or give, as by favor, graciousness or condescension verb
5928 vulgarity the quality of being crude or tasteless noun
5929 vulnerable capable of or susceptible to being hurt or wounded adjective
5930 waft to carry lightly and smoothly through the air or over water verb
5931 waggish roguish in merriment and good humor adjective
5932 waif a person, especially a child, who has no home or friends noun
5933 waive to refrain from claiming or insisting on verb
5934 wallow to move lazily or heavily verb
5935 wampum formerly native american peoples' currency noun
5936 wane to decrease in strength, intensity, etc verb
5937 wanton deliberate and without motive or provocation adjective
5938 wantonness the state of being reckless noun
5939 warily in a careful manner adverb
5940 warlike hostile and belligerent adjective
5941 warp to bend or twist out of shape verb
5942 warrant something that gives formal assurance of something noun
5943 wary watchful, being on one's guard against danger adjective
5944 wastrel one who wastes time or resources extravagantly noun
5945 wavelet a small wave, ripple noun
5946 waver to sway back and forth, to totter or reel verb
5947 waylay to lie in wait for and attack from ambush verb
5948 weal well-being, prosperity or happiness noun
5949 wean to accustom a child to food other than mother's milk verb
5950 wearisome tiresome, tedious or causing fatigue adjective
5951 wee little, very small noun
5952 weighty having weight, heavy, ponderous, as, a weighty body adjective
5953 welter to roll, toss or heave verb
5954 wheedle to influence a person by smooth, flattering words or acts verb
5955 whelp to give birth verb
5956 wherewith with which adverb
5957 whet to sharpen by grinding or friction verb
5958 whim a fanciful impulse, or whimsical idea noun
5959 whimsical given to whimsy or fanciful notions adjective
5960 whine to utter a complaining cry or sound verb
5961 wholly entirely adverb
5962 wield to command, rule over, to possess or own verb
5963 wile a trick, artifice or stratagem meant to fool, trap or entice noun
5964 willful deliberate, voluntary or intentional adjective
5965 wily sly, cunning, full of tricks adjective
5966 winnow to remove lighter particles from grain verb
5967 winsome sweetly or innocently charming adjective
5968 wintry suggestive or characteristic of winter, cold, stormy adjective
5969 wiry thin, muscular and flexible adjective
5970 wispy like a slender, flexible strand or bundle adjective
5971 wistful full of yearning or longing adjective
5972 wither to shrivel verb
5973 witling a person who feigns wit, pretending or aspiring to be witty noun
5974 witticism a witty remark, a quip noun
5975 witty amusingly clever in perception and expression adjective
5976 wizen to become wrinkled by shrinkage as from age or illness verb
5977 wizened withered, shriveled adjective
5978 wraith a ghost or specter noun
5979 wrangle to bicker, or quarrel angrily and noisily verb
5980 wrath strong or fierce anger noun
5981 wreak to inflict, especially if causing harm or injury verb
5982 wrench to twist suddenly and forcibly verb
5983 wrest to pull or twist violently verb
5984 wretchedness an unhappy state of mental or physical suffering noun
5985 writhe to twist or turn so as to distort, to wring verb
5986 wry produced by a lopsidedness of the facial features adjective
5987 xenophobia an unreasonable fear of strangers or foreigners noun
5988 yearling an animal that is between one and two years old noun
5989 yearn to have earnest or strong desire verb
5990 yielding inclined to give in adjective
5991 yoke a device for joining together a pair of draft animals noun
5992 zany ludicrously or incongruously comical adjective
5993 zeal eager desire or endeavor noun
5994 zealot a fanatic noun
5995 zealous ardently devoted or diligent adjective
5996 zeitgeist a trend of thought characteristic of a particular time noun
5997 zenith a highest point or state noun
5998 zephyr a gentle, mild breeze noun
5999 zodiac an astrological system noun
6000 zodiacal of or pertaining to the zodiac adjective